In Which Area are you making your Brand the Best one?

In Which Area are you making your Brand the Best one?

The word Position means in which area does your brand stands within the industry. Before coming to the topic (positioning). Let’s discuss some main points which you need to consider.

What change are you going to make? Do you want to change your manufacturing process and make it easy for people to buy your products or do you want to encourage the importance of Ayurvedic to be healthy? Define your change.

Whom you are going to change? Select the specific audience with similar psychographics and telling stories that relate to your brand. Your audience should tell similar stories that make them together and differs from others.


How Positioning can make Massive Growth in your business?

Positioning your brand means in which area are you standing in your industry irrespective of the competition. Here, competition doesn’t matter, I will tell you why. Maruti Suzuki cars are known for a low price and high quality, it’s a family car. Whereas, Tesla is known for highest security and environment friendly. So, when you think of buying a car that doesn’t harm the environment it will be Tesla. And buying a great car for your family with a low budget it will be Maruti Suzuki.

So, you can position your brand in terms of safety, best service, largest franchise, or fast delivery.


What type of story does your audience tell to themselves?

Understand your audience’s behaviour and see what type of story they tell and make them together. This will help you to position your brand based on those stories. If your audience wants to feel secure, well-treated, or have a memorable experience from your service, you should give them the experience that they want.

Make your story a hook- Tell the people how you are going to make the change happen and be different from others. Be passionate about your work because you are not just seeing the personal benefit but also the benefit of society. Create tension in the market by ensuring the highest security, elegant design, or your unique value. And when they see no alternatives, it will create a forward motion and the more people you attract.

Encourage Affiliation- Instead of being dominant in the market, make a community and educate them. Start with small, by building relationships and then after adding enough value. They will become your loyal customer and promote you everywhere. You can incentivize them, conduct contests, and help them to achieve what they want.


right audience


You will Reach the Right People

By telling the stories that your audience wants to hear, you will attract a lot more. If one strategy didn’t work try another and keep experimenting. If your brand is strong enough and has trust, you don’t need to spend much on advertising. But to gain initial trust and attention you can spend more on advertising but here also frequency matters. Run your ads until people get your message.

Make your online presence and be specific in your niche. So, that when people search you on the web, you rank no.1. One more thing to remember is starting with the small market and winning your true fans from this market. These true fans will be like your loyal customer who will buy your high-margin products and make you enough profit. After winning this audience you can apply the same steps for a big market and expand further.

But how you will know that your product is worth buying. The public will tell you by spreading your word, making it remarkable, and move your mission ahead.


build your tribe


Build Your Own Tribe

To lead a tribe don’t be a commander instead first be like them. Do what they do, feel alike, and make them feel that you are not different from them. They also can achieve what you have achieved. And now give them a call to action to start something that they want.

Don’t use the tribe for your aims instead be with them and understands their fears and goals and help them to achieve. Be committed to them forever because they are waiting for such people who commit to us. If you stay long with your tribe and nurture them consistently you will earn a lot than others.

I hope you have understood something about positioning and people. Share your thoughts on which area you are going to position yourself. Thank you for reading my article!


Which Businesses have Survived in COVID-19? How you can?

Which Businesses have Survived in COVID-19? How you can?

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses due to changes in demand for different goods and services. But still, some businesses have survived. In this post I will tell you, which businesses have survived and the reason behind them. So, let’s discuss this in detail.


Why some businesses have survived?

Businesses that have survived are well-established companies and have strong authority in the market. Companies on which people trust and provide value to people can get a breakthrough in this environment.

But what was special in these companies? Their goods & services are having demand in the market even in this pandemic. So, services like transport, insurance, health care, electronic goods and online learning, etc. will continue their supply in the market. Businesses with insurance policies taken and a good backup system can also survive and make further growth.


Which Businesses could survive in this pandemic?

Insurance Companies- There is a huge demand for insurance policies. As COVID has taught everyone that anything can happen anytime so, insurance is a must. More people are taking insurance policies to secure their future and plan properly. This industry has given significant growth.


