Should you Invest in? The Ad Week Copywriting Handbook- By Joseph Sugarman

Should you Invest in? The Ad Week Copywriting Handbook- By Joseph Sugarman

A book for copywriters and beginners in copywriting those who want to learn how to write a copy that sells the products and learn the skill that can be useful to your business and other’s businesses also. So, what is there in this book?

I will highlight some main points from this book that will help you to decide whether to invest your money in this book or not.


Important Learnings from this Guide:

Before writing the copy you should have clear information about the product and also your customers. Because without understanding them your copy could not get into the flow and won’t sell many products. Then comes the time to offer the product that people will tell you whether they want it or not. Before offering the product take a test of the product in the market and see if there is a demand this could help you to avoid big losses.


Why would people read your copy?

There should be something in your copy that solves the people’s problem and a unique benefit that they will get from your product. So, at the start of the copy i.e, your headline should grab the attention by telling something unusual, creating curiosity, or a solution-oriented approach that will lead the user to read your copy.


CTA buttons


Your body copy should be simple, interesting, giving the solution to the problem, mentioning the benefits of your product, and with a CTA button for the people to take further action.

Then comes the length of the copy. The length depends on the product, if the product price is high and the emotion to buy the product is also high then the long copy will work. Short copy works when there is less involvement and fewer emotions towards the product.

Keep the words shorter, simple, and straightforward will reduce the time for the consumer to understand the product and there will be no clutter. You need to put the words that are in your mind on the paper. After some time trying to edit again and you will find some new ideas from your mind. This incubation process is well explained in this book.

Create scarcity for immediate action. Giving your audience something new and explaining to them how this product could change your life will interest the buyer to know more. While offering a product don’t offer too many varieties otherwise the buyer will confuse and buy none. So, offer more products at the last stage of booking in a catalog.

Mentioning credibility in your copy will reduce the questions in the consumer’s mind about your product. Because then only they can trust your brand for that show them some testimonials as people believe people.

You need to make your consumers believe that your product is worth its cost. They should feel guilty that why I didn’t buy the product? That’s when you feel that you have done some great work.

The buying environment is important because that can affect the buying decision. The perfect buying environment related to the product will definitely make a sale. So, you need to decide which environment to be created based on the product. You also need to serve the consumers well after the purchase as service matters. If you serve them well and keep them happy your brand will make a good reputation in the market and that’s the main element for every company.

Practicing writing copies will help you to build your copywriting skill. Because the more you practice the more you learn, what works and whatnot. Learn from other copywriter’s mistakes and also from your experience. Don’t just be an average copywriter, make your skills stronger by learning new things and share your knowledge with others.

This book contains a lot of ad examples that will give you some new ideas about writing copies differently. Joseph Sugarman has shared his experience of copywriting in this book and those who want to pursue this skill must buy this book.

And yes one more thing to remind you. Keep learning! 😊😊 Thank you for reading my article and I will soon review another guide on copywriting, so stay tuned!


Live like a King by Reading 6 Sundays a Week Life- Dev Gadhvi

Live like a King by Reading 6 Sundays a Week Life- Dev Gadhvi

6 Sundays A Week Life by Dev Gadhvi, the Best Selling Author of 80% Mindset 20% Skills a life-changing book for everyone. Do you think 6 Sundays a Week life is possible? Yes, it is possible for everyone and how you can achieve it, that is mention in this book. So, this book is for those who are tired of living a 9-5 job life and want to build their business around passion.


What kind of Life are your living?

Imagine the daily 9 to 5 life how boring it could be. Working for a specific time period and enjoy watching entertainment after reaching home. No time for Self-Development and watching some educational videos. On the other hand, how would your Sunday look like, no daily meetings, assignments just following your passion. 6 Sundays a week refers to doing what you love to do wherever and with whomever you want. You will have to work but it will not feel like a work you will enjoy and further build your business around it.

I know you cannot leave your job at present but you should have an idea about your passion, skills and demand in the market. If you are passionate to help others with your skills and that has a demand in the market then it will work. So, while working in a job upgrade your skills, invest in yourself and share your learnings with others through social media to gain the trust and add value to the audience. You have to be ready with your skills and audience before you quit your job. So, things you have to do before quitting your job are:

  • Publishing a Book and making it a Best Selling Author.


  • Having a strong base of audience who are ready to invest in you for any of your product. This is your true fans.
  • Having your You tube channel where you regularly posting useful videos for you audience.


  • Speaking with confidence at many workshops and webinars. Having a strong authority in your field.

Unique identity in the market where you are the only one who is a specialist in a particular field. I will explain you in detail first, publishing your book means making your authority more stronger instead of giving your visiting card you are giving a self-published book how would be the impression? Authoritative. To make it more stronger you have to choose a micro niche market where you are the only one. For example Antique Clock repairer in Maharashtra or Toy shop just for small babies in Mumbai you can see that it is very specific and there is less competition as well. So, you can take the opportunity and reserved your seat.

You have to be on Google because if you are selling a product then people will search for your product review. So, having a self-published book, You tube channel, blogs helps you to build your brand and trust with the audience. And people will ready to invest in your product. You can charge a desired price for your product but its returns should be higher than its price. If you are changing somebody’s life then you have got a meaning and purpose to your life that what problems and mistakes you have done other’s should not do. You should be ready for opportunities and ready to help more people. 6 Sundays A Week Life is possible only when you take massive action in the right direction and sharing your learnings with others and following your passion. Start taking the small steps explain above to be ready to leave your job and build your business around your passion.

To keep the fire burning you have to follow some daily rituals where you have to write down your goals and thankful to god for giving such a great life, imagine yourself achieving your desire, visualizing and living the things that you want then comes exercise for at least 30 mins and reading 1 book in a week.


monthly income


What about the monthly income?

