Who is Digital Shreyas?

Hi, Guys here is Digital Shreyas inspired by Digital Deepak basically my full name is Shreyas S. Karade from a small city called Badlapur. Let me tell you my story.

I passed with a good grade in standard 10th. And I was fixed that I will choose commerce and then become a C. A but you know life is very interesting. The whole vacation of my 10th went into lockdown and I was very upset because I had no enjoyment, no meeting with friends and just sitting in my house. At that time, I realized that I had a book that was Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill (A great Book) I had no habit of reading so by reading just 4-5 pages I stopped it. But after letting it go, I again read that book when I realized it is really valuable. You won’t believe guys, I completed reading the book TWICE! And now I am exploring many books, writing their reviews as well. Friends, book reading is very important, you just take a small book and start reading for a few days and start implementing the things, you will see the change.

In that period I found my passion in Digital Marketing and purchased some of the courses from Udemy and from Deepak that I think was a great investment. I hardly invested the money in entertainment, most investments were in self-learning. My parents had also trusted me and let me do what I wanted to. Then I choose Content Writing and SEO from my interest. And now I am improving my skills in content writing and SEO. Let me introduce you to my parents.



You are very lucky if your parents are telling you to achieve your dreams and not their dreams. Helping others and providing the right guidance they have taught me. Don’t lose their trust and achieve your desires!