Health Care industry- People will require medical facilities all time. They are taking care of their health by enrolling in different fitness programs and vaccinating themselves. So, hospitals, chemical companies producing raw materials, and startups like Practo will definitely grow massively.




E-learning Platform- Learning is shifted from offline to online. Many students can take admissions abroad and study online. Webinars, workshops, and online programs are having huge demand as everyone can learn from their home with minimal investment.


Digital Marketing- Digital marketing is another booming industry. Companies are demanding digital marketers, copywriters, and coaches for their online presence. Now, with this digitalization more services will be added. So, people with this skill can earn high or they can expand their services.




Online Shopping- E-commerce industry like Amazon and Flipkart have increased their sales during pandemics. People are preferring to buy online for discounts, easy processes, and a variety of choices. So, e-commerce will continue to grow in the future as well.


Mutual Funds and Share market- As in this pandemic and in the future, there is a great opportunity to invest in stocks and mutual funds. So, people have started to trade and buy bonds. Platforms like Upstox and Zerodha tend to grow with the increase in stock investing.


Other Industry- Since people want to hear books and prefer to read e-books so industries such as book publishing platforms like kindle, and audible have made growth. Also, food delivery services and OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have a great demand. Work from home has begun so, the freelancing and affiliate industry is growing massively.


Which Opportunities are available for you?

Develop your employee’s skills. Make them adaptive with other skills. Instead of removing them, upgrade their skills and pay them as per their knowledge and skills. If you help them in this situation, they will give their 100% for your company. So, always think of your employees first.

Now, the traditional business will not work in this age that we cannot automate. So, grab digitalization and automate your business. See which type of your product has high demand and focus on improving them. Automation will help you to focus on the main income stream and increase your revenue.

By now, you have understood that anything can happen at any time. So, we should be ready for every situation. Skills like rapidly adopting technology, working on customer feedback, and finding new opportunities in your company are required the most.


Final Words: There will be many such situations coming in the future. We don’t know when and how but we must be ready to face them. So, the above steps and skills will help you anytime.

All the best for your further entrepreneurial journey and Thank you for reading my article!

15 Amazing Sales Strategies to Boost your Sales

15 Amazing Sales Strategies to Boost your Sales

If you are facing a problem in the selling process then I will tell you some amazing sales strategies that are helpful in this Digital age for any business.

What I will cover in this post:


  1. Product Knowledge and Conviction
  2. Importance of Relevancy
  3. Average Handling Time
  4. BANT Sales Technique
  5. Starting and Ending Special
  6. Don’t let the Leads get Cold
  7. Backward and Soft Close Approach
  8. Solutions to Your Product and Importance of Visual
  9. Avoiding and Confusing the Customer
  10. Brand Advocacy and Discount
  11. Consumer Research and Service
  12. Benefits to Employees and Flexible Payment options
  13. Employees Performance, Network, and Guarantees
  14. Kill the objection in advance
  15. PR Strategy and Generating Passive Income


Product Knowledge and Conviction- You must have a strong conviction and knowledge about your product. If you believe that it can solve the buyer’s problem then you can convince this. But without believing and not having proper knowledge you cannot sell. A clear explanation about your product, its benefits, and features, and what value the product will give to the buyer. This explanation makes the customer purchase the product.


Importance of Relevancy- Just remember the last Facebook or Google ad you have seen. The ad was relevant to your interest and behavior. The same thing matters here, sell things only to those people who want them. People like to customize recommendations and so relevancy matters a lot.


Average Handling Time- Get the average time required to invest in each customer. This will increase your efficiency and saves time. Give training to your employees, listen to their recordings, give them the materials, resources, and proper guidance for selling.


BANT Sales Technique- Bant stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline. Identify that whether the customer has the budget to buy your product. How big his need is, whether he is the authoritative person and at what time he has to buy the product. This will increase your sales effectiveness and focus on potential customers.


Keep the Starting and Ending Special- Start the meeting with an unusual statement that will make the buyer interested in your product. And end the meeting with a powerful statement to make the customer remember you even after the meeting.