You may ask what about the financial strength I will have when I will quit my job. So, for that you need to save some money aside to survive for basic needs, support of family and you need to test your skills in the market whether people are ready to pay your or not then only you will have the financial confidence within you. In that period of quitting your job you have to live below your means and have a minimum survival amount. Remember, whenever you will have some extra money, invest that in yourself to take good returns. Find the person who have achieved what you want and learn from him to reach your goal faster. Side by side make multiple streams of income by making your program, workshops, books and a lot more. Check out this article to know more about Secrets streams of Income.




While reaching your goal, you need to share your knowledge, experience and learning with others so that others will not make the mistakes that you have made and in this way you become more important to them and it builds trust. This is how you start impacting more and more people through your videos, blogs, books, webinars and programs and gradually you become more valuable. By going on this path you build your brand more stronger by having your You tube channel, TEDx Speaker, written a Best selling book and you can charge the price that you want.

How would it be if I tell you that you are the No. 1 Copywriter for Start ups in Maharashtra? You would love to be the no. 1 where you have grab the seat and started building your authority. Your tagline should associate with your name so that people could remember you with your unique identity. It will take some time to build but keep looking at it and you will find something interesting.

       “People will genuinely invest in you if you have given enough value, help and transformed so many lives.”

Then comes building your products. Products can be anything like your mentorship program, courses, workshops or your digital products. What prices could you offer? Initially, you can give them some free products like a free e-book, or a masterclass then you can start charging more money as your brand becomes more stronger. While starting your journey you have to do all the work manually and not able to focus on important task so you need to automate everything by adapting the digital technology this can be done by using some free online tools and investing in some training programs to learn more about it.

Build your audience first before launching your product, create a demand in the market to make more sales. People will buy from you only if they have seen you everywhere, adding value to them and sharing your knowledge. This is how you build your tribe and they become your true fans promoting your product everywhere. For everything that this book tells us, you should have the courage to leave your job with a proper exit plan and have faith in yourself that you can make the 6 Sundays A Week Life real. Take calculated risks and live your dreams daily.

To understand more about this book you should buy this book for you and it will be the best investment for you. If you want to be a Passionpreneur then reach out to Dev Gadhvi he will guide you in this journey. Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next post!


The Insider’s Guide on Effective Marketing- Seth Godin

The Insider’s Guide on Effective Marketing- Seth Godin

Who should read this Book?

This book is especially for those who want to improve their marketing skills. Because marketing requires everywhere and without marketing business cannot survive. Seth Godin the god of marketing has wonderfully explained how marketing works and how we can benefit from it. So let’s learn a new way of marketing.


Leave the Old Method of Marketing-

Earlier all the masses were just shouting and telling the information of the product, sending random messages, not understanding the need of the society just selling more and more to get more profit. That method of marketing is now gone. The new way of marketing is to solve a problem of a particular group with a perfect solution. Marketing is done to provide more opportunities, spreading our ideas to make the change happen.


What actually Marketing is?

Marketing is understanding the dreams and desires of the people. It is not selling a low-quality product with a high value. It is about changing people’s minds and help them to achieve what they want. In every step of marketing, we have to see what works and whatnot. If it works fine. If not, search for what is working and learn new things.

Marketing involves telling emotional stories which are relatable to the people, building a product according to the market needs, and showing your product consistently to make the change happen. Marketing needs creative people who can make a change by making things better. But the marketer must be clear who is it for? and what is it for? so the efforts will be in the correct direction. You have to change the people’s perspective towards you.

A story that people will feel connected to you and want to hear more from you. Ultimately it increases your trust level which turns into a transaction. People want the results that will get from your product and not the features. They want a sense of satisfaction, status, and confidence from the product. Make a rational choice while understanding the market and its behavior.


dominos Pizza


Case Study:  Dominos Pizza

According to you, what is the best quality of dominos? It’s their fast delivery and quality service. They are more focused on customer’s needs and delivering the best pizza in the market. They are consistently updating the customers about the latest trends, offers and taking valuable feedback to improve. Dominos have managed their reputation by making a change in the market and are leading it.

As a marketer, you should make a promise to yourself that what change you want to make and how will you do that? It will help you to direct your efforts in the right direction. Remember, ‘If you are for Everyone then you are No one’ you should change a particular group of people that have similar views and beliefs. Put yourself in the place of the market and imagine what the market thinks and what stories they tell themselves. This helps us in understanding people’s reactions towards your product and understanding their problems better.

Choose your people based on psychographics who are the right people according to you, those who will share your message, and they are your true fans your focus must be on this group. Be more specific. Your product should match the wants of people. Serve your audience with great care so that people will start loving you and share your thoughts. You have to describe who is it for. Your product is only for those people who you are trying to change.


Defining the Better-

Better is different for everyone someone feels that this product is better and it could be different for others. Best is different for everyone, for someone the best brand could be Nike for others it can be Sparx it differs because we remember the one which is best for us and worth it. You have to target this audience so that they can find you. Find the dreams and desires of the people, offer a solution, and serve them better so that they pay you enough attention.




Case Study: Amazon

Amazon is a company that focuses on the consumer and delivers the best service. They understand the market needs and their problems and provides a perfect solution like fastest delivery and great customer support. Most of the brands ignore this department but it should give the utmost importance. When a customer reports a problem, he or she is connected with the concerned department within a minute and the problem is solved.

Choose your Extremes– In today’s world, there are too many choices, and what is the guarantee that the customer will choose you? You need to pick your unique feature to separate from the competitors. You need to build a strong emotion ( safety, worthy or valuable) that your customer will get when he thinks about your market.

Be Different from Your Competitors– You should have the skill of being different and delivering a high-quality product. The skill that technology can’t replace you. You have to build your own story that defines your promise, strengthen your core values, building relationships with customers, and making positive changes in the market. If you want to understand what your audience likes in your niche then take feedback, you will understand who is better and why?

You have to be authentic towards your work. Don’t do the work that you don’t love. Understand the audience, their beliefs, and views. Be more personal with the audience don’t talk with them as a brand, talk to them as a person who makes a strong connection.

