When it comes to investing in the stock market, everyone ignores it and puts their money in other investment options such as gold, mutual funds, or real estate. They have a fear of losing their money in the stock market. But why they are having such blind beliefs? So let’s understand in detail.


#1 Ignorance about Investment options:

We are taught in our childhood and our parents also recommend investing in reals estate, FDs, or mutual funds that are safer options for investing. So, we also try to invest according to what our parents say but we are losing a golden opportunity to earn a big fortune. (I will this in detail in further part)


#2 Stock Market is a Gamble:

Those who have half knowledge and invest in the stock market by hearing just news and insider’s information, for the stock market is a gamble. But for others, it’s a money-making machine because of their intelligence.


#3 Only rich people can earn money in the stock market:

Some people believe that only rich people who are having secret information can make huge money. But it’s not about rich and poor it’s about the mindset you have towards others. Rich and poor both can build a great fortune by using their knowledge and becoming an informed & intelligent investors.


Why only Share market and not other options?

You may ask me what’s special about this. It’s a money-making machine and everybody can earn huge profits from it. People are just ignoring this golden opportunity and trying to invest their harden money in mutual funds or FDs.

Most people want safer options that will give them good returns after some years. But you will not believe that the money you invest here will get the highest returns only by using your knowledge. Some try to go on the road that was taken before, but very few invest in self-education and find a way that was not taken before. By investing in a small amount (5000) monthly your portfolio worth can become more than 10 crores in 4 to 5 years.


Which is the reliable source?

So, it’s all about having the right knowledge from the right person who will guide you in the right direction and shares his experience transparently. In this period, it’s very difficult to find such a reliable source from which you can learn these things and start investing wisely.

But I have found a reliable source. Mr. Sagar Dodega an Ex-IES Officer, my mentor of share market whom I have learned a lot of things and the mistakes to avoid. He also has his own youtube channel- CIVIL BEINGS. I have purchased this course from the Indian Skills Academy app (available on play store) build by him. Start your investing journey with this course. You can achieve your financial freedom and do what you want. This course will remove the fear of investing from your mind.

The value you will get is just amazing at a much affordable price. By doing this course, you will understand the different market terms and you can interpret the news also. You can also go for other sources according to your choice but I will recommend the above course to you.


Some Bonus Tips on Investing:

  • Having control over greed, patience and investment are necessary for investing. Long-term trade (for 6 – 9 months) can make huge profits than short term. Never invest without studying the company. Incomplete knowledge and over greed can lead to big losses.


  • Keep a diversified portfolio to minimize your losses. Keep a separate Demat a/c for long-term investments and another for the short term.


  • Take news from authentic sources like Economic Times. Read articles on ET Markets.


  • Always keep learning from big investors like RJ, Radhakrishna Damani, and many others. As it is said, ‘Money in the Brain grows faster than in the Banks


  • Never invest when there is extreme greed in the market. Invest at the lowest point and sell at the highest.


  • Use tools like- Tickertape, trading view, upstox or Zerodha, and MS Excel to track your portfolio.

All these things should be taught to students in school & colleges because these investment plans and financial management should be learned by everyone. If our youth learn to invest wisely then our Indian economy can grow consistently.


Final Words:

I hope you have understood the power of investing and making huge profits. I also tell you that cryptocurrency is not recommended because it is not regulated by India, no intrinsic value, and there is no existence of it. So, basically I don’t invest in cryptocurrency and why not to buy our Indian stocks and grow our country.

If you are a student and don’t have enough money, you can take pocket money from your parents or learn a skill, do freelancing, teach others and invest them into stocks. Adapt good and new habits to leave the bad habits, as understanding & managing the finance must be learned by everyone. It’s a need of the hour, so to become financially free is the topmost priority. I hope, you have understood what I told you. But you need to take action to grab the full benefits.

Start your journey by opening your Demat a/c and invest wisely. Thank you for reading my article! Happy Investing.