Don’t let the Leads get cold- Nurture your leads regularly, build relationships with them and make a strong communication. Because if you let the leads go cold, it makes it difficult to revive them. So, update them with your quality content and offers.


customer service


Customer Service- Take feedbacks from customers. Higher the no. of feedbacks higher will be your chances of improvement. You can take this feedback through a website, survey, polls, or sending emails. Focus on making a promoter for your business. Talk to the customers who have problems related to your brand and give them some benefits to regain. Track how satisfied the customer is and care for them.


Backword Close Approach- In this strategy, when you start the meeting. You don’t start to sell first, start with the background of the product like ask the client to whom this product is suitable or what will be the product’s impact on different businesses. By doing this you will get some referrals and the buyer will also some type of extra benefit. Referrals are important for the business to expand your list.


Soft Close Approach- In soft close, you ask some low-impact questions to customers like do you want more information about this product. This will help you to understand the buyer and you also get a chance to explain the product.


Get Solutions to your Product- Identify the objections of your product that customers tell you like low quality or high price. Get the solutions to such problems and tell this solution in your product explanation. By this, you don’t leave an excuse for the buyer to avoid your product.

Understand the problems, needs, behaviour, and attitude of the buyer to make strong relationships.


Avoid calling the customer for a short period of time. By doing this your customer will automatically come behind you ( as he will think something is missing). Identify the best time to offer your product that the customer needs to invest in you. For example; Sales of Online Courses and workshops have grown massively in lockdown.


Importance of Visual- In the selling process, your vocal and visual matter the most. In vocal, your tone, excitement, voice modulation, and attitude matter the most. And in visual, your body language, impression, and facial expression impact most on the customer.


Confuse the Customer- If you want to sell a product that is difficult to sell. To make it easy recommend the product that you need to sell. And tell the disadvantages of other products, so that the buyer will think that you are recommending the best one to me.


Build your Brand Advocates- Brand advocates are those who will promote your brand everywhere. In this you don’t need many employees and ad expenses, your own customer will bring more customers to you. For this, you need to give consistent value to customers. The higher the brand advocacy ratio better will be the growth of sales.


Consumer Research- In-depth research of customer will make you clear that how the customer is. Take information like shopping habits, his likes & dislikes, profession, goals, lifestyle, attitude, and behavior. This will help you to design your product according to your target audience. By seeing the data you will know the demand for a product and the problem it will solve.


Solved their problems at the first call. Publish the FAQs on your site to solve the common issues. Don’t let the customer wait for your call, solve it immediately.




Discount on Product- a) Loyalty discount: Give a discount to loyal customers who always share their experience with others. Give them the Exclusive membership or an extra benefit.

b) Promotional Discounts- Give this discount at the end of the product use. Offer this during Big events or on Festival days. In these times Buy one Get one Free work well.

c) Volume Discount- This discount is given when anyone purchases products in bulk quantity. In this, the buyer gets at the discounted price and he will again refer you because of the value received. And your brand gets viral.

d) Early Bird Discount- This discount is only for the buyers who are excited about your new products.

e) Flash Sales- This discount is for a limited time period on special occasions like Independence Day. Provide a good discount, set a limited period to create urgency and this would sell your old products. Spread the news at the right place, time, and to the right people.

Discounts of coupons are famous on social media. You can also partner with other brands to give such coupons. But remember, whenever you give any discounts, it should not lower your profit.


Give Benefits to Employees- This technique works when employees work above their capacity. You can give them benefits in the form of the special training program, workshop, bonus on output or time based, and extra commission if they get the big deal. This would encourage them to work better and productivity increases.


payment options


Flexible Payment Options- Give many payment options to the customer. If the buyer doesn’t have a credit card, there should be a facility for online payments like UPI, Digital Wallets, EMIs, or Net banking. By giving more options you are solving the buyer’s problem.


Guarantees to Customer- Product or money-back guarantee make the customer feel that they are transacting at zero risks. So, it gives a boost to sales. Guarantee for 30 days, 1 month or 1 year, higher the guarantee higher will be your sales. You can also offer a zero guarantee if your product is good.


