10 Simple Strategies that are Missing in your Business

10 Simple Strategies that are Missing in your Business


Once I met my Best Friend struggling with the growth of his Business, I suggested

him to use some Simple Strategies which do not cost much. After a month while

his Business was giving a much higher rate of return than earlier. If you want to

create such a thing then you must read this.

Niche Marketing


1. Niche Marketing: It is a type of Marketing in which you are specialized. For example, if you put an ice-cream shop in which you have a variety of flavors of ice-cream and you are an expert in making fantastic ice-cream with tasty flavors. People with highly interested in ice-cream will come to your shop because they are your targeted customers. In this case, you are focussing on a small market and dominating it, after some time the competition in your niche will be no more.


2. Social Media Marketing: It is said that there are almost 70% of Social Media users and this number will reach its heights by 2021. It is an excellent way to communicate with your customers and you can market your services very efficiently. You can run retargeting ads to recall your customer. If your product is liked by any customer he will share it with his friends and relatives on Social Media and you will get the benefit for that. It also does not require any technical knowledge, you can see the analytical report of your customer on your desktop. This idea can totally change your position in Business. So do not neglect it.


3. Freebie Marketing: Giving a free product having a lesser price with a valuable product. It is the most often used marketing strategy by large scale supermarkets. For example, giving a free tool with the course or giving a premium theme with the subscription plan.


inbound and outbound marketing

4. Inbound Marketing: In this type, the customer will reach you to contact you for getting more information. The customer will become aware of your product by seeing your website on Google or a post of yours on Social Media. I would recommend you to start building your own brand by Inbound Marketing rather than choosing Outbound Marketing other than it is your choice.


5. Outbound Marketing: It is a type of Marketing in which you are trying to reach your customers by various means like Tele Marketing, SMS, or Displaying ads to promote your services.


6. Cross Promotional Marketing: In this type of Marketing you promote your competitor’s or the third party product to increase your reach in your in the market you will also get new customers into your Business and the best part is it requires less budget, you don’t want to spend much. For example Mercedes-Benz with Tesla, Mc Donald with Coca Cola, Vodafone-Idea. After seeing a good partnership with other brands, the trust will develop in people’s minds which will ultimately increase your sales.


online presence


7. Make your Online Presence: As you know the World is shifting Digital. So it has become more important to have an online presence. It will become easier for customers to find your E-Commerce Store. Before making an E-Commerce Store plan your website design with minimum cost. If you don’t have the technical knowledge, there are hundreds of free videos that can help you. Generate more leads to nurture and gain trust with them by giving a relevant offer to them. Use the tools like OptinChat, OptinMaster, etc. It will help you to communicate even if you are not physically present. After giving them a relevant offer direct them to your landing page and collect their name and email ids. Remember, send them emails on regular basis and add value to them. 


8. Make Useful Content for Customers: Having great content on your website or any other platform is essential for customers. Like I am providing you content that is helpful to your Business. Your content should be authentic, relevant, to the point, with great headlines, do not try to add irrelevant stuff to make the content longer.


9. Understanding your Customer Behaviour: Some people focus more on the product but they don’t focus on the customer’s behavior like What they need the most? Does your product is perfectly suitable for your customer if not try to find the problem and solve it. Make your product according to the customer’s needs, if the customer gets what he wants according to his choices and expectations he will surely buy from you and will also recommend it to others.


10. Collecting Data from your Customer: If you have your own website then you must have some information about your customer like Name, Email and Phone no. If not start collecting. Use this information to make public announcements or a product launch or sending them a welcome gift which might be exceptional for the customer. Build a strong relationship with your customer, don’t try to market your product every time. Focus more on relationship because through relationship trust will build in the customer’s mind which is necessary for buying a product from you.


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