Great Experience of Dev Gadhvi Passionpreneur Masterclass

Great Experience of Dev Gadhvi Passionpreneur Masterclass

Are you struggling in 9 to 5 job and sacrificing your dreams? Do you want to find your passion and leave away the mediocre life? Then the following post is for you. I will cover in this post:

  • How to find your passion?
  • How to build your Authority?
  • 5 Streams of income that only Rich people know.
  • The Importance of Self-Development.




1. How to find your Passion?

What type of work do you like the most? And also you are skilled in that work. See if there is a demand or not. If you have not yet found your passion then start thinking and build the skill gradually, also you have to remember the demand for your skill. If there is no demand and you are skilled in that work, anyone will not hire you. So there should be a demand matching your passion and skills then only it will help you.

                              “If you are for Everyone then you are No one”   – Dev Gadhvi

2. Building your Authority-

Building your authority includes 7 steps that are:

Micro Niche– Pick a micro niche where you are the only one who is providing the service. If you become a Digital Marketer then everybody is a Digital Marketer what unique you have. If you say I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Mentor for educational institutions. It sounds interesting to the people, they will want to know how do you do this. This is the magic of specialization, you are picking a small market where everybody is not like you. So, specialize in a small niche and build your authority. Remember this was the first step, you have to go step by step, do not take the 3rd or 4th step at the start.

Creating your Content– Can you tell me which type of content is the best? Those are books and videos. Books teach you many things about life, they can make you aware of the big mistakes and teach you the important lessons of life. People like video content format, you can make your digital products in video format. Now, can you tell me the best platform of content? No, it is not Youtube. It is Clubhouse, the clubhouse is a great place to provide them great content and you can also learn from Millionaires and Billionaires. Don’t just be a consumer there be a producer as well. The clubhouse is available only on ios.

Making a System– You have to learn the basic systems that are Email Marketing, Sales funnel, Video Editing, and Picture editing. You need to learn how email automation works, how to build great funnels, and then you can automate all of the things. You can first do it manually and then hire an employee to do this all.




Build a Community– You have to create your community to send them daily short videos, making announcements, important messages and also to take suggestions from them. You can build the community on Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. It helps you to build your brand and reach a wider audience.

Building your Strategy– The first step you have to build your product that will provide value to the audience. They should pay you in advance for your product. Then comes marketing, you have to market your product before launching. If you launch a product and then market it, it will not sell. First, do marketing and then make sales, which is the last part. More sales will happen when you have provided a lot more than the people have paid you.

Making your Product– There are different prices of products. First is free, like you can conduct a free webinar or workshop. The second one is affordable where the product price is low but the value is high. In this type, everybody can buy it and you can sell your premium product to a wider audience. And the third one is core products where the product price is high and the value you are giving is super high. In this type, you give access to your private community and support for a specific period.


3. 5 Streams of Income only Rich people Know:

streams of income


Active Income– It is the income where you are working daily for 30 days in a month and the income is handed to you. This is a normal type of income where everybody gets stuck in the rat race.

Passive Income– It is the income where you are not working but still the income is generated. This can be done by publishing books, making digital products, or investing in yourself.

Leverage Income– It is the income where other people (workers or employees) are working for you. You can go on long vacations but your business will not get affected.

Money Income– Money income is a simple type where you invest the money in something and you get more returns. This income is generated by investing in stocks/bonds, real estate, or in a friend’s business.

Brand Income– It is the income generated just by giving your name to others. Your name has become most valuable where people can trust you and buy anything that you tell them. It takes time to build but its returns are massive.

The most valuable income you can get is from self-development, it can give 10x or 100x returns. Remember your greatest asset is your mind, make it strong to make more money and to have more options in life.

I personally suggest you attend a webinar or workshop of Dev Gadhvi he is India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor. His programs are also well designed, you can see his achievement and about him on DevGadhvi.in. He had published two books that are: ‘80% Mindset 20% Skills‘ and ‘6 Sundays a Week Life’. I will soon publish a book review on 6 Sundays a week life. Thank you for reading my article!


Make your Start-up Journey Memorable using this Steps (2021)

Make your Start-up Journey Memorable using this Steps (2021)

In this article, I will tell you how to start and grow the start-up in India at the initial stage and take your start-up to the next level. This article is for those people who are willing to start a start-up in India and ready to take efforts. So, let’s dive in!

