Low-cost TV advertising, you must have seen the topic and reacted how TV advertising is low-cost and how it can benefit my business? Well, this article will help you to decode low-cost TV advertising and use it the right way a the right time for the right business.


Why TV Advertising and not another medium?

TV has some amazing benefits that none other medium doesn’t have and to use it in a perfect way for businesses is the main thing. So in this post, you’ll get an idea of how to implement low-cost TV ads and check their effectiveness and judge with different platforms.


4 Benefits of TV Advertising: 


1) Unbeatable reach – When it comes to TV ads, you can’t beat their reach. TV has reached every home to the village area and neglecting it can cost you like anything. Most people of different ages watch tv’s every day and you can grab their attention at the same time in different locations. In village areas there is not enough internet, here TV ads can work for you.

2) Trust and Credibility – More and more people trust TV as a trusted source than social media ads. Because TV has been the only source from very old times and many people found it credible and trusted. So, many brands who marketed online are using this medium now. If your business is new, this can help you to build trust at a faster rate.

3) Fusion of TV & online ads – Many brands such as reliance, apple, amazon, etc. have started using both mediums to get more reach and revenue. It’s the best way to capture different audiences belonging to different interests.

When consumers start to see your ad on all the mediums, it recalls your brand remarked to customers at the same time. So, not depending on one factor can work for you to get more customers.

4) Popular medium – TV has always been the popular medium for all age groups. Besides social media, families spend time watching TV during dinner or any other time. In such cases, your brand’s ads can be seen by many people and people like to see more engaging ads on TV than on social media. Examples of amazing TV ads can be found here.


Can TV Ads work for your business?

Type 1 – If your business is new or less than a year, stop looking at TV ads, instead use social media, word of mouth, product development, and get more clients through PR, low-cost marketing ideas, arranging events, etc.

Type 2 – If your business is well established and getting enough clients from the country. TV ads can work for you depending upon your model.

TV ads can prove to you the expected results and can get every benefit I’ve mentioned above with a higher ROI. You can use the local ad operator, regional, or national TV channel for marketing. The benefits of local TV operators are as follows:

a) Preference Target Audience – In this you can select the TG as per your choice. If your business belongs to village areas or the middle class, you can target them as per the location.

b) Brand positioning – If you have changed the brand message or TG, then it’s the best source to communicate your message. People will start noticing you as per your product and the story you tell them.

c) Pull Factor- In tier 2-3 cities, people believe in the product when they see it on TV. So, you can gain trust in less time by using this type.

d) Low-cost – Compared to higher frequency channels like SONY, Star plus, etc. Here the cost is less and with a higher reach. So, more profits to invest back in business.

It is not compulsory to use local channel operators, you can use National and Regional TV channels for bigger reach.


What if you’re a B2B, B2C, or B2B2C?

Other than B2C or B2B2C, you should not use TV ads, as it may not give you the expected results because most business owners, don’t rely much on TV. So, trying different mediums like cold emailing or calling, speaking at events, collaborating with other brands will help you.

In B2C or B2B2C, you can use this ad method as many people watch TVs and if your product convinces the customer, you’ll get a wider reach. 

Use TV ads based on your budget, industry, timing, and objective. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting the money and get no returns from it. So, before entering, make an exit plan to minimize the risk.

I hope you’ve got a new perspective on TV ads and how you gonna be using this source. Comment below on how this can benefit your business and also other thoughts in your mind. Thank you for reading my article!