Who should read this Book?

This book is especially for those who want to improve their marketing skills. Because marketing requires everywhere and without marketing business cannot survive. Seth Godin the god of marketing has wonderfully explained how marketing works and how we can benefit from it. So let’s learn a new way of marketing.


Leave the Old Method of Marketing-

Earlier all the masses were just shouting and telling the information of the product, sending random messages, not understanding the need of the society just selling more and more to get more profit. That method of marketing is now gone. The new way of marketing is to solve a problem of a particular group with a perfect solution. Marketing is done to provide more opportunities, spreading our ideas to make the change happen.


What actually Marketing is?

Marketing is understanding the dreams and desires of the people. It is not selling a low-quality product with a high value. It is about changing people’s minds and help them to achieve what they want. In every step of marketing, we have to see what works and whatnot. If it works fine. If not, search for what is working and learn new things.

Marketing involves telling emotional stories which are relatable to the people, building a product according to the market needs, and showing your product consistently to make the change happen. Marketing needs creative people who can make a change by making things better. But the marketer must be clear who is it for? and what is it for? so the efforts will be in the correct direction. You have to change the people’s perspective towards you.

A story that people will feel connected to you and want to hear more from you. Ultimately it increases your trust level which turns into a transaction. People want the results that will get from your product and not the features. They want a sense of satisfaction, status, and confidence from the product. Make a rational choice while understanding the market and its behavior.


dominos Pizza


Case Study:  Dominos Pizza

According to you, what is the best quality of dominos? It’s their fast delivery and quality service. They are more focused on customer’s needs and delivering the best pizza in the market. They are consistently updating the customers about the latest trends, offers and taking valuable feedback to improve. Dominos have managed their reputation by making a change in the market and are leading it.

As a marketer, you should make a promise to yourself that what change you want to make and how will you do that? It will help you to direct your efforts in the right direction. Remember, ‘If you are for Everyone then you are No one’ you should change a particular group of people that have similar views and beliefs. Put yourself in the place of the market and imagine what the market thinks and what stories they tell themselves. This helps us in understanding people’s reactions towards your product and understanding their problems better.

Choose your people based on psychographics who are the right people according to you, those who will share your message, and they are your true fans your focus must be on this group. Be more specific. Your product should match the wants of people. Serve your audience with great care so that people will start loving you and share your thoughts. You have to describe who is it for. Your product is only for those people who you are trying to change.


Defining the Better-

Better is different for everyone someone feels that this product is better and it could be different for others. Best is different for everyone, for someone the best brand could be Nike for others it can be Sparx it differs because we remember the one which is best for us and worth it. You have to target this audience so that they can find you. Find the dreams and desires of the people, offer a solution, and serve them better so that they pay you enough attention.




Case Study: Amazon

Amazon is a company that focuses on the consumer and delivers the best service. They understand the market needs and their problems and provides a perfect solution like fastest delivery and great customer support. Most of the brands ignore this department but it should give the utmost importance. When a customer reports a problem, he or she is connected with the concerned department within a minute and the problem is solved.

Choose your Extremes– In today’s world, there are too many choices, and what is the guarantee that the customer will choose you? You need to pick your unique feature to separate from the competitors. You need to build a strong emotion ( safety, worthy or valuable) that your customer will get when he thinks about your market.

Be Different from Your Competitors– You should have the skill of being different and delivering a high-quality product. The skill that technology can’t replace you. You have to build your own story that defines your promise, strengthen your core values, building relationships with customers, and making positive changes in the market. If you want to understand what your audience likes in your niche then take feedback, you will understand who is better and why?

You have to be authentic towards your work. Don’t do the work that you don’t love. Understand the audience, their beliefs, and views. Be more personal with the audience don’t talk with them as a brand, talk to them as a person who makes a strong connection.

Deeply Understanding the Customer– The product you make is not just a task that a customer will use and throw it away. You are offering him the roadmap that leads to his desires. It is the feeling of status, emotion that the customer gets from it. You have to see the dreams and fears of different customers because each one will have their fears and desires.

Always be testing your product with the type of audience you seek to serve, what is working and what is not working, and see what your audience likes the most. If you want to charge more from the people, you don’t need to increase the quantity instead you need to put your highest value to the audience with a great story. Offer your service full of love and happiness, great service, and quality products to attract more customers.

