How to Convert Any Situation into a Favourable Sale – Grant Cardone

How to Convert Any Situation into a Favourable Sale – Grant Cardone

Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone, this book is not less than a 3- Day Powerful Sales Training Program and the time you going to invest in this book is totally WORTH IT! This is not only for the sales poeple but every individual out there who is dealing with day-to-day business operations wants a favorable deal and in your personal life as well. So, I am going to deliver to you the important lessons that I’ve learned from this book. So, let’s get started!


The Most CRAZY And PRICELESS Sales Lessons:


1. Handle Objections as Complaints – When it comes to objections, many salespeople get scared of them and try to get rid of them instead of handling them intelligently. You’re not fixing the objections, you’re just handling the attitude of the buyer. By making little change in your point of view, your results will become far better. See the below objections for your reference:

a) Buyer- Let me talk to my Spouse! Answer- She knows you’re here, let’s sign here sir!

b) Buyer- Hey, it’s a lot of money, Answer- I know it’s a lot of money and I agree with you it’s a lot of money, but look how many people would love to work with you by seeing your amazing results, is that agreeable?


2. Money is NEVER the Problem- Many salesmen think that the buyer doesn’t have enough money to buy this product. But in reality, if they believe in your product and the value they get then the money is and never will be the problem.

Even if the buyer doesn’t have sufficient funds he’ll get it anyhow or your company will help him out. So, never think about scarcity of money, Money is in ABUNDANCE!


3. You MUST Be Pushy – Many buyers will tell you, ‘Hey, don’t be too fast, I am not going to take the decision today. But you’ve to be Persistent and be pushy whenever is required. Failing to do this, can result in achieving success for others but not for yourself. So, to fastrack your Sucess journey you need to be Pushy, right?


4. You Are Not Selling Just the Product- Remember for sure, you never sell the product, you’ve to sell your company, support system, product/services, and yourself. Because the buyer never transacts the money because of the product. Yes, the product is included plus, all the above things that are connected to your buyer’s purchase. So, next time don’t sell only the product.


5. Earn As Much Money As You Can- It is the greatest blessing to salespeople that they decide their salary. And with your necessary skills, knowledge, and practice you can create a ‘Sky Is The Limit’ situation.

So, constantly learn from your mistakes, practice in day-to-day situations, and observe other salespeople what mistakes they’re doing that will make you aware beforehand. Just contribute to your economy by earning extra, giving extra, and helping as many people as you can.


These lessons were literally the Tip of the Iceberg. To gain more deep learning and bigger advantages over others, you must read this book for sure. Because you can use this techniques and strategies anywhere and with whomever you want in your professional and persoanl life. Just buy this Book below and share your genuine thoughts with me in the comment section!

Thank you for reading my article!

How to Get Keys That will Unlock Every Opportunity for You

How to Get Keys That will Unlock Every Opportunity for You

Unlock It- Dan Lok. Do you see how unique and special the ts title is? Unlock it, means getting a Master key to unlock your goals, success, personal power, profits, and business growth and many more.

This book is for those who want more in their life and struggling to get it, it’ll show you a clear path to the doors of MASSIVE opportunities of wealth, success, and happiness. So, this book will act like liquid gold for you to get your fortune, let’s start with the first key.


Five Important Keys to the Doors of Massive Opportunities:


1) Unlock Your Sales Salespeople are those who decide their income by themselves and not by their boss. More sales of products mean more commissions and higher salary. So, in today’s age, the sales process has changed, people don’t like to be sold they like to buy. The best sales journey is when the inbound sales take place.

But how this could happen? It’s the work of your marketing department, to make the branding, authority of your business strong in the market. This could happen by welcoming your customers, understanding their fears and complaints, getting them a customized solution, meeting them personally and genuinely helping them. Then onwards you don’t have to worry about your revenue.  You just have to focus on the success of your customer, revenue will follow them.


2) Unlock your High-Income Skill – High-Income skills are those who are recession-proof, transferable, not dependable on someone, not replaceable, earn a comfortable life and you can start your business and scale it big. High-Income skills such as copywriting, digital marketing, High ticket closing, Public Speaking, Security Consultant, Digital Photographers and many others. ‘Skills Pays the Bills’ and not the credentials. As your skills increase, so does your income.

Pick your High-Income Skill based on what’s your passion and how you’re going to build your business. It’s a learnable skill and you can be in demand all the time.


profit margins


3) Unlock your Profit Margins- Profit margins are an important part of business and this decides the price of your product. Focus more on profits than revenue. Focus on better, not more. You should always think of increasing net profits and not revenues.

