The Copywriter’s Handbook is suitable for every person who is struggling to get more sales from the copy. Those who have started learning to Copywrite can have this book because it gives a clear step-by-step process for writing copy that sells. This is the updated fourth edition of this book because the way of presenting the copy has changed, advertising medium and buying process has changed. So what you can get from this book? Is it worth the investment?

Robert W. Bly has stated that the main purpose of the copy is to sell the product and not just entertaining or creating humour in the copy. How you convince the reader to spend their hard-earned money on your product that is copywriting.


The Main Key Points from this Book:


Headlines – The first thing the user will read is your headline. if your headline is not good enough he will not read the further copy. So, writing a headline that is unusual, controversial, surprising, specific, and interesting would work. Your headlines should represent a reward or solving a problem of the user. It can also be a powerful quote (below is the example), a question, or related to current events. So focus on your headline to get attention.

Every Successful Businessmen must be able to sell through the Art of the Written Word-  Anik Singal

Communication- The introduction of the copy should tell what the user will get by reading your copy. Include how your product can solve the consumer’s problem in simple words. Make bullet points to understand clearly what are the features and their benefits.

Use short sentences because it keeps the reader’s inflow. Include your Unique Selling Proposition in the copy that will make your brand stand out from others. USP makes the buyer more interested in your product.


blank page


Why your Page remains Blank?

When you start writing you don’t have any ideas and you cannot write further. I have a solution for you. Outline the copy and be ready with your research and materials. Write carelessly whatever information you have gathered from different sources. Once you have written that make a group of related points and then organize them in terms of their importance.

An outline gives you guidance on what to write next in sequential order. In this way by writing carelessly but editing carefully, your page will never be blank.


Writing your Copy- While writing your copy you should be done with the research of the product, customer problems, and the demand in the market. Introduction of the copy should represent, What’s in it for them? What the customer will get by reading your copy. The purpose of the story in the copy is to generate relatability with the user then prove your credibility in the content and confirm your sale by adding enough value.

The flow of the copy is important as it will make the user read the copy completely. For that, short sentences, changing fonts, underlines, and making bullet points is necessary so that visual flow will be maintained. Make it more visually appealing.

To maintain auditory rhythm read your copy twice before publishing it and see where the user gets disconnected and correct it. Have a strong Call to Action (CTA) with big size and bold letters. CTAs such as Learn more, Book a Free Call or Grab your Free Copy works better.

Making a killer offer such as a ‘50% Discount on Lamborghini’ with this offer if you make an emotional connection with the buyer he will surely make the purchase. Including bonuses such as ‘ 3 Year Warranty or Free Service for 8 months’ can make your offer more interesting. This will push the reader to buy because he is getting a great deal.

The length of your copy depends on your product price and its demand in the market. The higher the price higher the information you need to give them.


Writing E-mails – Again the headline of the email must be interesting, unique, and a reward for the user. Give attention to the preview text that will also determine the open rates. Tell what the e-mail is all about, give valuable content, tell stories and express emotions. Tell what is there for the important user, tell what the user needs to do that will solve his problems and avoid big mistakes. If you continuously send pitching emails your open rates will go down so keep in mind that.


landing pages


Writing Landing Pages- Landing pages are important for explaining what your offer is. You can direct the user from online ads to your landing page. Conversions of Landing pages can be increased by generating more credibility through showing testimonials of successful customers and proven techniques that have got great results.

Your offer should be unique that is worth the investment of the customer. ’30-Day Money Back Guarantee or Same Day Delivery’ can also work. Updating your Landing page frequently with current events is necessary for some products.

You can find a lot of information and techniques about copywriting in this book. I have just reviewed some main points so that you could understand what’s there in this book. Your sales through your copy will surely increase by reading this guide. Buy this Guide on Amazon. Thank you for reading my article!