Deeply Understanding the Customer– The product you make is not just a task that a customer will use and throw it away. You are offering him the roadmap that leads to his desires. It is the feeling of status, emotion that the customer gets from it. You have to see the dreams and fears of different customers because each one will have their fears and desires.

Always be testing your product with the type of audience you seek to serve, what is working and what is not working, and see what your audience likes the most. If you want to charge more from the people, you don’t need to increase the quantity instead you need to put your highest value to the audience with a great story. Offer your service full of love and happiness, great service, and quality products to attract more customers.

Achieving the Small Market– You have to first win the micro-market to expand further and gaining your true hundred fans. The fans are the one who has trust in you, loving you and buys your every product and also recommend to their friends. To achieve results in mass-market you have to work on the small market. When you get feedback on your great product you will find some wrong feedbacks that are not useful for you because the one who has given a one-star should have a different problem, not from your product. In this case, you have to ask for helpful advice on how the product could fit from their perspective, don’t just take random feedbacks.

People Like Us Do Things Like This– Everybody takes decisions to buy a product or service by looking at the crowd not by thinking why it is important just people are doing, so we should also. We cannot change the whole culture but we can change the small market. You have to create tension in the market telling that everyone is coming why you want to leave behind and give a chance to increase the status of the audience.

Creating a Pattern– You have to create a pattern and tension in the market by interrupting people. Create tension of left behind to uninformed for the people who can take an action. But how to create the tension? Tension can be created by making a strong offer or a situation that is never created before and relieving that tension in the form of action.

We make most of the buying decisions based on our status that we live in. It will not make sense initially but if we think deeply that we took the decision because that suits our status. Separate the audience based on the status roles by identifying their behavior. This will help you to know which are the audience who want to increase their status and the status of others as well. Status plays an important role in life. You have to understand what people are telling themselves about you, make them a part of your group, and be connected.

Making your Logo– Your logo is the sign for people to remember your company, it remembers them of your brand when you show up a logo. Your symbol should be related to the change you seek to make and describing your special feature. The brand is something that people care about you and expecting better work from you. Without a brand logo is useless and you can choose a logo as your first name.

Treating Different People Differently– You have to offer your product according to the people’s behavior towards buying, some people like to have a new thing in their hand but some will love what they have. Different people want different things based upon their routine and likes & dislikes, so you have to treat everyone differently to get the desired results. Identify which group of customers is contributing to your profit and leave others who cost you money. Focus on the profit-making customers with a delightful experience and excellent customer service and in return, you are in huge profit.

Building your Strategy– Your strategy should be clear to you that what change you are going to make and who it’s for. It should be for the right people. The strategy is made by tactics and by testing different tactics you will get an idea of which one is working. Your more focus should be on Digital Advertising where you can market your product efficiently to the right people and earn trust and attention gradually. You can also go for Brand Marketing where the environment in your company, delivery service, and the treatment you give to the customers everything matters and you can improve it to build your strong brand.

You have to grab the people’s attention by placing your ad continuously to the right people even if they get tired of it. Jay Levinson said, “Don’t change your ads when you’re tired of them, don’t change them when your employees and friends are tired of them. Change them when your accountant is tired of them”. So frequency matters. People should directly search your name or the service you deliver to them so that Google will understand that you care for the people and they can rank you.


product price


What is your product price?

The price of your product determines whether it will sell to or not. Someone will try to buy a cheaper product rather than expensive but he will not see its ROI that he will get. So you have to fix the price according to the people you serve. We cannot sell the product for free because it requires the cost to market and invests in our team but you can give your ideas and tips free to people.

Earning Permission– To deliver an email or a message you need permission to contact the people so, permission is valuable. If you have permission you can gain attention and trust. Educate the people regularly, only to those who want to hear from you. Permission is an asset, you have to earn it. You have to benefit the user from your service so that he can proudly spread your word.

The Role of Trust– Trust is a factor that needs to be earned by continuous communication, helping the people, and giving proper guidance. People not only hear you but also trust you. Most important thing is to gain trust from your target audience.

Funnel Building – Fixing your funnel is like growing your customers, others don’t even know that problem is in the funnel. The problem may be in delivering the right kind of service, not doing according to the promise, or disrespecting the audience. Examine your funnel and see what changes you need to make while experiencing the journey of the customer. Do you need a strong reason for your offer that why should people share your story and recommend others to use your product?

Managing your tribe is important. You have to gain action by telling others how they could achieve their dreams as you did and we are all same and now it is the time to change ourselves. This causes tension and leads to forward motion. You have to be committed to your tribe and your tribe will be committed to you.

If your product is not selling then you have to change the story that you tell to the people. Give them a new story to tell which includes status, safety, and respect. As a marketer, you constantly need to become better and better to market your product efficiently to the right people and make things better.

I hope you like the article and a brief story about marketing. If you want to improve your marketing skills then you should buy this book from Amazon. Thank you for reading my article!

Best Book for Teenagers to Learn about Money-Robert Kiyosaki

Best Book for Teenagers to Learn about Money-Robert Kiyosaki

Why the book was written?

This book is especially for the teenagers who don’t have an idea about money and how they should invest the money in a proper way. A must-read book for everyone who wants to achieve financial freedom. The author has shared his life experiences when he was a teenager and his learnings from Rich dad. As the lessons mention here can be learned by another age group also, so don’t worry!

Main important lessons about money and the major life lessons we don’t learn in school, so most of the things we learn outside of our school. Every school must teach lessons about money, investing, planning, and earning. Because of lack of knowledge, most of the students remain poor and suffer from financial freedom. That’s the main reason why the author has written this book.

Style of Learning-

There are different learning styles that we follow to learn new things. Some students can learn by doing or by reading and then doing. The author had described different forms of learning style.

Verbal Linguistic intelligence- It means to have a great interest in reading books and to learn different languages, teach others as well.

Numerical Intelligence- This category suggests that you are smart enough in mathematics and like to play with numbers. Generally, take decisions based on the data.