Track the Employee Performance- You must see in your CRM tool that how many leads your employees have converted and which are not converted. This will give you an idea of which employee to focus on. Leads are important for business and they should not get wasted. Check your Sales Funnel and employee’s performance to take further action.


Network- Build a strong network for your company. Like build the gap between buyers and suppliers at a single marketplace and this will increase your sales. Uber and Zomato have done this. They have built the gap between the customers and service providers and having a great network.

An additional suggestion I can give you that make use of technology. Without technology, businesses cannot survive. It will help you to manage everything without even worrying about your stock. Today, there are many software such as Marg ERP that can make your business flow smoothly and you can track all the records. This software also gives you behaviour forecasting of your buyer that which item to recommend to your customers based on their purchase.


Kill the objection in advance- List down the objections of your product and make the solutions against these objections. Listen to the genuine opinion of your customer then tell your solutions for the objections. Listen carefully to what problem he is mentioning, acknowledge that then clear all his objections with your solutions. This makes a clear path to buy your product.


public relations


PR Strategy- Public relations are a great way to bring traffic to your business. You can use social media by posting relevant content for more participation, make a viral campaign based on your type of business, and invite an influencer for your business. This can attract a new audience, investors, potential clients and increases your brand awareness.


Generating Passive Income- Passive is the best strategy to increase your sales without any extra cost. Make a subscription-based model, own different companies, take royalties on your product. Make sure that this gives you sustainable income, increase & immediate cash flow and you don’t have to manage fully.


These were the amazing sales strategies to maximize your sales. You also need to do a proper competition analysis in the sales process. And use the above strategies to grow your business. I hope you have liked them. Share your thoughts in the comment section and tell me your favourite strategy.

Thank you for reading my article!

16 Valuable Life-Lessons Learned from these Books- You Must See

16 Valuable Life-Lessons Learned from these Books- You Must See

If you are just reading the books and not implementing the lessons that it contains, then what’s it use?

Taking immediate action after reading the books is important. Otherwise, you will read a lot and gain knowledge. But the knowledge is useless until you use it. So, in this post, I will tell you some important learnings from the books I have read. You also have to learn, implement and progress.


Below is the list of books I have read:




Keeping the Right Mindset- Mindset helps you achieve what you want and sometimes gives you more than you expect. A mindset of achieving higher goals keeps you uncomfortable. If you think small, you will achieve less and there is no enjoyment in achieving small things. Before winning the game you need to win yourself.

So, think that everything is possible to do and I have the full potential of achieving my goals.


Live your life to the Fullest- Never compromise with your life. If you don’t like your job just leave it and follow your passion. Because in the long term your work will not feel like work, you will enjoy the process of earning money. Doing a job whole life and just waiting for retirement will not work. Build your business, make passive incomes and let the money work for you.

You should have the freedom to live the life you want. For that, you need to achieve your F.U Money and build your business around your passion.


Financial Knowledge- Having financial knowledge is the need for today’s world. If you make some money, you must know where to invest and make good returns. Knowledge about how money works and how it can work for you is necessary. What is the importance of money and how you can manage it? This can be learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad.


Learning from Failure and taking Further Steps- Failure is good. It shows that you are trying something and making mistakes. If you face failure and learn from it, you will get success. If you make some big mistakes you can tell others and their time will be saved. So, mistakes help you to go further and they benefit others as well.


Investing in your Mind- Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset. Upgrading your mind daily and sharing your learning with others is the best way of learning. Sharing knowledge with others, helps you grow more. Learning new things and using them will make your mind more flexible (find many solutions to one problem). You can achieve your goals at a faster rate. So, Spend like a Beggar but Invest Like a King.




Patience and Courage- Patience is important in life. It defines how long you can wait to get the results. Impatience causes problems and you will lose some golden opportunities. So, in every aspect of life patience plays a crucial role.

Courage to take action and big risks. Have the courage to dream big and choose the road from which very few people have gone. Courage helps you to try different things, follow your passion and think differently than others.


Importance of Personal Brand- Build your personal brand will take some time. By adding enough value and solving others’ problems. It will help you everywhere and you can get paid for your authority in the market.


