Influence – By Dan Lok is a book full of great marketing tactics you can use to market effectively and attract more visitors. This book will show you how our human psychology works and how you can benefit from it.

I will tell you some main tactics that can sure help your business and generate huge profits. So, let’s start with the amazing psychological tactics and don’t miss a single tactic, as it can bring a big opportunity for your business.


Best Psychological Tactics to Influence:


1. Popular Appeal- In this popular appeal people join the group in shopping but never know what’s the product about and what they will get. The consumer goes through because all are going as well. This is useful when you have something that a specific audience want it and you attract some more customers by spreading the news of your product.


2. Frequency in marketing- If you have not kept your ads running for a long time, you might not know the power of frequency. You need to follow them regularly and spread your message clearly to understand who you are and the value they’ll receive. Publish your ads on different mediums in an unusual way and always be testing different elements of your ad.


3. Help your users- Give, give, give and then ask. Add so much value to the consumers that they must remember you because you have helped them. Adding value to your user and revealing all your secrets makes you more valuable and that is enough for a consumer to buy products from your site.


appreciate your customers


4. Appreciate your customers- Appreciating your customers can make them feel recognized and good. Congratulate them on their purchase, tell them how good the decision is. Give them rewards, free coupons, or free access to some of your products so that they know that you care for them and you are not selfish.


5. Imagination+Telling- Are you giving a product demonstration? If not, then you must. Because sometimes buyers buy them because of the effective demonstration and detailed explanation of each element.

Get a video of your product and put it on your site or wherever you are selling. Add some video testimonials of your happy customers that will help the buyer imagine in that state.


6. Enthusiasm- Be excited and enthusiastic when communicating, explaining, and featuring your product to the audience. This increases the chances of buying from you because you believe in your product and have made people believe that this can solve the problem. And people will start referring you because of your trust in them.


7. Be Familiar- Familiarity helps brands that are well established and have gained people’s minds. But for the new businesses, it is a little difficult. So, you need to present yourself related to your industry and add valuable content to the audience. Keep the design, the theme of your site as it is still the consumer gets familiar with you. Define in which area does your brand stands.


ask your audience

8. Ask your audience- Share surveys with your audience, include some relevant questions like what type of person you are? Which problems are you facing or what makes you feel good when you buy from us? The answers are valuable for you as you will know how they think of your brand and how you can improve.

You can now speak their language and understand their pain points. Most of them don’t ask so they don’t get the answers. Just try this technique and your brand surely progresses.


9. Something for Something- Give your customers some free stuff like a mini-course, access to your newsletter, or a free subscription. Remember, you are not giving this for free, it has some value and you expect to do business with them.

Giving such surprizes makes the consumer excited and if he finds it valuable, he will definitely buy from you. And when you include some extra bonuses with the product it becomes more valuable as the buyer thinks that I am getting this for a low price.

So, these were some of the psychological tactics that you can use for your business. You can buy this book from Amazon to find some more tactics that can make your business big. Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next post!