Achieving the Small Market– You have to first win the micro-market to expand further and gaining your true hundred fans. The fans are the one who has trust in you, loving you and buys your every product and also recommend to their friends. To achieve results in mass-market you have to work on the small market. When you get feedback on your great product you will find some wrong feedbacks that are not useful for you because the one who has given a one-star should have a different problem, not from your product. In this case, you have to ask for helpful advice on how the product could fit from their perspective, don’t just take random feedbacks.

People Like Us Do Things Like This– Everybody takes decisions to buy a product or service by looking at the crowd not by thinking why it is important just people are doing, so we should also. We cannot change the whole culture but we can change the small market. You have to create tension in the market telling that everyone is coming why you want to leave behind and give a chance to increase the status of the audience.

Creating a Pattern– You have to create a pattern and tension in the market by interrupting people. Create tension of left behind to uninformed for the people who can take an action. But how to create the tension? Tension can be created by making a strong offer or a situation that is never created before and relieving that tension in the form of action.

We make most of the buying decisions based on our status that we live in. It will not make sense initially but if we think deeply that we took the decision because that suits our status. Separate the audience based on the status roles by identifying their behavior. This will help you to know which are the audience who want to increase their status and the status of others as well. Status plays an important role in life. You have to understand what people are telling themselves about you, make them a part of your group, and be connected.

Making your Logo– Your logo is the sign for people to remember your company, it remembers them of your brand when you show up a logo. Your symbol should be related to the change you seek to make and describing your special feature. The brand is something that people care about you and expecting better work from you. Without a brand logo is useless and you can choose a logo as your first name.

Treating Different People Differently– You have to offer your product according to the people’s behavior towards buying, some people like to have a new thing in their hand but some will love what they have. Different people want different things based upon their routine and likes & dislikes, so you have to treat everyone differently to get the desired results. Identify which group of customers is contributing to your profit and leave others who cost you money. Focus on the profit-making customers with a delightful experience and excellent customer service and in return, you are in huge profit.

Building your Strategy– Your strategy should be clear to you that what change you are going to make and who it’s for. It should be for the right people. The strategy is made by tactics and by testing different tactics you will get an idea of which one is working. Your more focus should be on Digital Advertising where you can market your product efficiently to the right people and earn trust and attention gradually. You can also go for Brand Marketing where the environment in your company, delivery service, and the treatment you give to the customers everything matters and you can improve it to build your strong brand.

You have to grab the people’s attention by placing your ad continuously to the right people even if they get tired of it. Jay Levinson said, “Don’t change your ads when you’re tired of them, don’t change them when your employees and friends are tired of them. Change them when your accountant is tired of them”. So frequency matters. People should directly search your name or the service you deliver to them so that Google will understand that you care for the people and they can rank you.


product price


What is your product price?

The price of your product determines whether it will sell to or not. Someone will try to buy a cheaper product rather than expensive but he will not see its ROI that he will get. So you have to fix the price according to the people you serve. We cannot sell the product for free because it requires the cost to market and invests in our team but you can give your ideas and tips free to people.

Earning Permission– To deliver an email or a message you need permission to contact the people so, permission is valuable. If you have permission you can gain attention and trust. Educate the people regularly, only to those who want to hear from you. Permission is an asset, you have to earn it. You have to benefit the user from your service so that he can proudly spread your word.

The Role of Trust– Trust is a factor that needs to be earned by continuous communication, helping the people, and giving proper guidance. People not only hear you but also trust you. Most important thing is to gain trust from your target audience.

Funnel Building – Fixing your funnel is like growing your customers, others don’t even know that problem is in the funnel. The problem may be in delivering the right kind of service, not doing according to the promise, or disrespecting the audience. Examine your funnel and see what changes you need to make while experiencing the journey of the customer. Do you need a strong reason for your offer that why should people share your story and recommend others to use your product?

Managing your tribe is important. You have to gain action by telling others how they could achieve their dreams as you did and we are all same and now it is the time to change ourselves. This causes tension and leads to forward motion. You have to be committed to your tribe and your tribe will be committed to you.

If your product is not selling then you have to change the story that you tell to the people. Give them a new story to tell which includes status, safety, and respect. As a marketer, you constantly need to become better and better to market your product efficiently to the right people and make things better.

I hope you like the article and a brief story about marketing. If you want to improve your marketing skills then you should buy this book from Amazon. Thank you for reading my article!