Why start a start-up in India?

The main reason is the youth of the country, the teenagers are all super active to do business and to live a luxurious life or might have to solve a specific problem of the society. Everybody just thinks that they will start a start-up and grow it in the future but the main problem is they just think they never take action. If you don’t give momentum, shape to your idea it will not bring fortune to you. You have to convert your idea into execution and grow slowly.

Start-up or doing business helps employment generation and well-being of the people. There will be no poverty if everybody tries to be self-employed and gives jobs to others. The government is encouraging people to start their own start-ups. After reading this article you will get some business ideas and then you can move ahead by executing them.


start-up idea


What’s is your idea?

The idea is your base of the start-up. What type of business do you want to start? It can be anything like opening a training centre where you will train the students and take them on the job based on their performance, opening your office related to your profession, or manufacturing a product that a market needs it. Come up with an idea that is unique and solving the major problem of the people as well. The bigger the problem, the more money you will make. So get the idea clear in your mind.

Focussing on ONE plan only-

Having two plans in the mind, then the chances of succeeding are very less. If you stick to the plan that you have made and give your 100% then it will definitely work. You will be not sure whether this plan will work or not. But having an alternative plan will not help you, focus on one plan and put your full energy, suffer the pain because that makes your stronger will help you to succeed in the long term. Commitments in the star-up are important because that makes you think about the solution and make it happen in any situation.


funds for start-up


Arrangement of Funds-

I have written a detailed article on how to get funds for a start-up or for any other business. You will get to know the different sources of funds that are required for your business. So, visit that article. I will also give a extra tip for a debt-free business.

1) Take 50% or more in advance to manufacture your product. So, that you don’t need to take money from others.

2) If you want to make cost effective then do the entire process by yourself. From raw materials to finished goods and exporting them.

3) Avoiding wastage of resources and making simple and easy process can save your most of the money.

Choosing the location and environment-

Choose a proper location where you can work at night, secure, and with affordable rent. Arrange all the systems and computers that you need to work on. Remember to begin with a small market and then expand slowly. Maintain an environment that is favourable and more productive for your work. What type of environment your employees like, keep that only. It will make them feel interested in their work. We will discuss more employees in the later section.


Understand the Market-

First understand what the market wants, their problems, and expectations. You have to look towards the problem and then take action according to it. Quora is a great place to look after different problems. Initially, you have to take some efforts to market your products. You have to tell stories to people that are relatable and interesting. Then the growth will happen slowly.


business team


Building your Team-

Making an efficient team is necessary for the company’s growth. You will think that hiring my friends or relatives will help in the start. Well, avoid that, you cannot fully trust your friends or relatives. They may want a job but you will find it difficult when you want to remove them from your company. If your friend is efficient and you have trust in him then there is no problem. The reason you should hire a team member from outside is that you have the authority and choice, you can choose according to your judgment. Well, I have written a detailed article on how to hire employees for a company, you can read that.


Updating yourself-

In your journey, you will face competition and many other obstacles but you have to be updated. Every day you should invest some hours in learning new things, reading books or sharpen your skills regularly. You can take a course, attend seminars, workshops to develop your skills. Learning will never end. Investing in yourself is the best way to be ahead of the competition.


Grab the Opportunity-

Don’t wait for opportunities to come, go and find new opportunities. Life is full of opportunities, it offers every day a new opportunity but we don’t see it. Taking the opportunity at the right time will help you in the long term. Along with that take risks, if you don’t take risks you will not grow enough, you will play a safe game where there are very few returns. Take calculated risks and see the outcomes, you will be surprised!


Take a look at Digital Marketing-

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing industry. If you missed this area, you will lose your main audience. Having your own website, community, and email list are necessary for today’s age. Generating leads through your lead magnet will help you to understand and nurture your audience in a better way. You can make announcements, promote your product, also get the suggestion of the audience. If you want to learn Digital Marketing and become an expert in it then you can visit here. Remember, doing Digital Marketing can grow your revenue by 10x.