Spatial and Musical intelligence- Doodling shows that you are passionate to convert your imaginations into reality with more creativity. Musical intelligence shows that you are relaxed and calm when you spread beautiful rhythms and music.

Physical Intelligence- Knowing the importance of the body and exercising it regularly to perform better.

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal intelligence- Interpersonal means to know your friends clearly and is very genuine with them. So you make friends easily. Intrapersonal means knowing yourself, control the mind, and responsible for all the incidents in your life.

Natural intelligence and Vision- Natural intelligence refers to be in nature’s influence and like such type of environment to learn new things. Vision means to control the situation and taking actions according to it.

Find out your learning style and make it stronger gradually. To balance some of them you have to do activities related to that intelligence like reading books, preparing your monthly budget, spending some time in self-reflection, or thinking like an intelligent follower to become a great leader.

Finding your interest- You have to find in which area I am good at, which things you like to do the most? Find out some great opportunities and follow your path. You will see the money-making roads that will lead to great riches. The most important thing is to change our mindset towards money and think there are many opportunities, I just need to find it out. Write down your goals daily (in present tense) and you will the change in your in few weeks. The author is telling us to use our brain at our highest potential to make it stronger. Having said that he have given the two statements:

“I can’t afford the things I want.” and the other “How can I afford the things I want?” In these two statements, the first one stops your thinking and the other make you think to get what you want. So always look for solutions and you will find the answers for it.

The Most Common Thinking-

What our family members and most of the friends tell us to get a good education, earn a degree, get a proper salary, work harder to get a proper salary, and marriage with your loved one. They don’t know we can do beyond that also. The poor people don’t have knowledge of money and investing wisely so they remain poor. But the rich are very open about money and willing to help people who are in need of money. They don’t work for money instead money work for them.

The major difference between rich and dad poor dad was, poor people, try to avoid the subject of money, having low thinking about money, avoid taking risks, to get a good job with a good salary is their goal. On the other hand, the rich are totally opposite they tell, take calculated risks, work hard to build your own business, invest in self-learning, have big goals in life, and find ways to add an additional source of income.

Focus on Learning, not on Earning-

The rich dad told the author, work to learn and not to learn. In whatever field you are working, learning from your current job and find opportunities to make your own business. Whatever the income may get you, complete your responsibility and you will feel great. Because what lessons your work teaches you are more important than just working for money. You want a job that pays you a high income but you don’t focus on learning that will give you great returns. Instead, focus on a long term game. Don’t let money control you, instead gain control over money.

                    “If you do not need money, you will make a lot of money”   – Rich Dad

Let the Money Works for You- Rich dad told, keep your eyes open to see business opportunities and to become rich. Make your brain stronger and stronger to attract money in your bank a/c. What business opportunities do you see? See your good qualities and find ways that you can offer to people, it can be working as an advisor, writer, teacher, or developer. Find in which field you are passionate about and find the opportunities where money can be made even when you are not working.

Types of Incomes-

Ordinary Earned Income- This is the income where you get a monthly salary and you have to work hard to increase it. Most people are engaged in this type of income.

Passive Income- This is the income where you are not physically present but the money is working for you. It is a type of investment in something like purchasing stocks, real estate, business, and the most important Learning. You get returns of this investment’s lifetime, it is very beneficial.

Portfolio Income- Investments in stocks and bonds come in this type. It is also a kind of passive income for you.

Investing Intelligently- The author is telling us to invest in assets and not in liabilities. The assets are those in which the money keeps flowing in and also we get a higher price when it is sold. This generates a passive or portfolio income for us. Liabilities are those things that spend your money like anything and you don’t even know it. For example EMIs, car loans, taxes, and other monthly payments. Keep your asset side stronger than your liabilities. See all the liabilities around your room and calculate what amount of money you can get by selling them. Invest in assets to attract more money and avoid buying unnecessary things. So what’s your choice, Assets or Liability?

Understanding Cashflow-

In this cashflow, the author has described the balance sheet and income statement. Income statement means profit and loss statement and balance sheet means the relationship between assets and liabilities. The author has described different types of cashflows to understand clearly.

The cash flow of an Asset- In this type, the asset is making money for the person without making any effort. It is a positive signal for income growth.

cashflow of an asset


The cash flow of Liability- The money has to spend on expenses due to a lack of investment knowledge. It is giving a signal that the most of money has gone into expenses. This is of a middle-class people.

cash flow of liability

Poor dad Financial Statement- The poor dad spends all of his income on paying his expenses and a very low amount of savings. This is because the asset side is not stronger.

poor dad financial statement


Rich dad cash flow- The stronger the asset side, the more money you will get and the lesser will be the liabilities. Invest more in assets and be rich.

rich dad financial statement


Track your Money- Track the spending of your money, where are you spending the most, and why are you spending? Is it necessary or not? Do not spend on the things that you don’t need, it will just occupy the space and lose your money. Question yourself before buying things, Do I really need it or it is just a waste of money? After practicing you will save a lot of money and you can invest this money in buying assets (passive income). Make your budget and calculate whether your assets are more than the liabilities or not, if not why? If you are saving less amount of money then it is time to look after your assets and start increasing them.

What Games teach us?

The author is telling to play games like Monopoly to purchase houses and buildings and collect the money by giving them on rent. You will get an idea of the concepts explained above and you will know how it works in the real world. We should buy more assets and make a passive income for us to get out of the rat race. Do not get stuck in paying monthly bills, worried about loans. Make your life as you want it, satisfy all the wants and let the money work for you! The author has invented a game called CASHFLOW and encouraging all of us to play these games. This game will give you some money-making opportunities, investments and you have to decide whether to take it or not and see if your assets are more than your liabilities. Play this game to experience the actual financial situations, you will enjoy it!

Going on Field Trips- These are not the field trips that you generally go with your school friends. It is the field trip that will teach you how money is managed in the real world. Do the following things:

  • Do a monthly budget for your family and calculate what are the expenses and savings that remained in the account.
  • Go with your parents to the bank and see how they deposit the cheque into the bank, what are the requirements to deposit and if possible ask your parents to open your bank account.
  • See the businesses around you, like the retailer, how he manages the shop, finance, and customer. What will be his monthly income? Is it a profitable business or not? See all the things around you and find the opportunities where you can start your business.

