How to Manage Time and Increase your Efficiency

How to Manage Time and Increase your Efficiency

Do Time Management is Important?

The answer is yes. Time is the thing that goes and never comes back that is the main reason why it is so valuable. But every one of us has not understood its importance and not able to manage it properly. Time management is the skill that you will learn day by day with consistent efforts but its results are worth it. In this article, you will understand how time can be properly managed and use at the optimum level. So let’s start!


The Importance of Time Management in Life:

For what reason you are lacking time. It might be anything like spending time on your hobby, studies, exercise, or any other activity. You are trying to manage but you are not fully successful. Before starting further, commit to yourself that all the activities mention here I will practice without giving any excuses. Otherwise, you won’t get its benefits.

Time Management Skills for Students:

The first thing you should do will be measuring your time. Take a notebook and write down the activities done in a day. In that activity see how many hours have you spend on productive and non-productive work. (Before reading further complete this task). Analyze your data and you will realize where you have spent most of your time which was not so necessary. Also mention your mobile usage in a day. Do this activity daily if you want to improve on time management.

Instead of planning your day in the mind put it into a notebook or an excel sheet. This will help you to see what are the task that I want to do and tick mark when it gets over. In this stage, you have to prioritize your task. First do the task which is urgent, important, takes less time and that will impact more on your work. And then the less urgent but important one. If there are any tasks that you cannot able to do because of your study then try to delegate them to someone. Doing this will help you to track what work you have done and what is remaining.

If you have a list of tasks in a day try to complete them on that day without any delay otherwise it will remain incomplete. Now comes allotting the tasks in a week. Note down the tasks that you have to complete in a week in any way. So before planning any new tasks you will know that the full week has been already planned. You can put that new task in the next week. By doing this you will save some time for you and it can be used for any other work.

Focus on the main thing and avoid doing multiple things. If you focus on only one work it will get completed a little earlier. By doing multitasking you are not fully attentive and it will consume more time of yours. For example: If you get a parcel while doing studies don’t open it unless you finished your work. Imagine the sense of satisfaction you receive when you finished your work and then go for playing. So, focus on one thing to get the best results.


What benefits will you get by doing this?

The benefits may vary from person to person some will get the time to do their pending or extra work, practicing their passion, spending time with friends and family, or doing exercise to remain healthy. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary activities instead use that time to your better advantage. You can invest time in learning new things that will contribute to your career.


Bonus tips


Bonus Tips For You:

Avoid the friends which are unambitious, with no seriousness about their future life and planning. These friends are called losers or averagers who are wasting most of the time in entertainment or doing a sometimes little study. They will pull you down to their level, so the best way to avoid them slowly end your relationship and then discard them from your life. Remember “You are the maker and shaper of your character and the author of your environment”. So, keep the right circumstance around you and change yourself for the best.

I have made an excel sheet for you to understand it better and slot your time according to it. Time Management. Thank you for reading my article if you like the article share your thoughts in the comment section.