Building your Self-Confidence – Remember, Communication = Wealth. There are 4 levels of communication; Basic, Professional, and Leader. But there is one more level that is the Influencer. Influencers are highly paid to promote big brands. And to reach that level you need strong communication skills. Communication skills did not come under soft skills, they are the most important in building your brand as well.


Give and Forget- Whatever you have got or have extra with you. You need to give to others who don’t have anything. Don’t expect any returns from them just give and forget. By giving to the world you become a producer and not a consumer. Sharing is caring. The more you give, the more you will have. (I have learned this from Dev Gadhvi)


Be Responsible and take Actions- Being responsible for your actions is important otherwise you will blame others for your mistakes. So, actions are important to achieve the goals but taking responsibility for your success is equally important.


Moderate Yourself- Moderation towards your behavior, habits, and actions is important to ensure that you are going in the right direction or not. See that your every activity contributes something to your goal and you are consistently trying to achieve them. Get your monthly goals and see whether they have been achieved or not. If not, take Massive Actions. This gives you a signal on which area to improve.


Value your Time and Increasing Productivity- Spending your time carelessly will not work. Make your priorities in a day and complete them anyhow. Slot your work in specific time periods and utilize your free time. Time allotted for specific work and working without any distractions will increase your productivity. Make your own rules. For example- No phone calls after 9 pm or No usage of mobile phones during office time.


health is wealth


Health is Wealth- By only being healthy you can enjoy your wealth and live the life you want. Maintain your health by exercising, walking or swimming anything you love to do. Because if your health is poor then you can’t give 100% to achieve your goals.


Follow your passion and let the Money follow you- Doing what you love to do and fulfilling your desires. This can attract money towards you. If you don’t focus on money, you will make a lot of money. Your primary focus should be making your dreams real and taking action. So, money will not be a problem for you.


Associates and Mentors- Choosing the right associates that push you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve what you want. This kind of associate is great for anybody that co-operates and helps each other every time.

Having the right mentor that guides you in the right way and who focuses on increasing your ability. He should have wide knowledge on the subject, be experienced, and genuinely helping others. These are the qualities of good mentors. Mentors help you to achieve your goals in a faster way because of their experience in their field.


Leave a Legacy Behind you- It is not necessary to build a legacy like Mahatma Gandhiji. You can build a legacy in your family, around a small group of people, or in your own country. People should remember you for years and years even after your death. You need to transform other’s life and make a better place to live.


I hope you have understood some important lessons and I am expecting that you will also implement these lessons in your life. And take charge of your life. Picking random books will not help you, read the books related to your goal.

Be a focused learner because earning is hidden in learning. Thank you for reading my article! See you in the next blog post.

Great Experience of Dev Gadhvi Passionpreneur Masterclass

Great Experience of Dev Gadhvi Passionpreneur Masterclass

Are you struggling in 9 to 5 job and sacrificing your dreams? Do you want to find your passion and leave away the mediocre life? Then the following post is for you. I will cover in this post:

  • How to find your passion?
  • How to build your Authority?
  • 5 Streams of income that only Rich people know.
  • The Importance of Self-Development.




1. How to find your Passion?

What type of work do you like the most? And also you are skilled in that work. See if there is a demand or not. If you have not yet found your passion then start thinking and build the skill gradually, also you have to remember the demand for your skill. If there is no demand and you are skilled in that work, anyone will not hire you. So there should be a demand matching your passion and skills then only it will help you.

                              “If you are for Everyone then you are No one”   – Dev Gadhvi

2. Building your Authority-

Building your authority includes 7 steps that are:

Micro Niche– Pick a micro niche where you are the only one who is providing the service. If you become a Digital Marketer then everybody is a Digital Marketer what unique you have. If you say I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Mentor for educational institutions. It sounds interesting to the people, they will want to know how do you do this. This is the magic of specialization, you are picking a small market where everybody is not like you. So, specialize in a small niche and build your authority. Remember this was the first step, you have to go step by step, do not take the 3rd or 4th step at the start.