Different Ways to make Money-

Some of the teenagers think that they cannot start their business. It is not like working in a company for a full-time job. Instead, you offer a skill in which you are good at and can make money from it. Find the jobs in your area that you can do which have great opportunities for learning. Take your parents into consideration when you wanted to work. Take their permission and tell them why do you want to work? What about your studies, will you manage them? Answer all these questions and have trust in your parents. Different kind of jobs you can offer are:

1. Start your own Blog.

2. Work in your family business.

3. Get into writing books.

4. Start your own YouTube channel.

5. Repairing the laptops or computers.

6. Video Editing or graphic design.

7. Formatting the documents to an agency.

8. Teach the students in your area.

And the list goes on. You will find a lot more than the opportunities mention above just make sure you learn something from your job and further you can start your business. Search on the internet, take advice from your parents or relatives and find the jobs that match your skill and interest. To develop your skill in that job or field, find a perfect guide who will teach you step by step, trustworthy, and having the knowledge about that field. You will learn faster with your guide rather than learning by yourself because you don’t know whether you are learning correctly or not. So, always a mentor is recommended.

Making the Growth of your Money-

The author has described the piggy bank approach to grow our money in a steady way. Everyone should have a three piggy bank for different purposes. Let’s take a look at each of these.

Piggy Bank of Charity- To donate the money to the people who need it the most. If you give, give, and give you get 10x back. Help others in a way that anyone doesn’t know that you are helping. In today’s times there is a lot of fraud in charitable organizations, so investigate properly and make sure you are helping directly. 

Piggy Bank of Savings- You should have a backup of savings that you can use when there is an emergency. But putting all your income in these places will make only some amount of money because you get very low-interest rates on your money, instead invest in assets.

Piggy Bank of Investments- You can invest your money in buying books, courses, workshops that will teach you a lot about your work, as an investment in learning is the best investment. Have all these piggy banks and focus more on investments. Make sure your income is divided and put into these piggy banks to grow your money. Don’t focus more on savings, invest your money on the things that will give you endless returns even if your savings are little. After investing in your assets, it will provide you more money than you had earlier. People neglect such opportunities and end up making no money, don’t do such mistakes.

                                           “Money is the Power, Use it Wisely, to get Rich”

The Final Chapter of Debt-

A credit card can do anything with your money, it can lose your money or you can make money by buying assets and make a passive income for you. Some things to be remembered while using a credit card. When you use a credit card and avoid paying in cash, you will spend like anything you want, you will not have control over it because there is very little effort in paying. You buy the unnecessary things that are not needed and when the bill comes, you pay the minimum amount and they keep charging high-interest rates. So, avoid making minimum payments and pay it in full amt. As a result, it will benefit you for buying assets to add an additional source of income. Track your money and decide your future, save the money for assets, not for the liabilities and you will soon be becoming rich.

Whatever things I told you in this review will help you to achieve financial freedom and create your own future by choosing the right habits. Your thinking might have changed, you must be thinking, I can also grab the opportunities around me. You can do anything and can create your own destiny, just have to follow the right track and you will be ahead. If you are a parent then gift this book to your child or a teenager then read this book, it will teach you some important lessons about money that are not taught in school. If you like the review and learned something new then share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading my article!

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Best Book to Change your Mediocre Mindset – By Dev Gadhvi

Best Book to Change your Mediocre Mindset – By Dev Gadhvi

Who should read this book?

Those who want to become a millionaire and want to achieve something big in life. This book is for you and it will totally change your mindset. This book is especially for the average people who are satisfied with their current situation and not leaving the comfort zone. By reading this book you have nothing to lose instead you will get more benefits from it.


A short story of the Author

The author of this book Dev Gadhvi has his dream to transform the lives of 10 million people. He chooses his career in sales because it drives the economy. Coming from a middle-class family having the average mindset. Not aware that the average mindset is dominating the millionaire mindset. After realizing that I am born to achieve great success and not to live an ordinary life. Dev is telling that in his life the book FU Money by Grant Cardone has changed his life, like this, we also have such realization moments but we forget to understand it because we are stuck in our comfort zone. Everyone has to find their realization moments and try to become an extraordinary person.


unstoppable mindset


A Road to become Unstoppable-

The Moment of Realization: In our life, we live in an environment that teaches us ‘If you want to be successful you need to have a good-paying job, a luxurious flat and a nice car’ for them success means in terms of material things, they don’t go beyond that mindset, they remain there only and die in that average mindset. This is the point where we don’t have an idea that an average mindset is dominating us and lacking our progress. Now here is the question to you that how we can track this enemy and overcome it and the answer is, ‘we have some realization moments in life, it can be from a video, incident or a great book, anything. These incidents should be understood silently and need to transform ourselves to achieve what we want.

For that, we need to take Massive Action to achieve Massive results. The author is now telling to recognize the different kinds of people in our life:

Losers- The losers are the ones who don’t understand the importance of reading or investing in gaining more knowledge. They put in a very small amount of effort and expect great results. They blame others for the decisions that they had taken and are very careless about their health and life.

Comforters- These are the people who are not committed to their goals. They think that becoming rich is very difficult so they don’t even try to achieve it. They don’t like to see the growth of other people, try to discourage others. In reality, they are only distracted from their goal. They remain happy with what they have.

Averagers- Averagers is the one who thinks that I am so busy that don’t even have to do exercise, read books, it is a wastage of time and why waste our money on such things. They don’t dream big to achieve something great, they achieve a small goal and remain happy with it.

Unstoppables- These are people who take massive action to achieve their goals and take risks frequently. They like to help and teach others because by teaching something good life’s of many people can be changed. They invest more in learning, know the importance of time, and to achieve success becomes their habit. They dream big, have faith in themselves, have the mindset of a millionaire, and become an inspiration for their others.

