If you are just reading the books and not implementing the lessons that it contains, then what’s it use?

Taking immediate action after reading the books is important. Otherwise, you will read a lot and gain knowledge. But the knowledge is useless until you use it. So, in this post, I will tell you some important learnings from the books I have read. You also have to learn, implement and progress.


Below is the list of books I have read:




Keeping the Right Mindset- Mindset helps you achieve what you want and sometimes gives you more than you expect. A mindset of achieving higher goals keeps you uncomfortable. If you think small, you will achieve less and there is no enjoyment in achieving small things. Before winning the game you need to win yourself.

So, think that everything is possible to do and I have the full potential of achieving my goals.


Live your life to the Fullest- Never compromise with your life. If you don’t like your job just leave it and follow your passion. Because in the long term your work will not feel like work, you will enjoy the process of earning money. Doing a job whole life and just waiting for retirement will not work. Build your business, make passive incomes and let the money work for you.

You should have the freedom to live the life you want. For that, you need to achieve your F.U Money and build your business around your passion.


Financial Knowledge- Having financial knowledge is the need for today’s world. If you make some money, you must know where to invest and make good returns. Knowledge about how money works and how it can work for you is necessary. What is the importance of money and how you can manage it? This can be learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad.


Learning from Failure and taking Further Steps- Failure is good. It shows that you are trying something and making mistakes. If you face failure and learn from it, you will get success. If you make some big mistakes you can tell others and their time will be saved. So, mistakes help you to go further and they benefit others as well.


Investing in your Mind- Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset. Upgrading your mind daily and sharing your learning with others is the best way of learning. Sharing knowledge with others, helps you grow more. Learning new things and using them will make your mind more flexible (find many solutions to one problem). You can achieve your goals at a faster rate. So, Spend like a Beggar but Invest Like a King.




Patience and Courage- Patience is important in life. It defines how long you can wait to get the results. Impatience causes problems and you will lose some golden opportunities. So, in every aspect of life patience plays a crucial role.

Courage to take action and big risks. Have the courage to dream big and choose the road from which very few people have gone. Courage helps you to try different things, follow your passion and think differently than others.


Importance of Personal Brand- Build your personal brand will take some time. By adding enough value and solving others’ problems. It will help you everywhere and you can get paid for your authority in the market.


Building your Self-Confidence – Remember, Communication = Wealth. There are 4 levels of communication; Basic, Professional, and Leader. But there is one more level that is the Influencer. Influencers are highly paid to promote big brands. And to reach that level you need strong communication skills. Communication skills did not come under soft skills, they are the most important in building your brand as well.


Give and Forget- Whatever you have got or have extra with you. You need to give to others who don’t have anything. Don’t expect any returns from them just give and forget. By giving to the world you become a producer and not a consumer. Sharing is caring. The more you give, the more you will have. (I have learned this from Dev Gadhvi)


Be Responsible and take Actions- Being responsible for your actions is important otherwise you will blame others for your mistakes. So, actions are important to achieve the goals but taking responsibility for your success is equally important.


Moderate Yourself- Moderation towards your behavior, habits, and actions is important to ensure that you are going in the right direction or not. See that your every activity contributes something to your goal and you are consistently trying to achieve them. Get your monthly goals and see whether they have been achieved or not. If not, take Massive Actions. This gives you a signal on which area to improve.


Value your Time and Increasing Productivity- Spending your time carelessly will not work. Make your priorities in a day and complete them anyhow. Slot your work in specific time periods and utilize your free time. Time allotted for specific work and working without any distractions will increase your productivity. Make your own rules. For example- No phone calls after 9 pm or No usage of mobile phones during office time.


health is wealth


Health is Wealth- By only being healthy you can enjoy your wealth and live the life you want. Maintain your health by exercising, walking or swimming anything you love to do. Because if your health is poor then you can’t give 100% to achieve your goals.


Follow your passion and let the Money follow you- Doing what you love to do and fulfilling your desires. This can attract money towards you. If you don’t focus on money, you will make a lot of money. Your primary focus should be making your dreams real and taking action. So, money will not be a problem for you.


Associates and Mentors- Choosing the right associates that push you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve what you want. This kind of associate is great for anybody that co-operates and helps each other every time.

Having the right mentor that guides you in the right way and who focuses on increasing your ability. He should have wide knowledge on the subject, be experienced, and genuinely helping others. These are the qualities of good mentors. Mentors help you to achieve your goals in a faster way because of their experience in their field.


Leave a Legacy Behind you- It is not necessary to build a legacy like Mahatma Gandhiji. You can build a legacy in your family, around a small group of people, or in your own country. People should remember you for years and years even after your death. You need to transform other’s life and make a better place to live.


I hope you have understood some important lessons and I am expecting that you will also implement these lessons in your life. And take charge of your life. Picking random books will not help you, read the books related to your goal.

Be a focused learner because earning is hidden in learning. Thank you for reading my article! See you in the next blog post.