Creating your Content– Can you tell me which type of content is the best? Those are books and videos. Books teach you many things about life, they can make you aware of the big mistakes and teach you the important lessons of life. People like video content format, you can make your digital products in video format. Now, can you tell me the best platform of content? No, it is not Youtube. It is Clubhouse, the clubhouse is a great place to provide them great content and you can also learn from Millionaires and Billionaires. Don’t just be a consumer there be a producer as well. The clubhouse is available only on ios.

Making a System– You have to learn the basic systems that are Email Marketing, Sales funnel, Video Editing, and Picture editing. You need to learn how email automation works, how to build great funnels, and then you can automate all of the things. You can first do it manually and then hire an employee to do this all.




Build a Community– You have to create your community to send them daily short videos, making announcements, important messages and also to take suggestions from them. You can build the community on Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. It helps you to build your brand and reach a wider audience.

Building your Strategy– The first step you have to build your product that will provide value to the audience. They should pay you in advance for your product. Then comes marketing, you have to market your product before launching. If you launch a product and then market it, it will not sell. First, do marketing and then make sales, which is the last part. More sales will happen when you have provided a lot more than the people have paid you.

Making your Product– There are different prices of products. First is free, like you can conduct a free webinar or workshop. The second one is affordable where the product price is low but the value is high. In this type, everybody can buy it and you can sell your premium product to a wider audience. And the third one is core products where the product price is high and the value you are giving is super high. In this type, you give access to your private community and support for a specific period.


3. 5 Streams of Income only Rich people Know:

streams of income


Active Income– It is the income where you are working daily for 30 days in a month and the income is handed to you. This is a normal type of income where everybody gets stuck in the rat race.

Passive Income– It is the income where you are not working but still the income is generated. This can be done by publishing books, making digital products, or investing in yourself.

Leverage Income– It is the income where other people (workers or employees) are working for you. You can go on long vacations but your business will not get affected.

Money Income– Money income is a simple type where you invest the money in something and you get more returns. This income is generated by investing in stocks/bonds, real estate, or in a friend’s business.

Brand Income– It is the income generated just by giving your name to others. Your name has become most valuable where people can trust you and buy anything that you tell them. It takes time to build but its returns are massive.

The most valuable income you can get is from self-development, it can give 10x or 100x returns. Remember your greatest asset is your mind, make it strong to make more money and to have more options in life.

I personally suggest you attend a webinar or workshop of Dev Gadhvi he is India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor. His programs are also well designed, you can see his achievement and about him on DevGadhvi.in. He had published two books that are: ‘80% Mindset 20% Skills‘ and ‘6 Sundays a Week Life’. I will soon publish a book review on 6 Sundays a week life. Thank you for reading my article!


Make your Start-up Journey Memorable using this Steps (2021)

Make your Start-up Journey Memorable using this Steps (2021)

In this article, I will tell you how to start and grow the start-up in India at the initial stage and take your start-up to the next level. This article is for those people who are willing to start a start-up in India and ready to take efforts. So, let’s dive in!

Why start a start-up in India?

The main reason is the youth of the country, the teenagers are all super active to do business and to live a luxurious life or might have to solve a specific problem of the society. Everybody just thinks that they will start a start-up and grow it in the future but the main problem is they just think they never take action. If you don’t give momentum, shape to your idea it will not bring fortune to you. You have to convert your idea into execution and grow slowly.

Start-up or doing business helps employment generation and well-being of the people. There will be no poverty if everybody tries to be self-employed and gives jobs to others. The government is encouraging people to start their own start-ups. After reading this article you will get some business ideas and then you can move ahead by executing them.


start-up idea


What’s is your idea?

The idea is your base of the start-up. What type of business do you want to start? It can be anything like opening a training centre where you will train the students and take them on the job based on their performance, opening your office related to your profession, or manufacturing a product that a market needs it. Come up with an idea that is unique and solving the major problem of the people as well. The bigger the problem, the more money you will make. So get the idea clear in your mind.

