Who doesn’t need Advertisements?

Advertisements are important for every business to build their brand and authority in the market. From strong branding and authority, the trust of the company in the eyes of people becomes stronger. So in this post, we will discuss how to make an advertisement that will lead to more conversions and the attention of the people.


Why Effective Advertising is Important?

While most of the businesses make such a simple ad which has no effect on the people and the ad expenses are gone in waste. So it is more important to study how one ad can make a huge turnover for the company. To make a memorable ad you need to understand your audience and design your ad according to them. Effective advertising can make engagement with the audience, drives traffic and creates a forward motion in the market, overall it is action-oriented and we need to use them in our favor.

The power of Effective marketing is great and you need to utilize it fully to get benefitted. I will discuss all of the methods for effective advertising and the mistakes done by most marketers while advertising their brands.


Types of Advertisements:

Features Oriented Advertisements:  Will you buy the product that have many features or the one that have the features plus benefits? Of course the one with many benefits. Some marketers tells only the features of the product and they lose the customers. I will give you more examples to make you clear. Below is one example which focusses more on features but not telling what we can get from the features. If you are telling the features and the benefits that the customer will get then he will definitely make a purchase.


features oriented


Advantages Oriented Advertisements: Basically, this kind of ads works in the market as the customer has a clear idea what he will get from it. I will show you some examples of such ads. Below is the example of iPhone that are telling their benefit in a simplest manner.

Benefits of Iphone


Another one if I am selling a Digital Marketing course people will ask me the benefits, that will be:

  • Get a High paying salary at anywhere.
  • Add an Additional Income for your family.
  • Learn from the Top Industrialists Experts.

These are the benefits you will get when you buy this course and there are a lot more than that. One more thing you can add to benefits like the Avoidance of Mistakes, people buy mistakes and can take action in the right direction. So, you can add all of these things to your ad.

Emotional Advertisements: Emotional advertisements works really great because they bring a emotional attachment with the audience and an emotional story gets fit in their mind. People don’t want the information about your product they want the feeling that they will get from it. Emotions are very powerful and people remember the brand which connects with their emotions. Emotional ads require less cost to make but it gets viral like anything due to strong emotions. Some of the examples are given below. An emotional ad made by Samsung results in an increase in their sales by making the audience feel responsible and helpful to others. You can too can make an emotional ad by identifying a strong emotion of your audience.

Some Examples of Excellent Advertisements:

The college students gift their professors a Titan Watch and the professor got emotional for showing so much of love. Titan is giving the experience of happiness for sharing love with others.


Above is the ad on google that tells us we can search anything on Google and get our solution and how wonderfully the two best friends had met each other. Google has touched the emotions of people and generated more than 150 billion dollars from one ad.


Above is the ad of Coca-Cola that focuses on sharing happiness with each other. They know their target audience and making such wonderful ads.

I hope you have understood on which type of ad to focus on and make your brand viral in the market. I will suggest you to read some books on advertising:

Read- 1) Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy.

2) This is Marketing by Seth Godin.


How can you do your Advertising at Low cost?

Low cost marketing helps you if you don’t have enough budget to spend on ads to gain more audience. So, I will tell you some techniques for low cost marketing and gain the customers of other brands. So let’s start!

Cross Promotional Marketing- This is the technique where you can promote the products of another brand, not your competitor but who have a unique identity in the market related to your product. This can be done by collaborating with another brand. For example Mac Donalds and Coca-Cola, Ariel, and LG are the brands who are promoting each other’s products having a unique quality in each of them so it helps to attract new customers of each others brands at a very low cost. But you will have a question that which brand is the most suitable for me. I will tell you.

1. Most Suitable Partner– You have to pick the partner who is loyal enough, having the similar audience, and psychographic also who have a unique identity in the market. There are so many partners out there to whom you can easily promote, you just have to research in the market.

2. Integrative Advantage- Tell your partner what advantages and benefits will he get by promoting you and then tell what benefits you will get. This will help in building long-term relationships.

3. Legal Contract– Having a legal contract is a must, it tells us what commitments were made, ROI between each other, and responsibilities. This helps to build trust with the brand.

Comment in the comment section that which type of ad do you like the most and will be using for your business. Thank you for reading my article! See you in the next post.