Now the author is telling us to remove the losers, motivate the comforters to leave the comfort zone, and tell the averagers to read this book and become unstoppable.


Why live an average life and kill our dream?

This is the question to you why to remain an average person, why to sacrifice our dreams for the people who don’t care about us. Try to be more productive and contribute to our highest potential. Increase your capabilities to become extraordinary, see the top of everything and visualize yourselves in that place where no one has gone before, how interesting is it? Choose the path that matches your skills and do what is important to you. What would you like to choose?

A simple life with a medium amount of income

A Millionaire life enjoying what I am doing and upgrading my skills daily

Don’t compare yourself to others because what skills and abilities you have others may not have, the author is telling you to write down your goals daily to influence your subconscious mind, and visualize its presence. Don’t just visualize instead mix emotion of faith, enthusiasm, and excitement with it and you will see a change in you.


Change the Thought Process-

Think in abundance, think that what I have to achieve is not limited. See, everyone is achieving, we just need to find the ways and need a proper mindset to achieve success. Like this, money is also in great amount everyone is earning, why we cannot? There are many roads that lead to your goal, be a little open-minded and you will find many opportunities. Don’t give excuses rather change your thought process.


Attract Money by exchanging value-

You should think of abundance, why to have enough mindset? Aim high to get more from your life, you achieve what you think and couldn’t go beyond that. Have faith in yourselves, that I can also achieve it. So, aim big to achieve greatness. Focus more on value creation rather than just on money. The more value you give the more returns and benefits you will get. Be a little creative. Creativity will come from use, don’t just copy the skills of others. When you create something new your audience will like to see it. Creativity requires patience and specialized knowledge of a field. Solve a particular problem of the society by providing a great solution, become an innovator not a mediocre. Identify your passion and skills, think about what can I give to others, and can solve their problems.

Make a passive income for yourselves so that money will flow continuously even if you are on holiday. Have multiple sources of income to get rich. You can make a passive from your webinars, paid courses, E-books, investing in great assets, and many more. Making a passive income can give you financial freedom and you don’t have to worry about savings and loans. This can help you to reinvest more in your business and assets. Don’t just keep your money in your bank a/c save the money to invest in a proper place to get more returns. Focus on how I can give more to others how can I help them in the best possible way. Helping others should be your habit and you will get the benefits at the right time.


Become a Healthy Person to Contribute more-

The majority of the persons are overlooking the importance of health in life and assuming that ‘I am a fit person’ I do not require any type of exercise. It is a wrong assumption that if we are slim then we are healthy. That is not the correct thing, you need to look out your daily habits what type of food you are eating the most, is it nutritious food or junk food? You should be conscious while eating and ask yourself that what I am eating is required of your body? or eating because I like it. Giving excuses will not make you fit instead make commitments to live a fit and remain healthy.

happy family


Make your Family Happy-

Think of yourself when you have a lot of money and a luxurious car but you are not making your family happy. Some entrepreneurs become so busy in their work that they don’t spend enough time with their family and give excuses like I am so busy how can I get time for them? Don’t just earn money and give it to the family, also take them on amazing vacations, giving special surprises, spend some quality time, enjoy with them. Your family is the one who supports you in difficult situations.


Choose Proper Associates-

The achievement of your goal is decided with whom you spend time the most. Choosing the right friends is important for you because they may demotivate you or encourage you to achieve what you want. See how they treat their life and goal? This will help you to decide whether to be with them or not. Below are the characters of friends who are unambitious:

a) Having the habit of procrastination and lack of clarity about their dreams.

b) Spending more time on unnecessary things which could be used for a better advantage.

c) Assuming that I will have a great life ahead without putting many efforts.

d) Keep fighting with daily problems and don’t explore the real world.

e) Spend too much on useless things because having the fear of what my friend’s circle will say.

See the above characters and include some other characters also which you have noticed in a loser one. Choose friends who have some dream in their life and want to achieve it. Leave friends who are in a loser category.

              “Never bend your head, hold it high, look the world straight in the eye.”   –      Helen Keller


The Stage of Transformation-

Begin by taking the first step- The first step of the transformation of your mindset and body is START. Yes, you read it correctly, you need to start before you accomplish it. Some people just say that I want to start this thing at the right time but the time never comes. So you need to take the first step that is contributing to your goal, by moving ahead and you will see the road forward and then you progress gradually. So start it by doing a simple thing to kickstart your journey! You also need to take consistent efforts to complete the journey.


Plan your Day-

After waking up in the morning read some affirmations for For example- I am now fully charged, I have great capabilities or I am improving day by day. You will feel energized. Write down your goals to influence your subconscious mind and feel its presence. By doing exercise, listen to an audiobook to gain more knowledge. The author has named this process S.A.V.E.R.S which refers to Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Read, Scribble. Follow this routine every day, more productive.


Commitments– Some people assume that sticking to commitments is difficult. Yes, it is because to stay committed you need to avoid certain things that are against your favour. But by committing good habits will not harm you instead make you stronger, think about what will be the results if you remain committed, amazing yes? For that, you need to leave your comfort zone but the results are worth the efforts.

                                             “Money in the Brains grows faster than in the Banks”  –    Dev Gadhvi

Keep this thought in your mind and start investing in yourself. Don’t take the courses which are not matching your skills or which will not contribute to your goal. Take the courses, attend the workshops, and webinars to expand your knowledge on that subject because that is the only thing you need to focus on. Start investing your time in learning new things rather than just on entertainment. After you invest your money in learning something new you will get happiness and a sense of achievement and then you always recommend learning than just enjoying. Help others with what you have learned from your experience.


Selecting the Right Mentor-

Many people get stuck in this process and couldn’t able to learn efficiently. So they try to learn by Self without a mentor. This is not fully correct as you will require time to understand all the things and above that, your doubts will be more. So you need an experienced mentor who will guide you in your journey. Think of all the points while choosing the mentor-like whether he has enough knowledge, mindset of helping others, adding enough value to you, and wide information about him and his achievements.

