A Comprehensive review on Think and Grow Rich Book

Who should read this book?

Anyone who has a strong desire for their goal and want to convert it into reality, who wants to improve their thought process, or want to make positive changes in yourselves this book is best for them. The book has valuable learnings of several years.



A great book was written by Napoleon Hill on Self Development. Napoleon has analyzed hundreds of men over a number of years and understand that how they have accumulated riches and great fortunes in their life. Few examples were Thomas A Edison, Henry Ford, Charles M. Schwab. Napoleon has introduced thirteen principles to accumulate great riches in life. I will be introducing to you the best teachings from this book that you should definitely use to reach your goal.

Best Teachings from Think and Grow Rich:



A burning desire to achieve your goal. The starting point of all achievement, a desire is not a wish or hope it is a strong desire for which you need to make sacrifices and definite plans to achieve it. You must write your aim in life on a piece of paper and read it aloud every night. So that, thoughts related to your desire will reach you. Desire is incomplete without mixing emotion in it, your subconscious mind will act only on those thoughts which are well emotionalized whether it be positive or negative.

Have faith in yourself, repetition of instructions given to your subconscious mind will develop the emotion of faith. Try to convince your subconscious mind that you believe you will receive that for which you ask and you will see patterns and plans which will lead to success. Never lose patience because the moment you lose patience, your success can be achieved by someone else and he will get great fortunes.

Always be consistent, do not give up because great riches are not achieved overnight it takes time, and when it will come it will come in a huge amount. Napoleon has stated two types of imagination which are Synthetic and Creative Imagination. In Synthetic imagination, only ideas or plans are arranged in new combinations and it creates nothing, it is made with the material of experience and observation, whereas Creative imagination gives new ideas to man through the vibrations of thoughts from the minds of others. It works when your conscious mind is stimulated at an exceedingly rapid rate for example if you want something in any situation which you desire the most. Both of these imaginations will require you, and you can develop them by using them frequently just as a body part develops through use.

Organized Planning, the most important part is to have a practical plan to achieve your desire. To achieve a great fortune you should create a Master Mind group to carry out your plan, you need to select very intelligently the members of you Master Mind group as no individual can accumulate a great fortune without the cooperation of other people. You must give them certain benefits to the members. Maintain harmony with the members, if one plan does not work well try another until you get a plan which worked well. Be persistent here.


good leadership


The Qualities a Leader should have:

1. Definiteness of Decision: One should take decisions by imagining its worst case and best scenario. He must always be sure of his decision.

2.Self Control: The leader should control himself and then others, then only others will follow him in his work. First, he should conquer himself.

3. Mastery in Detail: A successful leader should possess mastery in details.

4.The Habit of doing more than Paid for:  A leader should have a willingness to work more than he requires of his followers. If you are working more than paid for, you will get 10x back in return. Remember these always.

A follower can become a leader by intelligently following the guidance of his leader. A follower will not follow a leader who is Disloyal to his associates and other team members. The leader must have an imagination power for creating plans to guide his followers in the right direction.

Napoleon has given a great lesson on HOW TO GET THE EXACT POSITION YOU DESIRE first you have to decide what kind of job do you want, choosing the company in which you would like to work. Think of yourself like what kind of skills you have or the benefits which you can give to the company. Do not think of what I will get in return, think of what advantages I can give to the company, the more you contribute the more you will get it. And then handover it to the proper person with authority. The company is always looking for such kind of people who build great assets for the company.


causes of failure


The Major Causes of Failure:

1. Insufficient Education: According to people an educated man is who has a college degree and has vast knowledge. But this is not true, an educated person is one who can get whatever he wants in life without violating the rights of others. Education means having practical knowledge of things and know how to use it.

2. Ill Health: A person should have good health and mind to make their dreams successful. Neglecting your body and mind will be fatal for your success. So, live in a healthy environment.

3. Lack of Persistence: If you want to achieve great heights then you should master PERSISTENT. Because in any field you are you will need persistence. Try try and try until success is achieved.

4. The Habit of Indiscriminate Spending: You will see things around you that are not needed that much. Only 2 to 3 times in a year you will be using and the rest of the time it will be laying there. Do not spend more on unnecessary things which are not productive in long term. Always invest in learning new things because this will give you a huge ROI.

5. Intolerance: Intolerance means not willing to accept other opinions that are different from one’s own and the one who has stopped acquiring knowledge.

6. Guessing instead of Thinking: A person should have thinking power to make self-improvement. Some people are so lazy that we have to tell them that this is not correct for you. Always a person needs to think properly by questioning the mind and finding out the answers within you.

You have to analyze these causes and find in which area you need to improve a lot. Do not neglect this, because these will only help you to avoid mistakes that others have made. In order to accumulate riches in whatever amount you must have to do something in return like rendering USEFUL SERVICES to people. You cannot achieve riches without GIVING something in return. Workers go on strike and they demand high wages with less effort and they get it. They are in their belief that they can get anything of their choice. But this is not true, you have to take efforts to accumulate great riches.

