This will be the most comprehensive review of BBA Digital Marketing at Pillai College Arts, Commerce & Science (New Panvel). 
I’ve attached by student ID, student mail ID, plus LinkedIn has also verified that I belong to Pillai college which makes me eligible to review this program. 
Shreyas Karade (Pillai College BBADM student ID card)
LinkedIn verification of Shreyas Karade
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After reading all the points described below, if have any doubts you can contact me (shreyas@leadyourbusiness.in) or comment below.
Let’s start with the internship & placement offers…

Internship opportunities available with Pillai College:

a) Beginner students in DM need to learn initially and master 1 skill to gain desired internship (on or off campus] Don’t work in the NGOs internship offerd by colleges that’d take a lot of your time and least learning. Instead find a better internship through Linkedin /internshala (try to work at less stipend) IIDE offers an internship of a few weeks for doing a few tasks with training that’d help beginners.
b) For intermediate students in DM, they can get side projects or clients on LinkedIn
More internships will be offered by college in 2nd year.
This was the Digital Indoor Campus Map created by me, Aditya Iyer, Vineet Singh & Rafiq Shaikh (Leon Mendes was our supporting staff)
Pillai College Digital Indoor Campus Map created by BBA DM batch students (Aditya, Vineet, Shreyas & Rafiq)
This was the last lecture of Commercial Designing subject of Priyanka Jadhav mam. On this day we were playing blocks w.r.t. matching colors & creating different structures:
FY BBA Digital Marketing 2024 batch at Pillai College New panvel
FY BBA Digital Marketing 2024 batch at Pillai College New panvel
FY BBA Digital Marketing 2024 batch at Pillai College New panvel
FY BBA Digital Marketing 2024 batch at Pillai College New panvel

Overall experience with campus life, focusing on social aspects, club involvement, and the infrastructure provided?

a) I travel from Badlapur to New Panvel (total of 4 hours/day) so I wasn’t involved in any clubs or events. Technical events like Kavach Hackathon & Alegria tech fest happened. In food fest if you’re setting up your food stall, you can execute your marketing skills to attract audience and make enough profit.
b) No need to read any book (course is highly practical and online resources are many). Projector with a camera to record the entire lecture that gets uploaded on IIDE bookmarks (this is of no use). Even though the offline lecture gets recorded by IIDE it doesn’t have any sound clarity and visiblity so better attend offline lectures & interact lively.
c) Students can charge their laptops on their desk but need to use thier own hotspots as college wifi doesn’t work.
IIDE gives you a personal domain & hosting with IIDE’s extension to practice WordPress

More details on the fee structure and the availability of scholarships, financial assistance, or campus employment opportunities?

a) The complete fee BBA DM course didn’t have any scholarships (neither at MahaDBT nor at National Scholarship Portal) even if I had got good marks in SC category.
b) Me & my parents visited Mantralaya (CSMT) in the Social Justice department many times (through references) but those executives told that Pillai College hasn’t mapped this course. As it is an autonomous college, University of Mumbai doesn’t want private colleges to charge so much fees for BBADM as a result they’re not granting any scholarship for this course, still Pillai College is trying to avail scholarship and will be informed students soon.
c) Students can apply in MahaDBT selecting plain BBA course and also try for regional NGOs (Eklavya India, Guruji Foundation, Mudita Alliance, Deepstambh Foundation, Vidyadan Sahayak Mandal, etc.) in Maharashtra who helps in securing scholarships with required evidence
IIDE bookmarks interface

Rating the course curriculum in terms of relevance and comprehensiveness?

a) Already I was aware of all the subjects in DM, the curriculum is highly practical (students need to bring laptops daily means whenever DM lectures are there) IIDE is the mediator between students & Pillai college.
b) IIDE takes care of the assignments, case studies, activities submission on IIDE bookmark and feedback is provided to each student. Sometimes IIDE doesn’t provide the faculties that have the required skills/experience (especially for subjects like Google ads & SEO) In such cases student’s overall feedback help them to bring a better one.
c) In my first year (started from June 2023) I had Sem 1 & 2 with two cumulative assessments (very easy to score) and compulsory 2 skill credit courses (based on your choice) here you need to pay additional amount to college. I prefer to choose soft skills & public speaking. For a beginner in Digital Marketing, one can learn a lot with faculty’s feedback on his/her work. For an expert in DM, one can do thier side projects easily.

