There has been a lot of ed-tech boom in India (as India is a very serious country in terms of education). So, Classplus and Graphy by Unacademy are revolutionizing this sector in their own ways.
Here, you as an educator will get a clear idea of which platform will be the best for marketing your courses & programs. We won’t cover the other factors like pricing, video quality, etc. Let’s dive in from my favourite channel…

email sent from Classplus campaign feature


( For Classplus) Email & SMS Marketing: There’s a default email template that can be used with little customization in the copy (change of cover image, logo, and footer). SMS are premade as per the agenda (thank you message or success/feedback/offer messages) you can only customize the SMS copy if you’re a registered entity under TRAI guidelines.
welcome email sent from Graphy Campaign features
(For Graphy) There are premade (non-customizable) email templates as per the user action that can be run on automation. Here’s the list of actions users could do and the automated emails are sent to them. Many times we’ve kept it switched off because of ineffective copy and our client’s audience doesn’t see emails. Use this email feature as per how frequently your audience checks emails
Here’s my recently published book on Email Marketing to go through (guaranteed steps for entering into the primary tab): https://amzn.eu/d/hQXQqI1
email marketing book by Shreyas Karade
For Graphy, to send SMS, you’ve to register as an entity and follow the TRAI guidelines


(For Classplus) Marketing & Feedback Support: Classplus has a dedicated team to guide educators about their YouTube channel growth (insights on thumbnails, captions, design, and picking demandable video topics). Response time after scheduling the call is under 15 minutes, the growth manager of Classplus gives interesting insights by focusing on specific instructions to get the results right away.
Classplus introduces the educators to their whole team 1-on-1 and stays very closely connected giving maximum support.
Updating on 5th January 2023: Classplus support systems have become weak for some time (not just technically but also guiding the educators about personalised recommendations on educator’s channel, introducing too many terms and conditions, expensive website restructuring fee, etc.)
(For Graphy) Graphy doesn’t give a dedicated growth manager to 
educators neither their response time is quick.

YouTUbe updates by Classplus

(For Classplus) Educator’s Dashboard: Classplus has a dynamic dashboard containing different updates YouTube makes each day to make the changes in YouTube’s marketing approach. It releases creative infographics to make it easy for educators to understand how YouTube works. Specifically, Classplus have picked YouTube as student’s ideal studying platform is YouTube that has all the features to help students excel
(For Graphy) Graphy doesn’t give regular updates on any social media platform. Even in the analytics section, Graphy doesn’t give numbers for all the platforms to track the data which makes it difficult for the marketing team to schedule future campaigns.
(For Classplus) Get Own Brand Ambassador: Sourav Ganguly can become your brand ambassador to promote your ed-tech brand. It is covered in the ClassPlus plan, you just need to give your details to start the influence of Ganguly sir.
For one of our client, we haven’t used this feature because if the mentorship is unique and if the prof. is available for students’ doubts, word of mouth works really well for us.
Though an influencer will get us certain reach, only till a certain period
(For Graphy) Graphy doesn’t have such a feature (influencer marketing). Because Graphy isn’t an Indian company and it needs to have a very good idea of the Indian market of what marketing features to introduce first. On the other side Classplus founders have spent years in the Indian edtech market, so they’ve having a good edge over Graphy.
follow up leads status in Classplus dashboard
(For Classplus) Follow-Up System: Classplus gives a detailed list of users as per the lead status and what actions they took to follow up with them accordingly. It updates on real time so if there’s a new course launch or content updation to the existing courses, it gives specific user insights to contact them as per priority.
(For Graphy) Graphy doesn’t give such detailed reports of users for follow-up.
classplus GeoReports
(For Classplus) GeoReports: Classplus gives an interesting report based on the following criteria. So if the educator sells the courses only in India. The state, city & area-wise traffic division can see based on what criteria we’ve selected. 

 Course Viewers
 Transacting Students
 Avg. Selling Price
 Potential Growth
 AI-Powered Leads
 Student Sign-ups
Graphy by Unacademy analytics view Graphy by Unacademy analytics view


(For Graphy) Graphy also has a unique analytics view as seen above. We can divide the traffic based on their learning time, unique visitors, session duration, bounce rate, etc. city, state & country-wise. We could also see other details like browsers, referrers, and which campaign or media attracted those viewers.
(For Classplus) Affiliates & Promo Code System: Classplus doesn’t have much facilities for a referral code and for affiliate marketing.
Graphy has a dedicated affiliate members panel to communicate with affiliates. There’re different terms & conditions creators can put for affiliates. There’s a section for token to refer back to other students. Using these tokens students can purchase thier desired courses. Graphy gets an edge here
service providers by Classplus
Classplus cares for educators marketing knowledge, so regular sessions on different topics (YouTube SEO, case study breakdown, talk with brand owners, etc.) You can vote publically to choose the desired webinar/seminar topic.
Classplus also supports other marketing service providers to whom educators can take quotes and compare these firms with each other (authorised by Classplus)
We’ve not discovered blogs yet, as the audience of our clients is more interested into interactive learning. Still you can compare the blogging features on both of these platforms and let me know your experience in the comment section.
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