Focussing on ONE plan only-

Having two plans in the mind, then the chances of succeeding are very less. If you stick to the plan that you have made and give your 100% then it will definitely work. You will be not sure whether this plan will work or not. But having an alternative plan will not help you, focus on one plan and put your full energy, suffer the pain because that makes your stronger will help you to succeed in the long term. Commitments in the star-up are important because that makes you think about the solution and make it happen in any situation.


funds for start-up


Arrangement of Funds-

I have written a detailed article on how to get funds for a start-up or for any other business. You will get to know the different sources of funds that are required for your business. So, visit that article. I will also give a extra tip for a debt-free business.

1) Take 50% or more in advance to manufacture your product. So, that you don’t need to take money from others.

2) If you want to make cost effective then do the entire process by yourself. From raw materials to finished goods and exporting them.

3) Avoiding wastage of resources and making simple and easy process can save your most of the money.

Choosing the location and environment-

Choose a proper location where you can work at night, secure, and with affordable rent. Arrange all the systems and computers that you need to work on. Remember to begin with a small market and then expand slowly. Maintain an environment that is favourable and more productive for your work. What type of environment your employees like, keep that only. It will make them feel interested in their work. We will discuss more employees in the later section.


Understand the Market-

First understand what the market wants, their problems, and expectations. You have to look towards the problem and then take action according to it. Quora is a great place to look after different problems. Initially, you have to take some efforts to market your products. You have to tell stories to people that are relatable and interesting. Then the growth will happen slowly.


business team


Building your Team-

Making an efficient team is necessary for the company’s growth. You will think that hiring my friends or relatives will help in the start. Well, avoid that, you cannot fully trust your friends or relatives. They may want a job but you will find it difficult when you want to remove them from your company. If your friend is efficient and you have trust in him then there is no problem. The reason you should hire a team member from outside is that you have the authority and choice, you can choose according to your judgment. Well, I have written a detailed article on how to hire employees for a company, you can read that.


Updating yourself-

In your journey, you will face competition and many other obstacles but you have to be updated. Every day you should invest some hours in learning new things, reading books or sharpen your skills regularly. You can take a course, attend seminars, workshops to develop your skills. Learning will never end. Investing in yourself is the best way to be ahead of the competition.


Grab the Opportunity-

Don’t wait for opportunities to come, go and find new opportunities. Life is full of opportunities, it offers every day a new opportunity but we don’t see it. Taking the opportunity at the right time will help you in the long term. Along with that take risks, if you don’t take risks you will not grow enough, you will play a safe game where there are very few returns. Take calculated risks and see the outcomes, you will be surprised!


Take a look at Digital Marketing-

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing industry. If you missed this area, you will lose your main audience. Having your own website, community, and email list are necessary for today’s age. Generating leads through your lead magnet will help you to understand and nurture your audience in a better way. You can make announcements, promote your product, also get the suggestion of the audience. If you want to learn Digital Marketing and become an expert in it then you can visit here. Remember, doing Digital Marketing can grow your revenue by 10x.

Having a Polite Attitude– Always say I am prepared to do the following things:

Do's and Don'ts


Customer Service-

Remember, the customer is your king, you should keep him happy. At many companies the queries of customers not get solved quickly. If you are slow in responding to customer queries then you might have to improve on your customer service department. A longer time to respond will result in losing many customers. So, provide the best service to the customer because a happy customer will bring more customers.

I have listed some websites that will be useful for your start-up. Have a look at it.



Angel List


Difficulties during your journey-

There will be many difficulties waiting for you. But the difficulties become very small compared to your desire to make it a successful start-up. Sometimes you will have a problem in outsourcing funds or employees are not working properly. Everyone problem has a solution, if there is no solution then the problem never existed. So find it out how can I fix it and move ahead there is a lot to explore. Have massive goals in your life that will keep you motivated that you have to achieve them anyhow. 

Having patience is important in the start-up. Taking consistent efforts, significant patience and always looking for opportunities can help the start-up to grow exponentially. In your start-up journey you will not know what is working and not working, so always experiment and see which is the best and then scale up. You will have a little fear, nervousness in your mind, just face that and you will realize, that was nothing. There is a lot to explore ahead. 

All the best for your start-up journey! Thank you for reading my article and tell me how did you like this article.