Who should read this book?

Those who want to become a millionaire and want to achieve something big in life. This book is for you and it will totally change your mindset. This book is especially for the average people who are satisfied with their current situation and not leaving the comfort zone. By reading this book you have nothing to lose instead you will get more benefits from it.


A short story of the Author

The author of this book Dev Gadhvi has his dream to transform the lives of 10 million people. He chooses his career in sales because it drives the economy. Coming from a middle-class family having the average mindset. Not aware that the average mindset is dominating the millionaire mindset. After realizing that I am born to achieve great success and not to live an ordinary life. Dev is telling that in his life the book FU Money by Grant Cardone has changed his life, like this, we also have such realization moments but we forget to understand it because we are stuck in our comfort zone. Everyone has to find their realization moments and try to become an extraordinary person.


unstoppable mindset


A Road to become Unstoppable-

The Moment of Realization: In our life, we live in an environment that teaches us ‘If you want to be successful you need to have a good-paying job, a luxurious flat and a nice car’ for them success means in terms of material things, they don’t go beyond that mindset, they remain there only and die in that average mindset. This is the point where we don’t have an idea that an average mindset is dominating us and lacking our progress. Now here is the question to you that how we can track this enemy and overcome it and the answer is, ‘we have some realization moments in life, it can be from a video, incident or a great book, anything. These incidents should be understood silently and need to transform ourselves to achieve what we want.

For that, we need to take Massive Action to achieve Massive results. The author is now telling to recognize the different kinds of people in our life:

Losers- The losers are the ones who don’t understand the importance of reading or investing in gaining more knowledge. They put in a very small amount of effort and expect great results. They blame others for the decisions that they had taken and are very careless about their health and life.

Comforters- These are the people who are not committed to their goals. They think that becoming rich is very difficult so they don’t even try to achieve it. They don’t like to see the growth of other people, try to discourage others. In reality, they are only distracted from their goal. They remain happy with what they have.

Averagers- Averagers is the one who thinks that I am so busy that don’t even have to do exercise, read books, it is a wastage of time and why waste our money on such things. They don’t dream big to achieve something great, they achieve a small goal and remain happy with it.

Unstoppables- These are people who take massive action to achieve their goals and take risks frequently. They like to help and teach others because by teaching something good life’s of many people can be changed. They invest more in learning, know the importance of time, and to achieve success becomes their habit. They dream big, have faith in themselves, have the mindset of a millionaire, and become an inspiration for their others.

Now the author is telling us to remove the losers, motivate the comforters to leave the comfort zone, and tell the averagers to read this book and become unstoppable.


Why live an average life and kill our dream?

This is the question to you why to remain an average person, why to sacrifice our dreams for the people who don’t care about us. Try to be more productive and contribute to our highest potential. Increase your capabilities to become extraordinary, see the top of everything and visualize yourselves in that place where no one has gone before, how interesting is it? Choose the path that matches your skills and do what is important to you. What would you like to choose?

A simple life with a medium amount of income

A Millionaire life enjoying what I am doing and upgrading my skills daily

Don’t compare yourself to others because what skills and abilities you have others may not have, the author is telling you to write down your goals daily to influence your subconscious mind, and visualize its presence. Don’t just visualize instead mix emotion of faith, enthusiasm, and excitement with it and you will see a change in you.


Change the Thought Process-

Think in abundance, think that what I have to achieve is not limited. See, everyone is achieving, we just need to find the ways and need a proper mindset to achieve success. Like this, money is also in great amount everyone is earning, why we cannot? There are many roads that lead to your goal, be a little open-minded and you will find many opportunities. Don’t give excuses rather change your thought process.


Attract Money by exchanging value-

You should think of abundance, why to have enough mindset? Aim high to get more from your life, you achieve what you think and couldn’t go beyond that. Have faith in yourselves, that I can also achieve it. So, aim big to achieve greatness. Focus more on value creation rather than just on money. The more value you give the more returns and benefits you will get. Be a little creative. Creativity will come from use, don’t just copy the skills of others. When you create something new your audience will like to see it. Creativity requires patience and specialized knowledge of a field. Solve a particular problem of the society by providing a great solution, become an innovator not a mediocre. Identify your passion and skills, think about what can I give to others, and can solve their problems.

Make a passive income for yourselves so that money will flow continuously even if you are on holiday. Have multiple sources of income to get rich. You can make a passive from your webinars, paid courses, E-books, investing in great assets, and many more. Making a passive income can give you financial freedom and you don’t have to worry about savings and loans. This can help you to reinvest more in your business and assets. Don’t just keep your money in your bank a/c save the money to invest in a proper place to get more returns. Focus on how I can give more to others how can I help them in the best possible way. Helping others should be your habit and you will get the benefits at the right time.


Become a Healthy Person to Contribute more-

The majority of the persons are overlooking the importance of health in life and assuming that ‘I am a fit person’ I do not require any type of exercise. It is a wrong assumption that if we are slim then we are healthy. That is not the correct thing, you need to look out your daily habits what type of food you are eating the most, is it nutritious food or junk food? You should be conscious while eating and ask yourself that what I am eating is required of your body? or eating because I like it. Giving excuses will not make you fit instead make commitments to live a fit and remain healthy.

happy family


Make your Family Happy-

Think of yourself when you have a lot of money and a luxurious car but you are not making your family happy. Some entrepreneurs become so busy in their work that they don’t spend enough time with their family and give excuses like I am so busy how can I get time for them? Don’t just earn money and give it to the family, also take them on amazing vacations, giving special surprises, spend some quality time, enjoy with them. Your family is the one who supports you in difficult situations.