Having a Polite Attitude– Always say I am prepared to do the following things:

Do's and Don'ts


Customer Service-

Remember, the customer is your king, you should keep him happy. At many companies the queries of customers not get solved quickly. If you are slow in responding to customer queries then you might have to improve on your customer service department. A longer time to respond will result in losing many customers. So, provide the best service to the customer because a happy customer will bring more customers.

I have listed some websites that will be useful for your start-up. Have a look at it.



Angel List


Difficulties during your journey-

There will be many difficulties waiting for you. But the difficulties become very small compared to your desire to make it a successful start-up. Sometimes you will have a problem in outsourcing funds or employees are not working properly. Everyone problem has a solution, if there is no solution then the problem never existed. So find it out how can I fix it and move ahead there is a lot to explore. Have massive goals in your life that will keep you motivated that you have to achieve them anyhow. 

Having patience is important in the start-up. Taking consistent efforts, significant patience and always looking for opportunities can help the start-up to grow exponentially. In your start-up journey you will not know what is working and not working, so always experiment and see which is the best and then scale up. You will have a little fear, nervousness in your mind, just face that and you will realize, that was nothing. There is a lot to explore ahead. 

All the best for your start-up journey! Thank you for reading my article and tell me how did you like this article.

A Simple Guidance for the Growth of your Business

A Simple Guidance for the Growth of your Business

Is it necessary to Grow your business?

Definitely Yes, If you want to grow your business massively and want to increase the revenue by creating more value for your customers then you must read this.


1. Understand the Likes and Dislikes of customer: The majority of people just focus on what the customer likes but they forget his dislikes. It can be anything like improvement in your services, communication, your website load time is another factor. If you want more customers then you should solve these issues quickly. Understand your customer from every angle to provide him the best suitable products and services.




2. Expect more from your employees: Always select a perfect fit employee, not a near fit employee. If an employee makes a mistake then do not fire him, he will learn from his mistakes and will build great assets for the company. To serve thousands of customers you must have a skillful team that will provide a better service to the customer. If an employee is weak in his work, train him, and provide special attention to him and then expect extraordinary work from him.


3. Take quick decisions: If you have a clear idea of what you want, you will make quick decisions and will change them after long thinking. Those who do not have clarity in the mind takes a long time to make decisions till then there will be huge competition waiting for you. You can go further and make improvements in the product by taking a simple decision. So don’t wait for more. Go ahead!




4.  Make Innovation in your business: Lots of businessmen focus on innovation in their business because people want something new and great compare to the earlier one. You can simplify your production method which can save your time, installing a new feature in your business like opening a new product line or improvement in transportation, coming up with good quality products, etc. The only thing you need is deep thinking which can keep you on top of the market.


business expansion

5. Expand your business: Some small businesses start with a small company and they remain at that level they don’t try to expand their business to get more revenue. You can expand your business by hiring more skillful employees to make a big team, expanding in distribution by building great infrastructure, expand your business where your market share is low and make a strong distributing network to attract more customers. Make a variety of products to do upsell and cross-sell. So that, under your own brand other products will also get sold. So, you don’t have to market other products it will sell automatically according to its demand. This is called Umbrella Branding.


7. Taking Day to Day Reports: Always take reports of the company departments to get a clear idea about how it is working. You can take a day to day reports of some departments or at the weekend. This will help you to know which department is working above expectations and below expectations, accordingly, you can pay more attention to these departments. You should also place Productivity Tracker to track the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), time, and workflow of the employees. You should frequently check these reports have a clear idea of your business. Further, this can help you to take the business on automation without being physically present.


8. Focus on the Main thing: If you are the owner of the business you should focus on the main thing to achieve massive growth and let your employees do multiple things on behalf of you. Make day to day commitments and try to complete it, also have a record of goals that are remaining to do. Ultimately it will create an improvement cycle in you which is necessary for the growth of the business.


Market penetration strategy



6. Market Penetration Strategy: See in which area there will be a huge growth in the future and which has very low competition but high demand. Understand the business climate and make your product according to the market need. Sell your product half of its actual price to capture a big market. This method is called Loss Leading Strategy. Create a monopoly on a product where your customer will become a promoter and from there, your revenue will start growing


7. Business Format: If your product is simple and everyone can make the product better than you, you need to focus on the business format to build scalability. Make strong your franchise, train him to make the product, and give him huge profits to grow your sales and to make standardization in the product. Always find an opportunity to develop and improve your business. Overcome all the fears and problems, and your business will have huge growth in the future.


