Who Is Shreyas Karade?

Shreyas Karade

Struggling in studies in class 8th and then having a J-curve in class 10th and the journey moving upwards.

Not had any clear direction in class 10th of which career to choose and then discovered copywriting through a YouTube video.

My first course was from Digital Deepak and then met my mentors Dan Lok, Stefan Georgi, and Justin Goff to upgrade my copywriting skills and knowledge through personalized feedback.

In Dec 2022, met Swarup Rao sir from GrowthSchool and my mentor Dev Gadhvi for becoming a High Ticket Entrepreneur.

Published 2 Amazon Kindle E-Books On Email Marketing & Content Writing: 

Shreyas Karade Books

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I’m highly active on LinkedIn about publishing content on Email Marketing, ed-tech startup marketing, brand campaigns, consumer behavior, etc.

Get Connected With Me On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shreyas-karade09/

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You are very lucky if your parents are telling you to achieve your dreams and not their dreams. Helping others and providing the right guidance they have taught me. Don’t lose their trust and achieve your desires!