You must have seen the title i.e important competencies. Any business whether it’s a startup, small, medium, or big enterprise can use these qualities to implement in their employees or identify them at the hiring process. I’ll just directly come to the topic by introducing the non-negligible qualities every employee must possess.

More than 80% of Business success depends on the employee, and making mistakes in this area can cost you MASSIVELY.

1) Integrity – This single word ‘INTEGRITY’ covers all the important qualities. Employees’ attitude towards colleagues, seniors, do they waste their time on unnecessary things. How they deal with failure, whether he thinks solution-oriented or problem-oriented. How strong his self-confidence is and his willingness to contribute to the company first. So, the employee must have integrity with others, this covers all the above points that are necessary before knowledge and skills.

2) HIGHLY Focus – Most of the employees have the habit to talk with others while working and that disturbs their work schedule which ultimately affects the efficiency of the business. Highly focussed manpower just thinks about how this work can be done in ½ of the time with much less cost and gets fully involved in it. In this situation, the quality of work increases, and as a result, such employees get promotions frequently and become irreplaceable for the business. So, critical focus is nonnegligible.

3) UNREALISTIC Targets – Employees should set targets that are far away from the present situation. For example, if the boss says to close this Million dollar deal in 30 days, he should think about how I can get this done in 3 days without wasting time. By setting such targets and pushing himself to work at 10X, imagination turns into reality. And every boss likes such employees because they start to contribute massively higher than the seniors. So, thinking at the 10X level is essential.

4) Initiator – Taking initiative is the most important competency you should see in every employee otherwise he will remain as a follower and never do something innovative. See how he deals with failures and the bad experiences when an initiative fails, his level of actions will determine how successful the employee can become. And initiators contribute a lot to the business.

5) Open-Mindedness – This is the quality that will make the employee successful in achieving his goals in any situation. Your employee should be willing to do whatever work is related to his goals. His mind should be open to learning and trying out different things which promote growth. Such types of employees are the most essential so that they accept the change and move forward as quickly as possible.

Just implement these qualities in your employees while hiring or you can train the existential employees. And I am sure, your employees’ contribution and consistency will improve at a much better level.

Don’t neglect any of these qualities. Skills and knowledge can be transferred but these are non-compromisable and you must look after them in order to achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS in your business. Comment below how you find it useful and share your thoughts with me.