Unlock It- Dan Lok. Do you see how unique and special the ts title is? Unlock it, means getting a Master key to unlock your goals, success, personal power, profits, and business growth and many more.

This book is for those who want more in their life and struggling to get it, it’ll show you a clear path to the doors of MASSIVE opportunities of wealth, success, and happiness. So, this book will act like liquid gold for you to get your fortune, let’s start with the first key.


Five Important Keys to the Doors of Massive Opportunities:


1) Unlock Your Sales Salespeople are those who decide their income by themselves and not by their boss. More sales of products mean more commissions and higher salary. So, in today’s age, the sales process has changed, people don’t like to be sold they like to buy. The best sales journey is when the inbound sales take place.

But how this could happen? It’s the work of your marketing department, to make the branding, authority of your business strong in the market. This could happen by welcoming your customers, understanding their fears and complaints, getting them a customized solution, meeting them personally and genuinely helping them. Then onwards you don’t have to worry about your revenue.  You just have to focus on the success of your customer, revenue will follow them.


2) Unlock your High-Income Skill – High-Income skills are those who are recession-proof, transferable, not dependable on someone, not replaceable, earn a comfortable life and you can start your business and scale it big. High-Income skills such as copywriting, digital marketing, High ticket closing, Public Speaking, Security Consultant, Digital Photographers and many others. ‘Skills Pays the Bills’ and not the credentials. As your skills increase, so does your income.

Pick your High-Income Skill based on what’s your passion and how you’re going to build your business. It’s a learnable skill and you can be in demand all the time.


profit margins


3) Unlock your Profit Margins- Profit margins are an important part of business and this decides the price of your product. Focus more on profits than revenue. Focus on better, not more. You should always think of increasing net profits and not revenues.

Keep the value you offered, benefits, and services in mind while deciding your price. Attract customers who don’t see to their budget continuously while buying because in crisis, low-budget & cheap customers can affect your business. People don’t hesitate to pay a premium price for premium service and some of them buy just to satisfy their deep want.


4) Unlock your Wealth- It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how do you manage your income. Getting wealthy and staying wealthy are 2 different things. For staying wealthy you need to invest your money, be patient, control your emotions and generate more assets for yourself.


5) Unlock your Social Capital – Social capital means getting a huge no. of audience on your social media channels and monetizing through different forms such as workshops, online programs, webinars, etc.

Now every brand is on at least one social media network and attracting a big chunk of traffic through this channels. So, every individual is giving useful content, value and helping others to get their brand known to their audience. So, Social capital is a must for everyone, it helps in building your personal brand a well.


These were some of the keys to unlock different doors for you which I explained above (in short) but these are just a few, if you want all the keys to achieve massive wealth, income, happiness and success, you need to read this entire book to understand and implement the keys in your life. And so you can too achieve the same thing that Dan has already achieved. I have personally read it and I am seeing a change in my behavior, habits and many other things, so why can’t you, right?

Thank you for reading my article see you in my next post!