Admission process? Cut-off , student’s ranking, etc.

a) The course is eligible for anyone securing minimum 60% in any stream in your 12th class. Students need to visit the college, take the brochure of BBA Digital Marketing and follow the online admission process as told by Pillai College admission team. As BBA Digital Marketing course was newly introduced in 2023 at Pillai College so there wasn’t any tough competition in selection of students.
b) If you’re little late in taking the admission for BBA DM, you might fall into the donation trap (so have little connections build before). Reservation & scholarship is only for Malyanam students, don’t know why they’re not providing to Maharashtrian of other states students.
c) BBA DM is so new course that is is not available on MahaDBT/National Scholarship Portal as it is a autonomous college so University of Mumbai isn’t providing the fee structure that is necessary for further scholarship process.
Parents can request a 1 month extra period (till July or August) to pay the total fees.

Talking About IIDE In More Detail:

IIDE has partnered with different colleges in India to provide Digital Marketing (DM) or Digital Business (DB) education. IIDE has its own professors and the college has some extra subjects (maths, professional communication, yoga, HRM, Economics) with DM subjects.
IIDE Professors: Most of the IIDE professors have industry experience in ecom, agency operations, coding, etc. IIDE is flexible to receive feedback and change prof.
However, few of the professors aren’t so professional in their field. For e.g. subject like Google ads & Google sheets could be taught very indepth. Those who’re learning DM for the first time will find these professors helpful but the intermediate students will need a highly PRO person in his/her subject which IIDE didn’t provided.
Curriculum: It matches current industry requirements. In 1st Sem we had Google sheets, marketing fundaments, HTML & CSS and analytics. In 2nd Sem we had commercial designing, wordpress development, SEO & blogging, and Google ads.
Other campus subjects like professional communication, statistics, and economics compliment the DM subjects. It was must for us to bring laptops daily, IIDE also conducts in-person masterclasses on DM subjects those are free to attend by college students.
During the skill credit course period during Diwali Vacation, IIDE conducted short-term course (₹3500) – Social Media Marketing at Pillai College of 15 days which had too basic knowledge and nothing in-depth of any social media platform. Instead you could buy a specific social media course like LinkedIn Growth Hacking or Twitter Growth from GrowthSchool at less price and indepth practical explanation.
IIDE has different bookmark portal for assignments & case studies uploading. Grad students can find the case studies done by their senior on IIDE web page to take insights from.
IIDE had arranged a small IIDE campus tour to attend ORM masterclass, meet other professors & placement orientation lecture.
Regular presentations & class activities are conducted to make you speak and jel with your peers on any given topic.
Placements: As we’re in FY a few internships from college was offered but that was not directly related to DM. IIDE has a mandatory internship scheduled in the Feb 2024 of 20 days (2 hours/day) with some assignments & feeedback. You get a LOE after completion of all tasks from IIDE.
I had done these tasks before, so it was easy for me. But for a beginner, he/she might need to practice more & experiment to get good results.
You could start pursuing internship in the FY (apart from what college offers) if your skills & internship requirements matches. Don’t worry much about the stipend initially, especially in DM where things change fast. When you show what you can do in your specialised area and become the only person on this planet to do a task that’s when you become super valuable.
Overall a good choice for beginner in Digital Marketing to choose Pillai College or any other college with BBA in Digital Marketing or Digital Business degree.
This review will be updated in my 2nd year of BBA DM at Pillai’s campus so you get clarity which degree or sujbects to pursue