A book for copywriters and beginners in copywriting those who want to learn how to write a copy that sells the products and learn the skill that can be useful to your business and other’s businesses also. So, what is there in this book?

I will highlight some main points from this book that will help you to decide whether to invest your money in this book or not.


Important Learnings from this Guide:

Before writing the copy you should have clear information about the product and also your customers. Because without understanding them your copy could not get into the flow and won’t sell many products. Then comes the time to offer the product that people will tell you whether they want it or not. Before offering the product take a test of the product in the market and see if there is a demand this could help you to avoid big losses.


Why would people read your copy?

There should be something in your copy that solves the people’s problem and a unique benefit that they will get from your product. So, at the start of the copy i.e, your headline should grab the attention by telling something unusual, creating curiosity, or a solution-oriented approach that will lead the user to read your copy.


CTA buttons


Your body copy should be simple, interesting, giving the solution to the problem, mentioning the benefits of your product, and with a CTA button for the people to take further action.

Then comes the length of the copy. The length depends on the product, if the product price is high and the emotion to buy the product is also high then the long copy will work. Short copy works when there is less involvement and fewer emotions towards the product.

Keep the words shorter, simple, and straightforward will reduce the time for the consumer to understand the product and there will be no clutter. You need to put the words that are in your mind on the paper. After some time trying to edit again and you will find some new ideas from your mind. This incubation process is well explained in this book.

Create scarcity for immediate action. Giving your audience something new and explaining to them how this product could change your life will interest the buyer to know more. While offering a product don’t offer too many varieties otherwise the buyer will confuse and buy none. So, offer more products at the last stage of booking in a catalog.

Mentioning credibility in your copy will reduce the questions in the consumer’s mind about your product. Because then only they can trust your brand for that show them some testimonials as people believe people.

You need to make your consumers believe that your product is worth its cost. They should feel guilty that why I didn’t buy the product? That’s when you feel that you have done some great work.

The buying environment is important because that can affect the buying decision. The perfect buying environment related to the product will definitely make a sale. So, you need to decide which environment to be created based on the product. You also need to serve the consumers well after the purchase as service matters. If you serve them well and keep them happy your brand will make a good reputation in the market and that’s the main element for every company.

Practicing writing copies will help you to build your copywriting skill. Because the more you practice the more you learn, what works and whatnot. Learn from other copywriter’s mistakes and also from your experience. Don’t just be an average copywriter, make your skills stronger by learning new things and share your knowledge with others.

This book contains a lot of ad examples that will give you some new ideas about writing copies differently. Joseph Sugarman has shared his experience of copywriting in this book and those who want to pursue this skill must buy this book.

And yes one more thing to remind you. Keep learning! 😊😊 Thank you for reading my article and I will soon review another guide on copywriting, so stay tuned!