As the title is, The Power of Habit. If you are trying to change a particular habit and cannot succeed, then this book can help you achieve that. So, what’s special in this book.

This book will give the techniques about how to change bad habits into good habits. Here it is not said to leave the habit, we are replacing the old habit with the new one. It includes stories of successful people who changed their habits and controlled their life. The techniques and learnings from those stories can help you to take charge of your life. So, let’s see what you can learn from this amazing book.


What you can learn from this Book?


1) Change yourself- Habits are good and bad. But if you are having some bad habits. You can change them even it’s a powerful habit. It can be done by changing your routine and being discipline to maintain constructive habits. You should have the determination to change and to see a new version of yourself.


2) Power of a Habit- If you are having an old habit that can be daily brushing your teeth at night or daily workout. You can feel that whenever you missed doing that activity you will feel regret and next time your mind will help you to do the work that you need to do. That’s the potential of a habit. It can be a good or bad habit, the effect will be the same. So, why not practice good habits and make them stronger.


3) Brain Craving- Do you know why your brain craves? When you adopt a new habit, the dopamine level released in your brain is much lower. Gradually, it starts increasing and now, you need higher dopamine to satisfy the craving. So, the solution is whenever your brain craves just wait for some time and the dopamine-releasing will become lower.

In that time, you will feel boring and that boredom should be transmuted in some other activity. And then there will be no dopamine-releasing while doing that activity.




4) Transmute your Energy- For making a constructive habit. You need to transmute your energy into some other form. When a craving comes, you can do cleaning work, reading a book, or watching a self-help video. When you feel bored and need some type of activity, pick a book to read, exercise, or follow your hobby. That can transmute your energy into some productive work that will help you to leave the bad habit.




5) Dictate your mind in the right direction- If you don’t have a strong habit, then make your mind indulge in a productive routine that is sticking to your daily routine starting from a workout, breakfast to going to bed. That will help you to stay disciplined. And discipline is the ultimate thing you have to achieve as being in discipline will increase your productivity, energy and everything will be organized.


6) Understand your Habit- Understand what drives you to follow that habit and why you are following that. You might be following your habit for various reasons like having a break, spending time with friends, the specific time period, or the people around you. You have to identify the reasons and change your routine accordingly.

You must identify the bad habits and take immediate actions to change them. Just change the routine like talking with your good friend, working on your tasks, or following your passion. This will change the routine and reward.

Then slowly your cravings will go and the bad habit would be replaced by a new & good habit. If the habit is not gone then keep experimenting with different routines and see which one works best. In this way, habits are changed and sometimes you need to put some more effort to change the habit. After changing a habit daily you will feel a sense of accomplishment.


7) A habit is made- But how to identify whether you have adopted a habit or not. Whenever you missed following your habit, you will feel something is missing and you need to complete that task. So, you will be again back to your discipline.

That’s how the habit is made and you have the total control to include good habits in your routine by dictating to your brain.


Identify the successful habits and put them in your daily routine. If you want to follow your passion & dream then you need to make certain changes and give yourself a daily rating. You feel to make more changes to get higher ratings. Just follow your mentors and focus on becoming better day by day. I hope, you have like the article.

In this book, there are many examples given from which you can learn life lessons and a lot more. Investing in yourself is also kind of habit that will give you endless returns. So, buy this book from amazon and tell me which habit are you changing, in the comment section. Thank you for reading my article.