Napoleon has given a brief role in the decision in life. He has told that people meet failure because of a LACK OF DECISION they reach a decision after a long time and quickly change it on others opinions. Intelligent persons take decisions quickly and change them slowly. You should take your own decision by using your own mind. Because no one knows what you want to achieve, they will tell their perspective. You can involve your team members in taking decisions but select the group members wisely. Always remember TALK LESS DO MORE this phrase will really help you in any field. You must learn to listen to the plans and purpose of others. And then you can give your perspective to it. Every decision requires courage and risk. Not a single decision has reached without courage, remember the biggest decision you had taken, does it require courage? Yes, like that only you have to reach a definite decision with courage and also measure the risk you have to take for it.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PERSISTENCE. Always aim for higher and be persistent in following it, don’t be discourage if situations look difficult there will be a way you just need to need to think SILENTLY. Anyhow, you want to reach the top make this as a note and see it every night and take efforts every day to achieve it, you will definitely get it, as it said A WINNER NEVER QUITS AND A QUITTER NEVER WINS. You need to define your goal clearly, strong willpower, and an intense desire to develop persistence.




Effects of Lack of Persistence:

1. Procrastination: The habit of delaying things, usually happens because of not having a strong motive which can deal with these habits.

2. Fear of Criticism: What people will say, will they like it or not. Such many questions come to mind when you are starting something new or doing differently from others. Remember, people will be proud of you when you get success and if meet failure they will blame you back. So don’t focus on these things just follow your intuitions.

3. Wishing instead of Willing: You must say, I will achieve my goal in any circumstances, whatever difficulties may come I will handle it.

Now the question will come in the mind, I understood what is PERSISTENCE and its effects but HOW TO DEVELOP PERSISTENCE the best way is to have a definite purpose with a Burning desire, organized plans for its achievement, don’t be in contact with negative people who will discourage you instead be with positive people who will support and appreciate you.

I had told you in the preceding paragraph to make your Master Mind group wisely, the reason behind this is no man can accumulate riches without the aid of a mastermind group. You need knowledge, experience, desire, and plans to translate into its monetary equivalent; you need to share your thoughts with these groups by taking them into confidence. Always select the members who make cooperative efforts and having a strong unity between them and you. Associate with men who are creative and have an amazing thinking ability so that you can absorb the vibrations of these great minds. Through this association, you can develop your other qualities. Follow this idea and you will see amazing results.

Napoleon has stated the role of the subconscious mind and its relation with the conscious mind. Napoleon told that our subconscious mind acts first on the dominating thoughts with a burning desire and starts making plans for its attainment. Remember, if you try to read your goal daily your subconscious mind will not accept it unless you make a habit of this. Be persistent don’t lose faith, you can influence your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind gets influence by useless things which are not contributing to your desire and you would not know that. In order to control these thoughts, you need to shut down this negative flow of thoughts by influencing with positive thoughts, and then you will have control over thoughts. You need to fill your subconscious mind with these positive emotions. The emotion of Desire, Faith, Enthusiasm, Romance, Hope. These are the most powerful emotions that you should use. Negative emotions to be avoided are Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge, Greed, Superstition, Anger. You should make a habit of applying these positive emotions in your mind. Afterward, your mind will be fully dominated by these positives emotions and not a single negative thought can enter into it. 

Napoleon has stated The Greatest Forces are Intangible, he is emphasizing on limited knowledge of men where the men are not aware of it and have no control over it. We speak about these forces but not known to them. Like, why am I not so good compared to him. And why this universe is created. Men are gaining more and more knowledge and studying about these forces.

The author is saying after you have mastered these principles and make use of it, your sixth sense will tell you what are the dangers to be avoided and the opportunities to pick up and grow. The sixth sense will come to your help and will question you before making a decision. You should follow your intuitions and grab the opportunity, then go forward and connect the dots backward. Your sixth sense will come into action when you are under influence of creative minds and extraordinary people, you will also experience its power of knowledge and thoughts. At the time you are reading this information about the sixth sense your mind is stimulated at a higher rate to understand and experience. You need to read this chapter again from this book to repeat this experience and to achieve your desire.

To make practical use of these lessons you need to master the biggest fears that you had. You need to experience these fears and overcome them, afterward, you will find there was nothing to be afraid of, you just need to experience it fully and it. To clean the negative influences in the mind you need to do self-analysis and must go on the right path. The questions would be, Have you improved at the next level to become extraordinary? Are you spending unnecessary time on useless things? such questions should be asked to be on the correct track.

You should read this book at least 3 to 4 times to understand these principles and to make practical use of it. Buy this from Amazon, it is really the best investment.