8. Happy Employee: Always keep your employees happy, give them extra facilities such as breakfast, taking a trip, National holidays. If you make the employee happy he will make the customers happy and he will enjoy his work.


9. Identifying your Business Progress: This question will come to mind that I understood how to build a business but how I will come to know is it showing definite results. Analyze whether the customer is ready to make the payment in advance or having a great interest in your product, how much value do you created for the customer for his benefits. Take feedback from the customer whether he is satisfied or not with your product. Analyze all these reports and you will have a clear idea about your business growth.


All the best for your further Entrepreneur Journey! If you like this article leave a comment below and subscribe to my newsletter.

Thank you for reading the article!

The Easiest Way to get Funds for your Business

The Easiest Way to get Funds for your Business

 Getting Funds for Startup-Most Important


This is the point where most of the Startups get stuck. This the point where some Startup take-off and some of them gets shut down. Imagine that your major problem i.e capital or funds gets resolved and you are very excited to go further. Seems to be interesting! Yes, it is. First of all question yourself Why do you want funds? It can be for business or any other reason. Make a well-organized plan, that when you will receive the amount the money. What will you do with that money? Make your purpose clear, it helps in explaining your plan more understandable to people.

A question will arise in your mind that HOW TO CONVINCE PEOPLE that we will make the best use of that money to render useful services. Now, it is the time to explain the plan which you have made earlier, you have to explain every element of your plan like How will you make your team and train them, the competition in your field, etc. People will have some doubts about your idea, make them clear in their understandings. But where to do this all, you can contact media, gather people and deliver a speech about your idea. It will definitely have an impact on some people if your idea is about helping people, creating value for them, or solving their major issues. When your intention is to help them or to provide better service you will definitely get results for your effort. Be Persistent in your effort results will not come immediately it will take some time, but when it comes, it comes in HUGE amount.




Intelligently Organizing your Capital


Without having a Well Organized plan for your Capital you cannot make a multi-billion-dollar company. Making a well-organized plan is essential for GROWTH and SUSTAINABILITY of your Business. Make a plan which includes competitor research, Advertisement, Product Development, Drawings, etc. Invest the money intelligently to get higher returns. Managing your Financial Accounts is equally important, appoint an Accountant which will keep a record of all the transactions. After having sufficient growth of your Business your profit can be able to pay your dues on time which will ultimately increase your business efficiency. Having unselfish thoughts, providing useful services at a much affordable price will bring riches to you.


Personal Savings and Crowdfunding


You should invest your personal savings in the business along with the investor’s money this will help you to focus more on the business because your money has invested and you will not lose your money in any situation. Crowdfunding can help you to get funds for your startup easily without much effort. A lot of people can give you a small amount of money which will be a Kickstarter to your business. You can also take help from incubators which will provide you the funds and other things that are necessary for the initial stage of your startup and in return they will receive some amount of share in your company. Remember you should have the capability to sustain the business in the long term then only you will get funds for the startup.


debt management for startups


Debt Management -Startups

90% of the businesses fail because of debts. They take the debts from banks or any other non-institutional sources and fail to repay them. I will tell you the things which will give you more return. See how many EMIs you have taken and which loan is taking the highest interest from you, clear them first, and pay the short term loans in a small amount. If you pay the high-interest rate loans on a huge amount in less time it will give you 3 to 4 times more benefit than paying in medium amounts. Sell the things that are useless and unnecessary lying in your storeroom that can pay some loans of yours. Keep in control of the unnecessary expenses, comforts, and luxuries that can also help you in paying the loans. Always have the habit of budgeting your money so that you know in which area you are spending more and that you can redirect to your loans. The last point, build strong your savings with your income so that you don’t need to take loans and pay the interest. You can invest in mutual funds or the stock market for extra savings.




Investment in Knowledge


Do not stop here, your journey has just started, you have only gathered capital for your Business. The most important thing which will make your Business to the NEXT LEVEL is gaining more and more practical knowledge about your field. Which will keep you ahead of your competitors. All the best for your Startup!

I hope you have understood what I have told you and soon start implementing it. Further Articles about Businesses will be published soon. If you like this article leave a comment below. Thank you!