Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone, this book is not less than a 3- Day Powerful Sales Training Program and the time you going to invest in this book is totally WORTH IT! This is not only for the sales poeple but every individual out there who is dealing with day-to-day business operations wants a favorable deal and in your personal life as well. So, I am going to deliver to you the important lessons that I’ve learned from this book. So, let’s get started!


The Most CRAZY And PRICELESS Sales Lessons:


1. Handle Objections as Complaints – When it comes to objections, many salespeople get scared of them and try to get rid of them instead of handling them intelligently. You’re not fixing the objections, you’re just handling the attitude of the buyer. By making little change in your point of view, your results will become far better. See the below objections for your reference:

a) Buyer- Let me talk to my Spouse! Answer- She knows you’re here, let’s sign here sir!

b) Buyer- Hey, it’s a lot of money, Answer- I know it’s a lot of money and I agree with you it’s a lot of money, but look how many people would love to work with you by seeing your amazing results, is that agreeable?


2. Money is NEVER the Problem- Many salesmen think that the buyer doesn’t have enough money to buy this product. But in reality, if they believe in your product and the value they get then the money is and never will be the problem.

Even if the buyer doesn’t have sufficient funds he’ll get it anyhow or your company will help him out. So, never think about scarcity of money, Money is in ABUNDANCE!


3. You MUST Be Pushy – Many buyers will tell you, ‘Hey, don’t be too fast, I am not going to take the decision today. But you’ve to be Persistent and be pushy whenever is required. Failing to do this, can result in achieving success for others but not for yourself. So, to fastrack your Sucess journey you need to be Pushy, right?


4. You Are Not Selling Just the Product- Remember for sure, you never sell the product, you’ve to sell your company, support system, product/services, and yourself. Because the buyer never transacts the money because of the product. Yes, the product is included plus, all the above things that are connected to your buyer’s purchase. So, next time don’t sell only the product.


5. Earn As Much Money As You Can- It is the greatest blessing to salespeople that they decide their salary. And with your necessary skills, knowledge, and practice you can create a ‘Sky Is The Limit’ situation.

So, constantly learn from your mistakes, practice in day-to-day situations, and observe other salespeople what mistakes they’re doing that will make you aware beforehand. Just contribute to your economy by earning extra, giving extra, and helping as many people as you can.


These lessons were literally the Tip of the Iceberg. To gain more deep learning and bigger advantages over others, you must read this book for sure. Because you can use this techniques and strategies anywhere and with whomever you want in your professional and persoanl life. Just buy this Book below and share your genuine thoughts with me in the comment section!

Thank you for reading my article!