Taking Day to Day Risks- The author is telling us to take calculated risks by predicting its results. Imagine the worst and the best case and then make a decision so that you know what could happen after this. Take risks and see what results you will get, it will be Amazing!


Being Consistent with what you are doing-

Think if you do exercise for 1 or 2 weeks and then leave it because you thought, so a boring task this is because your mindset has not changed, you are not serious enough to stick to your goal. Doing only for a few days will not help you, be continuous for at least 2 months then it will become a habit. You should be ready to play a long-term game for that you need to make things happen every day. “Give, Give, Give then ask” you should give the world of what you learned and you get 10x back but never expect many returns, focus more on giving. The author is telling you to write a book of yourself where you share your journey, difficulties, learnings, and life-changing moments the story that will inspire people to achieve success.

The source of motivation for different people is different. Some will remember their ultimate goal, curious to see the results after doing a thing. The motivation for me to keep writing great content is to become a great Content Writer and an SEO Expert. This pushes me ahead to write good content. Basically, What is your motivation? tell me in the comment section. Outsource the work to save your time where the small tasks can be done by your workers. Your focus should be on ‘How can I contribute more to my business’? and focus on the main thing that will give massive returns.


Transformation in 9 Days  -You will transform in 9 days by following a proper routine in your life. Following a proper routine and avoiding wastage of time will make you more productive, you will see a new you in yourself. You should do the S.A.V.E.R.S routine (explained above) for 9 days to see a change in you. Discipline is the only way to achieve what you want and see a positive change in you.


Personal Recommendations From my perspective, I will definitely suggest you read this book because it will change your perspective towards life and your goal. And students must read this book if you feel bored then just read only one page a day and you will be interested in reading further. Gradually, reading books will become your habit and you will stand out from those who are just wasting their time. I want to tell you certain things that will help you (especially for students), try to manage your time with your studies, do some extra activities, or learn something new. Do some creative work for 30 to 45 mins to make your imagination broader, like I am doing, writing blogs regularly. There are a lot of options like photography, designing, app development, social media influencer, blogging, singing, etc. You just need to choose one and practice it. How did you like the review of this book? Put your thoughts in the comment sections.

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Best Book to Become Rich in Life- By Napoleon Hill

Best Book to Become Rich in Life- By Napoleon Hill

A Comprehensive review on Think and Grow Rich Book

Who should read this book?

Anyone who has a strong desire for their goal and want to convert it into reality, who wants to improve their thought process, or want to make positive changes in yourselves this book is best for them. The book has valuable learnings of several years.



A great book was written by Napoleon Hill on Self Development. Napoleon has analyzed hundreds of men over a number of years and understand that how they have accumulated riches and great fortunes in their life. Few examples were Thomas A Edison, Henry Ford, Charles M. Schwab. Napoleon has introduced thirteen principles to accumulate great riches in life. I will be introducing to you the best teachings from this book that you should definitely use to reach your goal.

Best Teachings from Think and Grow Rich:



A burning desire to achieve your goal. The starting point of all achievement, a desire is not a wish or hope it is a strong desire for which you need to make sacrifices and definite plans to achieve it. You must write your aim in life on a piece of paper and read it aloud every night. So that, thoughts related to your desire will reach you. Desire is incomplete without mixing emotion in it, your subconscious mind will act only on those thoughts which are well emotionalized whether it be positive or negative.

Have faith in yourself, repetition of instructions given to your subconscious mind will develop the emotion of faith. Try to convince your subconscious mind that you believe you will receive that for which you ask and you will see patterns and plans which will lead to success. Never lose patience because the moment you lose patience, your success can be achieved by someone else and he will get great fortunes.

Always be consistent, do not give up because great riches are not achieved overnight it takes time, and when it will come it will come in a huge amount. Napoleon has stated two types of imagination which are Synthetic and Creative Imagination. In Synthetic imagination, only ideas or plans are arranged in new combinations and it creates nothing, it is made with the material of experience and observation, whereas Creative imagination gives new ideas to man through the vibrations of thoughts from the minds of others. It works when your conscious mind is stimulated at an exceedingly rapid rate for example if you want something in any situation which you desire the most. Both of these imaginations will require you, and you can develop them by using them frequently just as a body part develops through use.

Organized Planning, the most important part is to have a practical plan to achieve your desire. To achieve a great fortune you should create a Master Mind group to carry out your plan, you need to select very intelligently the members of you Master Mind group as no individual can accumulate a great fortune without the cooperation of other people. You must give them certain benefits to the members. Maintain harmony with the members, if one plan does not work well try another until you get a plan which worked well. Be persistent here.


good leadership


The Qualities a Leader should have:

1. Definiteness of Decision: One should take decisions by imagining its worst case and best scenario. He must always be sure of his decision.

2.Self Control: The leader should control himself and then others, then only others will follow him in his work. First, he should conquer himself.

3. Mastery in Detail: A successful leader should possess mastery in details.

4.The Habit of doing more than Paid for:  A leader should have a willingness to work more than he requires of his followers. If you are working more than paid for, you will get 10x back in return. Remember these always.

A follower can become a leader by intelligently following the guidance of his leader. A follower will not follow a leader who is Disloyal to his associates and other team members. The leader must have an imagination power for creating plans to guide his followers in the right direction.

Napoleon has given a great lesson on HOW TO GET THE EXACT POSITION YOU DESIRE first you have to decide what kind of job do you want, choosing the company in which you would like to work. Think of yourself like what kind of skills you have or the benefits which you can give to the company. Do not think of what I will get in return, think of what advantages I can give to the company, the more you contribute the more you will get it. And then handover it to the proper person with authority. The company is always looking for such kind of people who build great assets for the company.


causes of failure


The Major Causes of Failure:

1. Insufficient Education: According to people an educated man is who has a college degree and has vast knowledge. But this is not true, an educated person is one who can get whatever he wants in life without violating the rights of others. Education means having practical knowledge of things and know how to use it.

