What role does communication play in copywriting?


Communication is the most important element in copywriting as it makes your copy unique. Great copywriters are good communicators. Anyone will love the company of such copywriters because of their effective communication skills. So, every copy should communicate well with the audience to tell their message. So, let’s discuss this in detail.


How Effective Communication can make your Copy Unique?


The communication contains 4 elements that are Sender, Receiver, Message, and Feedback. While sending the ads on the internet or any medium, audience feedback is important. Because based on that feedback you can make further responding ads and that will make a complete loop.

Your message should be clear, impactful, simple with a CTA. As consumers go through thousands of ads in a day, so you need to create a strong impact to make them remember. For example, The ad was given below.


mercedes ad


There should be no Clutter between your ads. Your message should be short to remember easily and something unusual. The CTA in your ad can be visiting your store, subscribing, or commenting on your post. Ask some questions, or tell some story to the consumers to get more feedbacks and create engagement. Ask what the audience wants, solve their problems, and give them new content based on their feedback.

So, whenever you create a new post or an ad. Talk to the user directly, make them engage, and solve their problems by giving the perfect solution.


Communication on Social Media- When you post an ad, offer, or any other content based on audience feedback. That’s complete the loop. When you cannot give something new and different from others, just present or say it differently as this ad did. Or post something of current news. (2nd is the example based on current news)



Volkswagen ad

What are the Things to avoid during Communication?

1) Just remember you are not for everyone. You target only a specific group of people and you make an impact on only those people. If you target everyone, your message could not be delivered to your main audience and everyone’s problem will not be solved. So, just target your main audience and influence them.


2) Tell everything about your product to your audience. If your product is expensive you must give them detailed information and build trust with them. Without doing this your product will not sell. Explain them how the features of your product can benefit them. Never hesitate to write a long copy if your product is expensive. Below is an example of it. They have explained why their product’s price is so high.


rolls royce ad


3) If you lie with your audience, it can break your trust and relationships. Always be transparent with your audience, don’t break their trust. It can harm your brand. The credibility of your brand goes higher when you tell the truth.


4) Proofreading your copy is necessary to avoid grammar mistakes. Use tools like Grammarly to autocorrect your copy. As people can catch your mistake and avoid your copy. So, proofreading your copy before publishing can help you.


What are the things to follow in your copy?

1) Make your copy clear and simple to understand. There should be no doubt in consumer’s minds about your product. Your ad should understand at the first glimpse but how you gonna create an impact on people. Let’s see.


2) Unique copy means telling the audience that they have not heard before and there should be a WOW! moment in them. You should create at least 2 such moments to make your copy stand out. Below is an example of it.


3) Use Multimedia in your copy. We understand quickly by seeing pictures and videos. So, a copy with images, videos, or infographics can grab the user’s attention. Relate with your audience, communicate well about your product and break clutter to spread your main message.


4) You can break some grammar rules and tell your message as it is without following some rules. While communicating you don’t need to be perfect. You are communicating to explain your product, so write as you speak. Make shorter sentences to stay in flow and it will be more conversational.


So, Whenever you write a copy, communication plays a big role. To avoid mistakes during communication go through the above points and make a strong connection with the audience.

I will be giving some more amazing techniques on copywriting in the next post. Thank you for reading my article!