Do you want to achieve financial freedom and work from anywhere you want?

Do you want to do what you love and enjoy your time with your family?

Do you want to be your own boss, travel around the world and let the money should work for you?

This book F.U Money is totally based on these topics. The author Dan Lok tells us in this book that to achieve our F.U Money, you need to make certain changes in yourself to live the life you want.

But what is F.U Money? F.U Money is the money you need to achieve your financial freedom, be independent, and do what you wish to do. And build the business that will serve you endlessly. The main purpose of business is to make your F.U money and not just providing jobs to others (that’s the side benefit of it). So, let’s discuss some important lessons from this book.


9 Important Lessons from this book


1. Change your Mindset- To achieve the F.U money you need to change your mindset. Think I can achieve the goals and everything is possible. If rich people can do this, why cannot? Mindset requires everywhere because this is the first step that you must believe in yourself. And you will not compromise on the things that you don’t like. Why not live life to the fullest? If you follow your dreams money will follow you.

The purpose of becoming financially free is not to think about money when it comes to going on a vacation, giving your child the best education, or saving someone’s life. So, money is important in life but there’s a limit to its importance.


work hard


2. Work Hard in the Right Direction- Just think working harder and harder day by day, will you achieve your F.U money? No, because you don’t know in which direction you are going. Working hard on the right things can get your F.U money faster. Use other people’s knowledge, experience, and expertise to build your product and serve you a lifetime. Having great financial knowledge & intelligence about money can make your journey faster.


3. How Rich People Think- You need to change your perspective towards rich people. Don’t blame the rich people, learn from them, what actions did they take and what was their thinking about money. Learn from those people who have created a legacy and changing the lives of thousands of people. For example Bill Gates and Ratan Tata. Read books, enroll in self-development courses, and indulge in those activities that contribute to your F.U money.


4. Achieve your F.U money in less time- You can faster your journey to make your F.U money. Leave the mindset that to become rich takes many years, you can get rich in 3- 4 years by taking massive actions and building your business. Saving your money and leaving below your means can’t make you rich. Make high-return investments and talk to rich people who have done this before.

Learn to manage risks and take massive actions at your early ages because those are the best years to chase your dreams and make them a reality.



5. Just take action- You don’t want to be perfect to start something. Just start, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. You will gradually progress. If you wait to be everything perfect then the time will pass out and you will regret it later. So grab the opportunity, work on it and make it a massive success. You will know what’s working and what not and in which thing you are interested in only by working on something, taking action. And learning from your experiences.


6. Be responsible for your actions- Whatever you do to in your journey to achieve your goals. You are totally responsible for everything and not others. Your progress is the result of your actions. There should be a strong desire that will push you daily to do your work and achieve what you want. Remind your mind constantly about your goals and become obsessed to achieve them.




7. Value your time and increase your Productivity- Respecting your time and managing yourself with the time is the main thing on which you need to focus on. Calculate your hourly income based on your monthly income and start increasing it. By this, you can find the value of 1 hour and helps you to decide on which activity to spend the time on. Outsource the work to save your time ( I mean money). Find in which timings you are productive and work during that hours without any distractions. Because you will be focused and you can achieve your daily income goals.


8. Making money online- Having your online presence, a quality email list, and serving other people through the internet is necessary for this digital age. A website that gives enough information about you, your products, and adding value to the people is important. Otherwise, you will lose a big audience. Build authority in the market by publishing some books, giving valuable tips, and solving other’s problems. Because the power of the internet is massive and you must utilize it. Automate your business and let the business work for you.

Focus on building a passive income through the internet. Like making coaching programs, publishing books on kindle, investments, and affiliate marketing, etc. This product requires not much work but gives a return forever. Find which products are in demand to make them.


9. Just focus on one thing- Indulging in many businesses will not work because you are not focussing on one thing to get big. Create multiple income streams from one business and focus on creating assets. Building your own business is the best way to make your F.U money. Leverage other people’s time to save your money.

You can achieve your F.U money by taking massive action and making changes in yourself. This is a great book to change your financial situation and take control of your life. Excuses don’t work but taking action and making mistakes would make progress in you.

You must read this book to live the life you want. Buy this book from Amazon. Thank you for reading my article!