Choose Proper Associates-

The achievement of your goal is decided with whom you spend time the most. Choosing the right friends is important for you because they may demotivate you or encourage you to achieve what you want. See how they treat their life and goal? This will help you to decide whether to be with them or not. Below are the characters of friends who are unambitious:

a) Having the habit of procrastination and lack of clarity about their dreams.

b) Spending more time on unnecessary things which could be used for a better advantage.

c) Assuming that I will have a great life ahead without putting many efforts.

d) Keep fighting with daily problems and don’t explore the real world.

e) Spend too much on useless things because having the fear of what my friend’s circle will say.

See the above characters and include some other characters also which you have noticed in a loser one. Choose friends who have some dream in their life and want to achieve it. Leave friends who are in a loser category.

              “Never bend your head, hold it high, look the world straight in the eye.”   –      Helen Keller


The Stage of Transformation-

Begin by taking the first step- The first step of the transformation of your mindset and body is START. Yes, you read it correctly, you need to start before you accomplish it. Some people just say that I want to start this thing at the right time but the time never comes. So you need to take the first step that is contributing to your goal, by moving ahead and you will see the road forward and then you progress gradually. So start it by doing a simple thing to kickstart your journey! You also need to take consistent efforts to complete the journey.


Plan your Day-

After waking up in the morning read some affirmations for For example- I am now fully charged, I have great capabilities or I am improving day by day. You will feel energized. Write down your goals to influence your subconscious mind and feel its presence. By doing exercise, listen to an audiobook to gain more knowledge. The author has named this process S.A.V.E.R.S which refers to Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Read, Scribble. Follow this routine every day, more productive.


Commitments– Some people assume that sticking to commitments is difficult. Yes, it is because to stay committed you need to avoid certain things that are against your favour. But by committing good habits will not harm you instead make you stronger, think about what will be the results if you remain committed, amazing yes? For that, you need to leave your comfort zone but the results are worth the efforts.

                                             “Money in the Brains grows faster than in the Banks”  –    Dev Gadhvi

Keep this thought in your mind and start investing in yourself. Don’t take the courses which are not matching your skills or which will not contribute to your goal. Take the courses, attend the workshops, and webinars to expand your knowledge on that subject because that is the only thing you need to focus on. Start investing your time in learning new things rather than just on entertainment. After you invest your money in learning something new you will get happiness and a sense of achievement and then you always recommend learning than just enjoying. Help others with what you have learned from your experience.


Selecting the Right Mentor-

Many people get stuck in this process and couldn’t able to learn efficiently. So they try to learn by Self without a mentor. This is not fully correct as you will require time to understand all the things and above that, your doubts will be more. So you need an experienced mentor who will guide you in your journey. Think of all the points while choosing the mentor-like whether he has enough knowledge, mindset of helping others, adding enough value to you, and wide information about him and his achievements.

Taking Day to Day Risks- The author is telling us to take calculated risks by predicting its results. Imagine the worst and the best case and then make a decision so that you know what could happen after this. Take risks and see what results you will get, it will be Amazing!


Being Consistent with what you are doing-

Think if you do exercise for 1 or 2 weeks and then leave it because you thought, so a boring task this is because your mindset has not changed, you are not serious enough to stick to your goal. Doing only for a few days will not help you, be continuous for at least 2 months then it will become a habit. You should be ready to play a long-term game for that you need to make things happen every day. “Give, Give, Give then ask” you should give the world of what you learned and you get 10x back but never expect many returns, focus more on giving. The author is telling you to write a book of yourself where you share your journey, difficulties, learnings, and life-changing moments the story that will inspire people to achieve success.

The source of motivation for different people is different. Some will remember their ultimate goal, curious to see the results after doing a thing. The motivation for me to keep writing great content is to become a great Content Writer and an SEO Expert. This pushes me ahead to write good content. Basically, What is your motivation? tell me in the comment section. Outsource the work to save your time where the small tasks can be done by your workers. Your focus should be on ‘How can I contribute more to my business’? and focus on the main thing that will give massive returns.


Transformation in 9 Days  -You will transform in 9 days by following a proper routine in your life. Following a proper routine and avoiding wastage of time will make you more productive, you will see a new you in yourself. You should do the S.A.V.E.R.S routine (explained above) for 9 days to see a change in you. Discipline is the only way to achieve what you want and see a positive change in you.


Personal Recommendations From my perspective, I will definitely suggest you read this book because it will change your perspective towards life and your goal. And students must read this book if you feel bored then just read only one page a day and you will be interested in reading further. Gradually, reading books will become your habit and you will stand out from those who are just wasting their time. I want to tell you certain things that will help you (especially for students), try to manage your time with your studies, do some extra activities, or learn something new. Do some creative work for 30 to 45 mins to make your imagination broader, like I am doing, writing blogs regularly. There are a lot of options like photography, designing, app development, social media influencer, blogging, singing, etc. You just need to choose one and practice it. How did you like the review of this book? Put your thoughts in the comment sections.

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