Are you struggling in 9 to 5 job and sacrificing your dreams? Do you want to find your passion and leave away the mediocre life? Then the following post is for you. I will cover in this post:

  • How to find your passion?
  • How to build your Authority?
  • 5 Streams of income that only Rich people know.
  • The Importance of Self-Development.




1. How to find your Passion?

What type of work do you like the most? And also you are skilled in that work. See if there is a demand or not. If you have not yet found your passion then start thinking and build the skill gradually, also you have to remember the demand for your skill. If there is no demand and you are skilled in that work, anyone will not hire you. So there should be a demand matching your passion and skills then only it will help you.

                              “If you are for Everyone then you are No one”   – Dev Gadhvi

2. Building your Authority-

Building your authority includes 7 steps that are:

Micro Niche– Pick a micro niche where you are the only one who is providing the service. If you become a Digital Marketer then everybody is a Digital Marketer what unique you have. If you say I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Mentor for educational institutions. It sounds interesting to the people, they will want to know how do you do this. This is the magic of specialization, you are picking a small market where everybody is not like you. So, specialize in a small niche and build your authority. Remember this was the first step, you have to go step by step, do not take the 3rd or 4th step at the start.

Creating your Content– Can you tell me which type of content is the best? Those are books and videos. Books teach you many things about life, they can make you aware of the big mistakes and teach you the important lessons of life. People like video content format, you can make your digital products in video format. Now, can you tell me the best platform of content? No, it is not Youtube. It is Clubhouse, the clubhouse is a great place to provide them great content and you can also learn from Millionaires and Billionaires. Don’t just be a consumer there be a producer as well. The clubhouse is available only on ios.

Making a System– You have to learn the basic systems that are Email Marketing, Sales funnel, Video Editing, and Picture editing. You need to learn how email automation works, how to build great funnels, and then you can automate all of the things. You can first do it manually and then hire an employee to do this all.




Build a Community– You have to create your community to send them daily short videos, making announcements, important messages and also to take suggestions from them. You can build the community on Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. It helps you to build your brand and reach a wider audience.

Building your Strategy– The first step you have to build your product that will provide value to the audience. They should pay you in advance for your product. Then comes marketing, you have to market your product before launching. If you launch a product and then market it, it will not sell. First, do marketing and then make sales, which is the last part. More sales will happen when you have provided a lot more than the people have paid you.

Making your Product– There are different prices of products. First is free, like you can conduct a free webinar or workshop. The second one is affordable where the product price is low but the value is high. In this type, everybody can buy it and you can sell your premium product to a wider audience. And the third one is core products where the product price is high and the value you are giving is super high. In this type, you give access to your private community and support for a specific period.


3. 5 Streams of Income only Rich people Know:

streams of income


Active Income– It is the income where you are working daily for 30 days in a month and the income is handed to you. This is a normal type of income where everybody gets stuck in the rat race.

Passive Income– It is the income where you are not working but still the income is generated. This can be done by publishing books, making digital products, or investing in yourself.

Leverage Income– It is the income where other people (workers or employees) are working for you. You can go on long vacations but your business will not get affected.

Money Income– Money income is a simple type where you invest the money in something and you get more returns. This income is generated by investing in stocks/bonds, real estate, or in a friend’s business.

Brand Income– It is the income generated just by giving your name to others. Your name has become most valuable where people can trust you and buy anything that you tell them. It takes time to build but its returns are massive.

The most valuable income you can get is from self-development, it can give 10x or 100x returns. Remember your greatest asset is your mind, make it strong to make more money and to have more options in life.

I personally suggest you attend a webinar or workshop of Dev Gadhvi he is India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor. His programs are also well designed, you can see his achievement and about him on DevGadhvi.in. He had published two books that are: ‘80% Mindset 20% Skills‘ and ‘6 Sundays a Week Life’. I will soon publish a book review on 6 Sundays a week life. Thank you for reading my article!