Keep the value you offered, benefits, and services in mind while deciding your price. Attract customers who don’t see to their budget continuously while buying because in crisis, low-budget & cheap customers can affect your business. People don’t hesitate to pay a premium price for premium service and some of them buy just to satisfy their deep want.


4) Unlock your Wealth- It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how do you manage your income. Getting wealthy and staying wealthy are 2 different things. For staying wealthy you need to invest your money, be patient, control your emotions and generate more assets for yourself.


5) Unlock your Social Capital – Social capital means getting a huge no. of audience on your social media channels and monetizing through different forms such as workshops, online programs, webinars, etc.

Now every brand is on at least one social media network and attracting a big chunk of traffic through this channels. So, every individual is giving useful content, value and helping others to get their brand known to their audience. So, Social capital is a must for everyone, it helps in building your personal brand a well.


These were some of the keys to unlock different doors for you which I explained above (in short) but these are just a few, if you want all the keys to achieve massive wealth, income, happiness and success, you need to read this entire book to understand and implement the keys in your life. And so you can too achieve the same thing that Dan has already achieved. I have personally read it and I am seeing a change in my behavior, habits and many other things, so why can’t you, right?

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How this Most Important One Thing can change your Life?

How this Most Important One Thing can change your Life?

The One Thing– Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. This book mainly focuses on just one thing that matters the most in your life, and that can lead to achieving what you want.

This book will show you the clear path on how to do the main thing that doing it everything becomes easy or unnecessary. You will understand which thing to do and at the right time. If you have many options in any aspect and are confused about what to do first then this book is for you. I will share with you the main 5 lessons from this book that should help you to get started on your journey.


5 Key-Lessons to Remember to Achieve Extraordinary Results


1) The Power of One Thing- Most people have the mindset that everything is important equally and they try to do it all at once. As a result, they don’t give time to the most important thing. Before getting to the most important thing, you need to ask one focussing question that will give just one answer, that answer must include all the small things that you need to take. A question can be related to your relationships, financial situation, or business.

For example, What’s the one thing that can make me productive this month?

Ans: Be Discipline

Your question must be specific, meeting a deadline and expecting a single answer. You can ask questions in different areas of your life and get your answer.




2) Discipline builds strong habits By being discipline, your life becomes easier and you can maintain your productivity level with consistent improvements. But for achieving the success you don’t need strict discipline. You just need a little discipline to build good habits.

After following those habits, everything becomes easy, you just need to stay disciplined at the starting but after few days. Your habits will drive you. It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time, and for that, you don’t need a highly disciplined life. Discipline at the right thing will make your life more clear and simple.


3) Commitments bring Diamond- Follow the three commitments that will contribute to your one thing and see the magic with you.

a) Master your one thing. Before your mastery, identify one thing and see whether it is important or not. So, your one thing that matters the most. Practicing your one thing daily and doing it consistently help you to learn more and grow more.

b) Unlock your potentials. If a thing comes out of you naturally, don’t stick to it. Try different things and unlock your greatest potential. This will help you to explore more and being limitless. Otherwise, you will make excuses and never ever grow.

c) Be accountable. Take your own responsibility and bring your actions and desire closer together. While doing your one thing, take help from your mentors and ask what improvements can you suggest for me. Write your goals and share them with others, this increases the chances of your success.


4) Balancing your life is not the right decision- Balancing your personal and professional life is possible, but you won’t get extraordinary results. Because you will not give your 100% time and energy to it. As magic happens at the extreme.

So, what’s the solution? Do Counterbalance because when you are at work for 11 hrs for continuous 8-10 years you can miss your wonderful days that will never come back. Implement counterbalance in your personal and professional life. So, that you get your extraordinary results and stay connected with your family.


5) Avoid these thieves- Below are the thieves that you need to consider for achieving your extraordinary results.

a) Learn to say ‘NO’. Saying no to others means you are committing to yourself and working on your one thing. Instead of directly saying no, you can delegate to someone, give him FAQs or external help. So, that your most important one thing gets done.

b) Keeping a supporting environment. While going through your journey, live with the people that always seek success. That will help you to outperform your one thing and there will be a good friendship between you and them.

c) Do your one thing anyhow. Many distractions, people, and circumstances will oppose you, but your responsibility is to get your time blocked for your one thing. Because that matters the most. Keep yourself productive by taking care of your health and you will get extraordinary results.


