I think you are astonished by seeing the title of the book i.e All Marketers are Liars. Seth Godin has beautifully explained that how marketers tell stories and how the consumers believe them. Every brand tells a specific story that is accepted by the people. So, in this book, you will know how you can tell a story that others believe.


Why Stories are great for marketers?

Marketers tell a story about theirs. product. Stories give a new position to their products. And by believing that stories consumers interpret in different ways that make them feel differently. A marketer’s job is not only to tell the story but also to make it real and spread effectively.

By telling an authentic story, consumers feel the real experience from the story. And they pay as much they can to feel the experience. So, I think you have understood why stories work best. Now we will discuss how you can tell a story that consumers believe. But before framing a story you have to remember certain things.

1) Make your own story that matches your audience’s worldview. Select a different audience from your competitor. Don’t steal the story instead create your own and spread it widely.

2) Tell stories that are authentic and beneficial to the audience. Don’t try to use the people for your selfish purpose. It’s ok to sell the product for a higher price but not to make people indulge in wrongful activities.

3) Don’t try to prove the people wrong. Consumers don’t try to change their worldviews instead make their worldview stronger with your story.


story telling


How to frame an authentic story?


Selecting an audience- First, find an audience that is having a worldview that matches the story you want to tell. If the consumers are already having a worldview just see if it matching to your story. Otherwise, leave that group.


Designing your Story- Your story is the image of your brand that consumers tell themselves. So, it’s important to design a good story. Consumers don’t see how your product is built or how useful it is. They see how it makes me feel good, consumers buy wants not needs.

When you frame a story, you need to tell yourself, how you feel by telling that story. Then you need to spread it by living with that story constantly. Consumers buy emotionally not rationally. Even though your stress more on benefits, and uses among all stories work the best.


Making an authentic story- Telling a story is not enough until you make it real. If I said to you that the house you are buying looks more beautiful when there are flowers and grasses around. Or If I said to you that the color of your house needs to change every 2 years to see something new. 

What I had told you, is totally true and you believe in it. You are sure will going to have a garden around your house or changing the outlook. More and more people will follow this when these people try to tell their friends and my word will spread automatically. This is the power of an authentic story. But if the story is not authentic, people will not believe in your lie.

The story you tell people must include in your product. Product makers must be informed that including the story in the product can help people believe in you easily. By making a great story, you can fix the product price as high as you want because people will believe that such an experience could get only from you.


Treat people differently- While telling the story you need to tell the stories only to those who have a similar worldview. Telling everyone will not work because everyone has different worldviews.

So, before building a great product. Make a classic story that matches the consumer’s worldview and include this story in your product. Spread your idea effectively and live it.

Seth Godin has explained each & every chapter in detail with amazing examples and case studies. This book also contains the big mistakes to avoid and how to tell the story effectively.

I hope you have liked the article on marketing your product effectively. I truly say marketing is my favourite topic to write about and I love to share my knowledge with others.

Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next post.