2. Ill Health: A person should have good health and mind to make their dreams successful. Neglecting your body and mind will be fatal for your success. So, live in a healthy environment.

3. Lack of Persistence: If you want to achieve great heights then you should master PERSISTENT. Because in any field you are you will need persistence. Try try and try until success is achieved.

4. The Habit of Indiscriminate Spending: You will see things around you that are not needed that much. Only 2 to 3 times in a year you will be using and the rest of the time it will be laying there. Do not spend more on unnecessary things which are not productive in long term. Always invest in learning new things because this will give you a huge ROI.

5. Intolerance: Intolerance means not willing to accept other opinions that are different from one’s own and the one who has stopped acquiring knowledge.

6. Guessing instead of Thinking: A person should have thinking power to make self-improvement. Some people are so lazy that we have to tell them that this is not correct for you. Always a person needs to think properly by questioning the mind and finding out the answers within you.

You have to analyze these causes and find in which area you need to improve a lot. Do not neglect this, because these will only help you to avoid mistakes that others have made. In order to accumulate riches in whatever amount you must have to do something in return like rendering USEFUL SERVICES to people. You cannot achieve riches without GIVING something in return. Workers go on strike and they demand high wages with less effort and they get it. They are in their belief that they can get anything of their choice. But this is not true, you have to take efforts to accumulate great riches.

Napoleon has given a brief role in the decision in life. He has told that people meet failure because of a LACK OF DECISION they reach a decision after a long time and quickly change it on others opinions. Intelligent persons take decisions quickly and change them slowly. You should take your own decision by using your own mind. Because no one knows what you want to achieve, they will tell their perspective. You can involve your team members in taking decisions but select the group members wisely. Always remember TALK LESS DO MORE this phrase will really help you in any field. You must learn to listen to the plans and purpose of others. And then you can give your perspective to it. Every decision requires courage and risk. Not a single decision has reached without courage, remember the biggest decision you had taken, does it require courage? Yes, like that only you have to reach a definite decision with courage and also measure the risk you have to take for it.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PERSISTENCE. Always aim for higher and be persistent in following it, don’t be discourage if situations look difficult there will be a way you just need to need to think SILENTLY. Anyhow, you want to reach the top make this as a note and see it every night and take efforts every day to achieve it, you will definitely get it, as it said A WINNER NEVER QUITS AND A QUITTER NEVER WINS. You need to define your goal clearly, strong willpower, and an intense desire to develop persistence.




Effects of Lack of Persistence:

1. Procrastination: The habit of delaying things, usually happens because of not having a strong motive which can deal with these habits.

2. Fear of Criticism: What people will say, will they like it or not. Such many questions come to mind when you are starting something new or doing differently from others. Remember, people will be proud of you when you get success and if meet failure they will blame you back. So don’t focus on these things just follow your intuitions.

3. Wishing instead of Willing: You must say, I will achieve my goal in any circumstances, whatever difficulties may come I will handle it.

Now the question will come in the mind, I understood what is PERSISTENCE and its effects but HOW TO DEVELOP PERSISTENCE the best way is to have a definite purpose with a Burning desire, organized plans for its achievement, don’t be in contact with negative people who will discourage you instead be with positive people who will support and appreciate you.

I had told you in the preceding paragraph to make your Master Mind group wisely, the reason behind this is no man can accumulate riches without the aid of a mastermind group. You need knowledge, experience, desire, and plans to translate into its monetary equivalent; you need to share your thoughts with these groups by taking them into confidence. Always select the members who make cooperative efforts and having a strong unity between them and you. Associate with men who are creative and have an amazing thinking ability so that you can absorb the vibrations of these great minds. Through this association, you can develop your other qualities. Follow this idea and you will see amazing results.

Napoleon has stated the role of the subconscious mind and its relation with the conscious mind. Napoleon told that our subconscious mind acts first on the dominating thoughts with a burning desire and starts making plans for its attainment. Remember, if you try to read your goal daily your subconscious mind will not accept it unless you make a habit of this. Be persistent don’t lose faith, you can influence your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind gets influence by useless things which are not contributing to your desire and you would not know that. In order to control these thoughts, you need to shut down this negative flow of thoughts by influencing with positive thoughts, and then you will have control over thoughts. You need to fill your subconscious mind with these positive emotions. The emotion of Desire, Faith, Enthusiasm, Romance, Hope. These are the most powerful emotions that you should use. Negative emotions to be avoided are Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge, Greed, Superstition, Anger. You should make a habit of applying these positive emotions in your mind. Afterward, your mind will be fully dominated by these positives emotions and not a single negative thought can enter into it. 

Napoleon has stated The Greatest Forces are Intangible, he is emphasizing on limited knowledge of men where the men are not aware of it and have no control over it. We speak about these forces but not known to them. Like, why am I not so good compared to him. And why this universe is created. Men are gaining more and more knowledge and studying about these forces.

The author is saying after you have mastered these principles and make use of it, your sixth sense will tell you what are the dangers to be avoided and the opportunities to pick up and grow. The sixth sense will come to your help and will question you before making a decision. You should follow your intuitions and grab the opportunity, then go forward and connect the dots backward. Your sixth sense will come into action when you are under influence of creative minds and extraordinary people, you will also experience its power of knowledge and thoughts. At the time you are reading this information about the sixth sense your mind is stimulated at a higher rate to understand and experience. You need to read this chapter again from this book to repeat this experience and to achieve your desire.

To make practical use of these lessons you need to master the biggest fears that you had. You need to experience these fears and overcome them, afterward, you will find there was nothing to be afraid of, you just need to experience it fully and it. To clean the negative influences in the mind you need to do self-analysis and must go on the right path. The questions would be, Have you improved at the next level to become extraordinary? Are you spending unnecessary time on useless things? such questions should be asked to be on the correct track.

You should read this book at least 3 to 4 times to understand these principles and to make practical use of it. Buy this from Amazon, it is really the best investment.