6) Don’t leave any regrets in your life. Live your life to the fullest, discover, go ahead and just explore more things and see how big life is. By imagining at 60-70 age you must say that I live the want that I wanted and there are many exciting things that are coming to me.

This book is a must-read for everyone, you should own a copy of it. Because the lessons you get it just amazing, this review includes only some lessons. Just buy this book, it’s a great investment. Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next post!


How this Amazing Psychological Tactics can make your Marketing more Stronger

How this Amazing Psychological Tactics can make your Marketing more Stronger

Influence – By Dan Lok is a book full of great marketing tactics you can use to market effectively and attract more visitors. This book will show you how our human psychology works and how you can benefit from it.

I will tell you some main tactics that can sure help your business and generate huge profits. So, let’s start with the amazing psychological tactics and don’t miss a single tactic, as it can bring a big opportunity for your business.


Best Psychological Tactics to Influence:


1. Popular Appeal- In this popular appeal people join the group in shopping but never know what’s the product about and what they will get. The consumer goes through because all are going as well. This is useful when you have something that a specific audience want it and you attract some more customers by spreading the news of your product.


2. Frequency in marketing- If you have not kept your ads running for a long time, you might not know the power of frequency. You need to follow them regularly and spread your message clearly to understand who you are and the value they’ll receive. Publish your ads on different mediums in an unusual way and always be testing different elements of your ad.


3. Help your users- Give, give, give and then ask. Add so much value to the consumers that they must remember you because you have helped them. Adding value to your user and revealing all your secrets makes you more valuable and that is enough for a consumer to buy products from your site.


appreciate your customers


4. Appreciate your customers- Appreciating your customers can make them feel recognized and good. Congratulate them on their purchase, tell them how good the decision is. Give them rewards, free coupons, or free access to some of your products so that they know that you care for them and you are not selfish.


5. Imagination+Telling- Are you giving a product demonstration? If not, then you must. Because sometimes buyers buy them because of the effective demonstration and detailed explanation of each element.

Get a video of your product and put it on your site or wherever you are selling. Add some video testimonials of your happy customers that will help the buyer imagine in that state.


6. Enthusiasm- Be excited and enthusiastic when communicating, explaining, and featuring your product to the audience. This increases the chances of buying from you because you believe in your product and have made people believe that this can solve the problem. And people will start referring you because of your trust in them.


7. Be Familiar- Familiarity helps brands that are well established and have gained people’s minds. But for the new businesses, it is a little difficult. So, you need to present yourself related to your industry and add valuable content to the audience. Keep the design, the theme of your site as it is still the consumer gets familiar with you. Define in which area does your brand stands.


ask your audience

8. Ask your audience- Share surveys with your audience, include some relevant questions like what type of person you are? Which problems are you facing or what makes you feel good when you buy from us? The answers are valuable for you as you will know how they think of your brand and how you can improve.

You can now speak their language and understand their pain points. Most of them don’t ask so they don’t get the answers. Just try this technique and your brand surely progresses.


9. Something for Something- Give your customers some free stuff like a mini-course, access to your newsletter, or a free subscription. Remember, you are not giving this for free, it has some value and you expect to do business with them.

Giving such surprizes makes the consumer excited and if he finds it valuable, he will definitely buy from you. And when you include some extra bonuses with the product it becomes more valuable as the buyer thinks that I am getting this for a low price.

So, these were some of the psychological tactics that you can use for your business. You can buy this book from Amazon to find some more tactics that can make your business big. Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next post!

How you can Build a Great Wealth Without Doing Much Things- Morgan Housel

How you can Build a Great Wealth Without Doing Much Things- Morgan Housel

The Psychology of MoneyMorgan Housel is a book to understand how your mind behaves when you have more money and when you are struggling with financial problems. This book will tell you how to do your financial planning and achieve the ultimate independence.


Main Key-Lessons from this Book


Different Choices of everyone- When it comes to financing, for some people the financial decision will make sense but not for others. While investing in the stock market in your early 20s makes totally sense but it may not be a good decision for others. Based upon their financial situations they will use the money for other decisions.

But whatever decision you take, it should be contributing to your financial independence (because that’s the end goal).


compounding effect

The Compounding Effect- When you start early to invest your money in stock, bonds, or any other assets. You get more benefit from others because you started early and you get a first-mover advantage. Like Warren Buffet did when he started from childhood. So, he’s more wealthy than others even if others are more skilled than him.


Getting Wealthy & Staying Wealthy- Getting wealthy is one part and staying wealthy is another part. When you get wealthy, there are chances that you can become more greedy. That’s the worst part. Greed is good but over greed can lose your everything. If your income increases, then you can increase your investments. So, make a rule for investing your money and follow that rule. And you will be wealthy by being disciplined.

But what actual wealth is?

Wealth is something you don’t see because while it’s not important, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. Rich people buy things that make them feel good. But the wealth of wealthy people is hidden in the form of investments, retirement plans, and strong financial assets. Wealthy people also spend like rich ones but their wealth is much bigger, which we cannot see.

And to build great wealth you just need to invest your money and sit back and let your money compound. You will enjoy the returns after some years, that’ the amazing results of being patient.


Being Satisfied- Investing in a disciplined way and being patient is essential to get wealthy. Wanting more can make things riskier than what you have. So, don’t risk the things you have in pursuit of wanting more. If you don’t need more and when it’s not important then don’t take unmanageable risks. After all your family members, happiness and satisfaction are the most important.


Ignore other People’s opinions- When it comes to investing your money in stocks or any other bonds. Don’t follow experts’ advice because what they are telling might not be suitable for you. As they are addressing to everyone, not specifically for you. After hearing the experts analyze by yourself and ask, is it worth investing? Don’t follow the crowd instead play your own game by giving the right advice to yourself.

This book teaches you more amazing lessons than this. Great examples and behaviour of people towards money have been clearly explained in this book. I would recommend you to read this book if you want to build sustainable wealth.

Which other book would you recommend to review? Tell me in the comment section. Thank you for reading my article and Happy Reading!

How Telling Stories can Attract many Consumers?

How Telling Stories can Attract many Consumers?

I think you are astonished by seeing the title of the book i.e All Marketers are Liars. Seth Godin has beautifully explained that how marketers tell stories and how the consumers believe them. Every brand tells a specific story that is accepted by the people. So, in this book, you will know how you can tell a story that others believe.


Why Stories are great for marketers?

Marketers tell a story about theirs. product. Stories give a new position to their products. And by believing that stories consumers interpret in different ways that make them feel differently. A marketer’s job is not only to tell the story but also to make it real and spread effectively.

By telling an authentic story, consumers feel the real experience from the story. And they pay as much they can to feel the experience. So, I think you have understood why stories work best. Now we will discuss how you can tell a story that consumers believe. But before framing a story you have to remember certain things.

1) Make your own story that matches your audience’s worldview. Select a different audience from your competitor. Don’t steal the story instead create your own and spread it widely.

2) Tell stories that are authentic and beneficial to the audience. Don’t try to use the people for your selfish purpose. It’s ok to sell the product for a higher price but not to make people indulge in wrongful activities.

3) Don’t try to prove the people wrong. Consumers don’t try to change their worldviews instead make their worldview stronger with your story.


story telling


How to frame an authentic story?


Selecting an audience- First, find an audience that is having a worldview that matches the story you want to tell. If the consumers are already having a worldview just see if it matching to your story. Otherwise, leave that group.


Designing your Story- Your story is the image of your brand that consumers tell themselves. So, it’s important to design a good story. Consumers don’t see how your product is built or how useful it is. They see how it makes me feel good, consumers buy wants not needs.

When you frame a story, you need to tell yourself, how you feel by telling that story. Then you need to spread it by living with that story constantly. Consumers buy emotionally not rationally. Even though your stress more on benefits, and uses among all stories work the best.


Making an authentic story- Telling a story is not enough until you make it real. If I said to you that the house you are buying looks more beautiful when there are flowers and grasses around. Or If I said to you that the color of your house needs to change every 2 years to see something new. 

What I had told you, is totally true and you believe in it. You are sure will going to have a garden around your house or changing the outlook. More and more people will follow this when these people try to tell their friends and my word will spread automatically. This is the power of an authentic story. But if the story is not authentic, people will not believe in your lie.

The story you tell people must include in your product. Product makers must be informed that including the story in the product can help people believe in you easily. By making a great story, you can fix the product price as high as you want because people will believe that such an experience could get only from you.


Treat people differently- While telling the story you need to tell the stories only to those who have a similar worldview. Telling everyone will not work because everyone has different worldviews.

So, before building a great product. Make a classic story that matches the consumer’s worldview and include this story in your product. Spread your idea effectively and live it.

Seth Godin has explained each & every chapter in detail with amazing examples and case studies. This book also contains the big mistakes to avoid and how to tell the story effectively.

I hope you have liked the article on marketing your product effectively. I truly say marketing is my favourite topic to write about and I love to share my knowledge with others.

Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next post.